Chief Justice joins Barbados politicians celebrating 63 years of Chinese Communist murders

Chinese government officials order extra-judicial execution of protestor by steamroller

Like his predecessor, SIR David Simmons, Barbados Chief Justice Marston Gibson joined the politicians to honour China’s Communist government – celebrating with representatives of one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes on earth. (Barbados Advocate: China marks 63 years)

There is no doubt that the Chinese press will cover the appearance of the Chief Justice just as they covered and propagandized the participation of SIR David at the time he was Chief Justice. The appearance of members of the Judiciary and police officers from other countries is regularly publicized in China to enhance the sorry image of the Chinese judiciary with the masses.

The festivities were held in Bridgetown on Wednesday night to mark the 63rd Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China when Mao and his gang took over, seized all privately held lands, businesses and assets and started the world’s largest slaughter of peasants and anyone else who disagreed with the communists. During the 1950s, the ChiComs established the world’s largest slave camp system where entire families of Christians, business people and other dissidents were imprisoned and forced to work for the state. China still maintains this slave camp system where Christians and others now make consumer products including soccer balls and auto parts for China’s economy.

“I have always found it shameful that Barbados – a nation founded with the assistance of chains, whips, rape and cultural genocide – now so easily supports nations involved in slavery and human rights violations.”

Human Rights in China delivered by road building machine

The arbitrary theft of land by the communists still goes on, and that leads us to the horrific story of He Zhi Hua – a Changsha villager who was forcibly evicted from his home so the land could be given to local business interests closely tied to the communist government officials. He Zhi Hua laid down on the road in protest to prevent the construction equipment from moving in.

The response from the government officials was to order the execution of He by driving over him with a steamroller in the same fashion as has been reported in North Korean executions.

Arbitrary extra-judicial executions of citizens by Chinese government officials are not rare events. In another recent similar case in Pan Jin City, when villager Wang Shi Jie tried to prevent workers hired by local government officials destroying his crops and confiscating his land before harvest, he was shot dead. When Jie’s father attempted to rush to his son’s aid, he was shot in the leg twice. After the incident, hundreds of police officers were sent to dispose of the body and beat up villagers who complained about the man’s murder. The dispute started after it emerged that the agricultural land was being sold by the government to developers without the villagers having been notified.*

How ironic that Marston Gibson, the Chief Justice of a country founded with kidnapping, slavery, chains and whips, should raise a glass of champagne in celebration with government officials from China: a country that still maintains slave camps and oppresses so many.

Cheers, Chief Justice!

As we said in our 2008 article about then-Chief Justice Simmons…

“We bet that SIR David Simmons never even considered whether or not it was ethical for the Chief Justice of Barbados to make a political statement of support for such a brutal government – but the Chinese news media are all over it telling their people that the highest judge in Barbados is a friend…”

… from Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?

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* This sentence was borrowed from the article Man crushed by steamroller on orders of Chinese Officials


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9 responses to “Chief Justice joins Barbados politicians celebrating 63 years of Chinese Communist murders

  1. robert ross

    You would be much better to ask whether Gibson deserves the title ‘Chief Justice’ at all – his record is lamentable. But I’m sure you know of his latest piece of nonsense.

  2. cliptuck

    BFP flogging a dead horse but I appreciate it. You always make me think BFP.

  3. Uncle Tang

    judiciary should never be seen close to a politician, let alone another country with serious human right abuses.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, Gibson is unable to achieve any meaningful changes in our justice system so he may as well take a trip.

  5. 55

    The CJ met these crooks here in Barbados. Police nor the PM follow the laws.
    China have its own laws of the LAND.We may not agree but their laws in the books good or bad and they follow it good or bad. China’s people know the laws and rules of their Country
    What laws do Barbados follow? Lawless and Fraud.
    No one need to talk unless their house is clean ,
    Barbados=China same same

  6. GlenWick

    You think you are free living in this country ? You think you have Justice in this nation. We are just like the communist here. Check the plight of the Codrington family and many others who have not had Justice. We are no different from the Chinese this is why our leaders are so easily joined to them. While our political parties change every 5 years things remain the same. It is as though we also have a one party state.

  7. 4

    Ross, what is his “latest piece of nonsense?” Do tell……and include details so I can verify them and be assured you are not a lying, scumsucking, sack of chicken feces.

  8. GlenWick

    This is why they are having such close relations to China. It will not change at the next administration.