Another crooked Barbados lawyer steals foreigner’s real estate money

Does anyone know the name of the lawyer?

Victim Joan Marville is about to learn:

1. Barbados lawyers never go to jail for stealing from trust accounts

2. Unlike some jurisdictions, Bajan law firms are not required to have theft insurance to protect clients.

“Lawyers are held to a higher standard of conduct… breach of trust is a terrible, egregious offence… except in Barbados”

In Britain or the USA if a lawyer is unable to pay monies entrusted to the lawyer’s care, there is hell to pay and it usually happens in days. Upon receiving a legitimate complaint the Bar Association and sometimes the police show up at the law firm, nab the books and freeze the lawyer’s trust accounts. Very often the light-fingered lawyer ends up not only disbarred for life but in jail doing some serious time because the integrity of the legal profession must be upheld.

Except in Barbados where more often than not the Old Boy’s Club looks after everything quietly so as not to embarrass the club or lessen the public confidence in lawyers. Those cover-ups have had just the opposite impact though – folks have learned that there is little to discourage crooked lawyers in Barbados.

The latest story follows the usual pattern: A resident of a foreign country, in this case the USA, sold some land in Barbados in 2006 and hired a Barbados lawyer to complete the transaction.

The crooked Barbados lawyer handled the sale and received the money from the purchaser, some $100,000. Instead of transferring the money to the client, the lawyer simply kept the money and began the usual dance of delay, delay, delay until it was obvious that the money did not reside in the lawyer’s trust fund – if it ever did.

That was in 2006. Here we are six years later and the victim, retired nurse Joan Marville, still waits for justice. The article in the Nation is so poorly written that we can’t tell when Marville first approached the Barbados Bar Association and the police. Presumably she didn’t wait six years!

But none of that matters because most Bajans can already predict what will happen to the crooked lawyer: nothing. We can’t come up with one crooked Barbados lawyer who has gone to jail.

Buying or selling real estate on Bim? Good luck with the crap shoot!

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Here is the latest story as it appears online at The Nation. We have to reprint it here in full as that paper has a history of removing/modifying stories to suit various agendas. Please do read the story at The Nation, but if it’s gone someday you can read it here…

$100,000 owed


A BARBADIAN-BORN woman who lives in the United States is pursuing legal action against a local attorney at law to recover almost $100 000 owed to her from a land transaction.

The woman, retired nurse Joan Marville, said she had notified the police, raised the matter with the Barbados Bar Association and hired a lawyer to help her get her money from the sale of land at Balls Plantation, Christ Church, in 2006. But the lawyer said in a letter his firm had financial problems and he was in the process of trying to recover more than $2 million to pay back numerous creditors, including banks and other clients.

Marville spoke to the DAILY NATION yesterday at Amaryllis Hotel, where she is staying until she returns to Queens, New York, on Wednesday.

“My sister and I own land at Balls Plantation, a part of which was being used by Direct Rentals, a car rental place,” she explained. “They were using it for free, so we decided to rent it to them; and then they decided they wanted to buy it.”


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21 responses to “Another crooked Barbados lawyer steals foreigner’s real estate money

  1. Bob

    Having recently has the dispeasure or trying to secure a Bdos lawyer, I can say that I’ve never seen a less professional bunch in twenty years of business experience. Emails go unreturned. Mysterious “conflicts” are cited but never explained. Many ask “is it contentious?” and won’t accept cases that are. Um, isn’t that like the main reason many people require a lawyer?

  2. gee

    This is pure corruption within your legal system and needs to be addressed.
    As stated if that was in the Uk the lawyer would have been arrested his assets frozen until the fraud squad made a decision and if what is stated here is factual then a trial would commence and the judge would make an example out of him if found guilty by an independant jury.
    In uk someone in a high ranking position such as a lawyer who is corrupt knows they will be facing a long custodial sentence if caught and convicted. Their title or proffession will not help them in fact it will make it worse for them as it should be.

  3. 225

    Forget all the long talk about what the best/correct/othercountry remedy for crooked lawyers is…
    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
    Shakespeare. Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71–78
    I think the bard was on to something here….if determined and repeat thieving lawyers get shakespeared here and there and the shaker is not apprehended, the lawyers would be seized with the fear of a killer who cannot be caught. They would look over their shoulders and be honest. Enough long talk with the bastards Tar and feathers is too good for them..

  4. Barbadian Law Firms – fundamentally corrupt

  5. Justice Hiding

    Good luck trying to bring any lawyer to justice in Barbados. Barbados is a Lawyer’s Den!


    Sir Richard L .Cheltenham Ph.D QC,, Sir C.O . Williams king crooks and the BLP and the BLP, PM and AG also.
    more than 90 percent crime dealing with land and deeds,
    selling what is not for them to sell, sell and make deals behind the true owners back
    Nothing is for sale , buyer beware .
    Tile search from the Plantation Deed to now(2012) for clear title not good title . 20 year fraud back ground for fools and their money to part.
    leave message 516 495 6270 leave message or email

    When will you all learn .The post I put up are true , If you all think its a joke , the joke on who all dont listen and loose. keep you money with you and your family until Barbados clean up this Massive Fraud PONZI .

  7. 189

    Barbados lawyers taking all of you suckers money,listen Brooklyn have a bridge for sale, and bags of CITY air.
    You think you getting a deal best, deal in fraud,
    Barbados is to be number 10 in the World in Fraud ? and you still looking to buy , then buy bye to your life earnings .SUCKERS

  8. Watcher

    And the whole island is further corrupted by builders and developers who take money and do not honor the contract of building what is contracted. It is only 3rd world countries where society allows this type of thing to go on Until there is a general clean up of ethics the island will never move out of its 3rd world status. It starts at the top with “integrity legislation”. When you have the big fish feeding off of Clico, there is a particiular message sent to the smaller fish that being dishonest and not having ethical dealings is quite acceptable. Sad Sad Sad.

  9. LOOK

    These lawyers, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall should be added to the Crooked Barbado lawyer list. Both are deep under that Veco Corporation mess involving the Dodds prison.

    The United State Alaskanian Senator, Ted Stevens was convicted of receiving over quarter of million dollars in home renovations, a new SUV and other gifts he received from the VECO Corporation. He knowingly violated United State ethics laws. VECO built the prion at Dodds in St. Phillip. Mia Mottley and Dale Marhall gave to VECO a government contract WITHOUT TENDER and VECO had no record of building prisons. Certainly, VECO gave to them Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall something for their generosity. Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall in the United States would have been convicted alike the Alakanian Sentor, Ted Steven. Owen Arthur although not a lawyer should be at Dodds in St. Philip with brother Richard. Owen Arthur is drunk also a corrupt politician. This is common knowledge.


    LOOK@ everyone even the police LOOKING the other way or not LOOKING at all,TOP COP have to go , longer list ,, nasty,, Bajan need to LOOK

  11. victor

    Well has anyone got a suggestion of how to get decent legal representation in Barbados? Surely some of these rich white people have reliable lawyers? Better to pay extra for one o them if they exist!

  12. LOOK

    The Barbados High court ruled in favor of Al Barrack not the Barbados government. Al Barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment. Bajans now owe Al Barrack millions because Arthur and the BLP looked the other way.

    The Myrie rape case surfaced only because the police were looking the other way or not looking at all. The Royal Caribbean court of Justice has allowed the Myrie woman to begin proceedings against the Barbados government involving the rape incident. Bajans will be will be accountable for the police looking the other way or not looking at all.

    Those deaths at Arch Cot, Britton Hill involving the Codrington family of five could have been avoided. No building on that land should have been allowed because the land was caved. Someone looked the other way but The Arch Cot land mess showed the face of the Mottley Family in hiding. Bajans will be accountable because the town planner, Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labor Party looked the other way.

    The Minister of Finance, Chris Snickler just recently commissioned a special audit at the Barbados Water Authority. He apparently suspected something going on at the Barbados Water Authority house. The audit was far overdue but showed the face of things sliding and hiding. Yes, CLICO showed the face of David Thompson in hiding. Yes, the 75,000 campaign cheque showed the face of Owen Arthur in hiding and yes, VECO shows the face of Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall in hiding.

  13. i know there is corruption everywhere, but is there a politician here who is not corrupt, a lawyer who is not a thief, a cop who is not looking the other way for one reason or another. people are now very scared of bringing their money to Barbados and for very good reason. no one wants to end up like redjet or al barack. this damage is irrevocable and could take another 3 or 4 decades to repair, and whose fault is that?

  14. LOOK

    Barbados at moment is chaotic. It’s just a mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there [Barbados]. The United Nations says so. The tourism industry [Barbados] is breathing on life support and Oh well, Owen Arthur can drink only so much rum. Barbados is no longer a desired destination and well the Myrie Rape embarrasses Barbados. Terry Schwarzfeld and Colin Peter murders embarrasses Barbados. Derrick Crawford and the police commission, Darwin Dottin embarrasses Barbados. Barbados according to Clyde Mascoll is “all in the red” flat broke so broke that if it was a private company, it would be declared insolvent and forced to file bankruptcy”, but Barbados before entrance of David Thompson and the DLP in 2008 was not financially sound. Three S&P downgrades proves this. Before 2008 Owen Arthur and the BLP enjoyed fourteen years of government rule; the result is ultimately a ship wrecked Barbados. The DLP government, since 2008 seems to have contributed nothing of significance but possibly could not contribute anything of significance simply because the BLP before them didn’t know what the hell they were doing. The financial mess in Barbados is self inflicted. Send them a thank you card, Owen Arthur and the BLP.

    Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything under the sun. The supervisor in 2006 issued a cease and decease order against CLICO. Owen Arthur in 2006 did not trumpet this, the cease and decease order of which he had knowledge, but Chris Sinckler’s asset’s, the recent S&P downgrade and Dr. Leslie Worrell he did. There is certainly a reason.

    Both parties are tainted with mess. The BLP mess mountains though are more immense, embarrassing too. Arthur and the BLP started fires in Barbados that are still burning. One, Al Barack. The BLP gave birth to Al Barack. Thompson in 2008 accepted Al Barack, without choice. Another, the Violet Beckles fire commenced also during the administration of Arthur and the BLP.

    David Thompson we know was not an honest man but made effort to investigate the validity of Violet Beckles’ claim. The investigation apparently told the truth about Violet Beckles and massive land fraud involving Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and the National Housing Corporation (NHC), . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. Mia Mottley likely has no deed nor proof of purchase, the Britton Hill property because likely, there was no sale; tax number moved from person with deed [Violet Beckles] to her, Mia Mottley. Another one, Gline Clark, he likely has no deed nor proof of purchase because likely, there was no sale; tax number moved from person with deed to him, Clark and or government.

    Prime Minister Thompson I think was prepared for a fencing match with his foe party members: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, etc selecting [epee weapons] only and likely would have prevailed had he not expired. Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything under the sun. Prime Minister Thompson successfully impeded the Owen Arthur regime of fourteen years. He, Prime Minister Thompson had no intentions of relinquishing his title. He was preparing himself for fencing finding epee weapons needed, that 75,000 campaign cheque, massive land fraud, etc. Prime Minister Thompson like PLANTATION DEEDS went about looking for things [hiding] and finding them, preparing himself for a damn good fencing match.

  15. ordee broomes

    I think that is so awful what those crooked lawyers is doing to their clients i know because it happen to me i sold a property in holetown st jameS first street barbados the lawyer by the name of joyce griffith pin fold st stole my money from the sale i have not receive a dime till this day somebodx else own my property iam very broken hearted behind this situation she stole 128 000 american dollars i complain to the bar association so far havent heard from them there are wicked people down there in barbados iam ashame of my peopLe never want to ever step foot back down there ever in life

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  17. kelly

    I am are going through the same thing i have been going through probate for 3 years in the UK the matter would have been done and dusted in under 6 months- We seem to have a crooked lawyer who after 3 years has not transferred the deeds or anything.I am an only child my parents left a will everything was in order why the delay?I have had to leave my family in the UK give up my job to stay here and wait for this matter to be sorted,i feel if i go home my inheritance will be sold off to the highest bidder…I have no idea or funds to doing anything else but wait !!!!i am disgusted by the way i am being treated calls not returned,delay tactics all along..This would NOT happen in the UK.What more can i do where can i complain ??Letter to the Guardian ,or Daily Mail ??Cant name and shame here no freedom of speech !!!

  18. Anonymous

    It is so, so sad and sorry for all those people (in Barbados and the Caribbean) who had suffered at the hands of lawyers. I, myself is not stranger to this alleged corruption or breach of the Legal Profession Act. I am presently pursuing two accounts of Professional Misconduct against two Lawyers for breach of the Legal Professional Act. As the legal Profession must be upheld as to not lessen the public confidence in Lawyers

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  20. Thanatos

    You’re in an elevator with Charles Manson, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and a Bajan lawyer. You have a gun with 3 bullets. Who do you shoot? You shoot the Bajan lawyer – 3 times.

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