Barbados Tourism Authority Chairman Adrian Elcock: We’re trying to be like St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Elcock talks a good game, but what’s with the negative results in the latest tourist arrival stats?

by Passin Thru

“I think what we’ve been doing is trying to make Barbados a cool place to be…

The Grenadines is what tourism is to St. Vincent. It’s cool. You know you can go down to the cay, or whatever and have that little charming getaway. We’re trying to create that same aura here”

BTA Chairman Adrian Elcock starting at about 5 minutes and 45 seconds into the YouTube video CROP OVER 2012 – Adrian Elcock, Chairman, BTA – ZYNC TV

No kidding. That’s what BTA Chair Adrian Elcock says at about where we’re going with our tourism. Yes, he says much more than that and a lot of it is good and good concepts and ideas.

But what about the implementation? Where are the positive results?

We are in trouble.

Barbados tourist arrivals down 12% despite Crop-Over. July cruise ship arrivals down 37%


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10 responses to “Barbados Tourism Authority Chairman Adrian Elcock: We’re trying to be like St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  1. 2

    Elcock is a moribund dork bereft of any idea but how better to feed at the trough…he will soon be gone, not soon enough for me. I mean seriously, what has he really done during his term? Someone enlighten me, I foolish, I doe know….

  2. 197

    Barbados needs to step it up. Too many Barbadians are miserable and getting frustrated and that is coming out as rudeness. Its a fairly toxic place at the moment. Changes are required. Bosses and owners dont pay staff well and the staff provide a poor service generally. Restaurants are quiet, bars are slow and things are quite boring on our rock excluding a few fetes here and there. We are dreaming if we truly believe this is a good life!

  3. Name

    Barbados is no longer the Paradise we imagined it to be, all along?

  4. Harry callihan

    take some more loans ,money will fix it all soon,.!

  5. fisherman

    This is the best the BTA can come up with? Imitate St. Vincent?

    How much money does the BTA spend every year? Are they truly held accountable for that money, I don’t believe they are.

    We need to forget about the big ideas and get back to ensuring the quality of our tourism product. The central question should be “Does this visitor feel welcome, safe and happy coming to Barbados?”

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    could not agree more. Its the subject of my Tourism MATTERS column this week. We have to listen to our customers (visitors) more.

  7. rastaman

    I can tell you that my neice and her friend got mugged on their first day in in Barbados.with people all around who did nothing to help..So much for being a safe place.

  8. WSD

    This is so sad that Bim would have to be copying St. Vincent!

    We need to cultivate a consciousness among the people to pick up garbage and be friendly and welcoming to strangers. That is all it would take to make this place beautiful again!

  9. peter

    this man is so out of touch,wow.