Pure Beach Resort Barbados: Computer-generated simulations don’t need environmental & planning permissions

Watch this video. Give me your money.

If only success was as simple as computer-generated reality, developers wouldn’t have to worry about environmental studies and planning permissions yet to be obtained, financing in these disastrous times, infrastructure guarantees by a flat-broke government and construction start promises hanging tantalizingly just out of reach.

If computer art was reality, prospective owners wouldn’t have to worry about turning over tens of thousands of dollars with no consumer laws or escrow accounts to protect them while sales people show slick little presentations designed to target emotions and leave caution behind.

Ecoterra International Corporation and Pure Beach Resort have it right though: lots of tranquil beach flybys while a handsome barefoot cello player sits in the surf playing ‘Over the rainbow’… Just imagine! Look at this paradise… beautiful sunset, clean water, green trees and the soft wind playing in your hair.

Oh ya… get me my cheque book honey. We have to have a piece of this before someone else buys it and we lose out…

It just feels so right, here in Barbados…

Further enlightenment… March 30, 2012 Was I dreaming last night when I heard Mark Cummins of Town and Country Planning?

November 3, 2011: How can Town and Country Planning approve Pure Beach Resort and Spa without due diligence?

October 27, 2011: Pure Beach Resort pledges $1 million to Queen Elizabeth Hospital – refuses to say when the money will arrive!

October 25, 2011: Source: Barbados Foul Bay developer Ecoterra International Corporation failed to file financials for last three years

October 23, 2011:  Another half-billion dollar Barbados resort announced with standard fanfare, concept paintings etc.


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9 responses to “Pure Beach Resort Barbados: Computer-generated simulations don’t need environmental & planning permissions

  1. Mac

    It is slick enough to be a Harlequin video. Does Ames have anything to do with Pure Beach?

  2. Green Monkey

    Wait, Pure Beach is the resort that is supposed to go up at Foul Bay? Wunna see all the glass enclosed structures they got all about the place in that simulation (or should I say pipe dream) – glass doors, floor to ceiling glass walls, glass patio walls etc? Yuh know the salt spray up that side going put some bare licks in the maintenance budget if they think they are going to keep all those glass surfaces to look clean and nice like in the video.

  3. WSD

    The house of cards in Caribbean real estate cannot last too much longer. This business of selling land you don’t even own and only have options on will eventually be outed as one of the most corrupt activities government permits.

  4. Bajan Fool

    I registering my glass cleaning business tomorrow. I want piece ah dis action. Any partners out there?

  5. yatiniteasy

    Their website shows Barbados BWI…so we are still British?

  6. victor

    How horrible! Yuk! You could be anywhere on the Costa Brava or in some dreadful high rise. Anyone who buys into that monstrosity deserves to lose their money. Yet another blight on the landscape of Barbados. How long before the entire island looks like that?

  7. Foul Bay Boy

    Oh…you’ve gotta see this one.
    talk about false advertising.

  8. Check-it-out

    After the above youtube clip, PURE – 3D Rendering, finishes, six other clips are suggested for your viewing pleasure. Watch the one at the top right, the one in the Korean language. At about 1.37 minutes the screen has nine pictures. The picture in the centre of the bottom line is at the groundbreaking ceremony and the bottom right is Foul Bay. I do not speak Korean, so don’t know if they a flogging Pure Beach on Korean TV or to Korean-Canadians on Korean language TV in Canada

    Also – Check out this site.
    Watch the youtube video.
    Click on Alternative Investments > Open for Investment > Pure Beach

  9. Yatinkiteasy

    Another Caribbean Property Scam?
    When will they ever learn?