Sherene Mongroo follows trail of money-laundering, fraudulent wills, father’s stolen millions to Barbados and throughout Caribbean

Millions of dollars in assets and cash missing

Sherene Mongroo tells Barbados Free Press that the multi-million dollar estate left by her late father, well-known horse racing enthusiast and businessman Yusuf Mongroo, has been plundered in Barbados and other Caribbean islands. The list of people responsible is a who’s who of prominent lawyers, bankers and government officials with more than a few located in Barbados. Mongroo died on August 12, 2012 after an illness. (At left in the photo above, courtesy of The Nation)

Who is involved? Well, Ms. Mongroo will not name names because she is engaged in a lawsuit involving her father’s estate and there are various official investigations in progress as well.

“When Sherene Mongroo travelled to Guyana from New York immediately following her father’s death, she was confronted by a situation that she has described as horrifying.

She discovered that her father had been kept isolated from his immediate family and grossly mistreated during the final stages of his life by individuals that were supposed to have been caring for him and who conveniently benefited under what now turns out to be a fraudulent will, made just three days before his death.”

Ms. Mongroo is asking Bajans to help her if they know anything about her father’s businesses and assets in Barbados. Readers can contact Sherene Mongroo through Barbados Free Press, and we’ll pass on as much information as you would like to provide to her. Email us at

“Meanwhile, yet another fraudulent will has come to light in Barbados, where Yusuf Mongroo owned bank accounts, real estate and race horses, limited to those assets in Barbados. Enquiries are continuing in Barbados, where it is believed some of the principal conspirators in this saga may now be located.”

Read the full story at Caribbean News Now: A tale of modern day pirates of the Caribbean


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12 responses to “Sherene Mongroo follows trail of money-laundering, fraudulent wills, father’s stolen millions to Barbados and throughout Caribbean

  1. NYC/BGI

    I can sympathize with you my late aunt had her fortune plundered by so call executor or of the estate and even left her with no medical care until the bank stepped in to guarantee the payment, Now after she was interred money was still stolen by the executtor and when the estate was finally settled the bank, etc had taken most of it in fees and expenses, The pity of it all there were 20 properties that was in the estate and no real settlement was provided and were sold off for pennies. Take all to task and get what is rightly yours.

  2. The Same the World Over

    Why did Ms. Mongroo not return to her father’s bedside when he fell ill?

  3. 221

    Something smells fishy…..

  4. 2

    Just another happening in our jungle paradise…

  5. mark

    @ The same the word over

    Hardly. Barbados is quite unique. In other jurisdictions lawyers who embezzle funds, for example, get disbarred and even put in jail. Bdos also has rather odd rules, like allowing co-executors to reserve the rights of other named co-executors without their knowledge. That’s illegal in most large western demoncracies. And who knows why she didn’t go see her father before his death. Maybe they were estranged. That doesn’t empower others to rip off the legitimate beneficiaries.


    We talk this all the time, real time NEWS, BFP Picks what it wants to talk about , Sorry for the Millions lets talk Trillions
    Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles land , bank accounts , oil , water , sugar Estates of Barbados.
    Deeds and books re- written , false date stamps. web site pulled from the net, I hope its to up the truth .
    google 1913 plantations Barbados
    time for the BPL AND DLP along with the AG , PM HEAD OF POLICE to go.

  7. ami

    I think that man is really stupid for not acknowleding his children to the lawyer.a good father wud do that. He probably thought he ll live 4ver. A fool & his money are soon Parted. Got bambozzled in the near end

  8. LOOK

    Violet Beckles, Sherene Mongroo. . . . NEXT IN LINE. . . . stolen land/money, etc. . . corrupt lawyers. . . . all are embarrassing Barbados.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.”We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously. It perhaps never occurred to him (Owen Arthur) that Violet Beckles and now this Sherene Mongroo has been humiliated by theft [land, money, etc.] This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

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