Barbados Energy & Commerce Ministers skip Barbados Energy forum

Barbados Light & Power sidesteps Wind Farm question from Bajan Reporter

Where to start? It seems that Energy Minister Senator D’Arcy Boyce, Commerce Minister Senator  Haynesley Benn and Environment Minister Denis Lowe had better things to do than to attend a key gathering of Energy officials looking at assessments and costs for energy. That didn’t bother St Lucia’s Minister of Energy, Science & Technology though, who flew to Barbados for the conference.

Then Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter started asking those difficult questions that polite (read ‘timid’) journalists don’t ask.

Ian posted a video of Peter Williams of Barbados Light & Power doing the old side-step to avoid the issue of Wind Farm noise and health concerns.

Worth your time at Bajan Reporter: Barbados Light & Power’s Peter Williams breezes over wind turbine concerns

Ian Bourne: Feared journalist… or just a pain in the butt?  

Journalist Ian Bourne

In his article about the conference and in his cartoon (above) Ian Bourne questions whether politicians are avoiding press conferences if they know he’s going to be there. That sounds farfetched until you consider some of the questions he’s asked in the past and lately the efforts of Health Minister Donville Inniss to blame Bourne for some of BFP’s stories about the Inniss pornography industry connections.

What do you think folks? Are politicians avoiding press conferences when they know Ian Bourne will be asking questions?


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19 responses to “Barbados Energy & Commerce Ministers skip Barbados Energy forum

  1. an observer

    Wind turbines where ever they have been installed have created health problems for residents. Barbados is a small island – this is not the solution for generating electricity. Personally I think that Government should be looking at making solar panels affordable for householders. Any excess energy produced can be fed into the grid for consumption.

  2. runner

    Before the deceit creeps in : at this point, there is no conclusive corelation between wind turbines and human health problems. Maybe it will turn up in the future, but not with the studies done so far. I would suggest that “an observer” cite the studies so we can make an unbias assessment ,if i’m misinformed

  3. JB

    “Wind turbines where ever they have been installed have created health problems for residents.”

    Nice work stating this without any follow up to what these “health problems” could be. Most of the studies which suggest that are small scale and haven’t been validated, especially since there are better noise dampening technologies now, and only a few scientists have brought forth these findings with questionable funding. I think there could be more research done in that field to clarify any potential causes and effects though.


    What the f**k is bobol? No Bajan says/knows that jobbee why use it

  5. Son Of Spam

    Why not use “bobol” it was a Caribbean conference, Bourne also interviewed St Lucia’s energy minister… But then Donville and his crew are probably vex right now at being called to task for a seminar where Energy & Commerce should have been mandatorily attending – saw the attendance list too, no Gov’t rep’s! What gives?

    Please, only Bajan slang? Does Free Press only review Barbados items? No, they have overseas material to pull newer readers but then Gov’t doesn’t want that for either here nor Bajan Reporter, right? Donville, don’t you have a server to upgrade at Kinkfarm or NakedNews etc??

  6. an observer

    I guess runner and JB both work for or have a vested interest in BL&P. Won’t Barbados look “purty” with dozens or hundreds of wind turbines going “whoosh” morning noon and night.

  7. Mervin

    “Wind turbines where ever they have been installed have created health problems for residents.”
    What health problems? I have only heard of birds flying to the blades and being killed.
    The electric companies do not want people sending power back to grid. The electric companies are there to make a profit.Contrary to the their statements about ” conserving energy” they are still a business looking to make money. If you use less your rates go up. if you use too much your rates go up. A no win situation for the consumer.

  8. Paradox

    Runner, Sept.7,2012 A @747 pm:
    Google “Wind turbines and Health.”
    They’re a number of ‘peer reviewed articles from as far as Australia, New zealand, USA, UK, Portugal and Canada. Just recently the Canada’s Government initiated a 2 year study of effects wind turbines are having on its residents.
    Often one is qick to ridicule another point-of-view if the subject matter is not one he agrees.
    Noise can be an irritable nuisance which has been plaguing most EU countries for many years. Some EU countries have implemented legislation to mitigate this MENANCE.
    Noise emitted from wind turbines is different from that of vehicles or trains. Wind turbines create audible and inaudible noises.Prior to erecting windturbines, tests should be carried our for both.

    How can one perform at school or work if he is unable to have the needed rest his body craves? What is the reason for the ‘notice, “QUIET ZONE near hospitals and some residental nursing homes?

  9. JB

    @ an observer

    “I guess runner and JB both work for or have a vested interest in BL&P. Won’t Barbados look “purty” with dozens or hundreds of wind turbines going “whoosh” morning noon and night.”

    Your proof? A guess indeed, though a wrong one; I am a biology student at UWI. Also where would we put dozens or hundreds of wind turbines exactly? There are about 4 good spots on land, unless you go with an offshore installment, and there would not be room for the hundreds of turbines in your nightmares. Just because some one stays neutral or has opposing views does not mean you have to resort to ad hominem to try to get your point across.

    I just took the time to look up the relevant information rather than post off the top of my head. Apparently research shows that the potential cause of health problems from wind farms may be due to infrasound although there is more work to be done to confirm this. Also, there is more of this infrasound emitted from road traffic and the beach due to road traffic so I don’t really buy the small island argument since large amounts of people live and work near roads and the coast. In any case, people vary from person to person and what affects one individual may not affect another, so one cannot say that wind turbines would not definitely affect anyone. I would assume the wind turbines would be planned for rural areas on farm land where they would have little impact on household establishments and I believe one was planned for such an area in St. Lucy.

  10. JB

    “and the beach due to road traffic”

    Correction, this should read;

    “and the beach due to wave action”

  11. JB

    @ Paradox

    “Google “Wind turbines and Health.””

    It seems that you are already biased which it not a fair way to undertake research and come to a conclusion. The first page of results from Google shows papers and articles FOR and AGAINST wind turbines, with a direct copy and paste of that phrase.

    E.G. For


    One should take care to read carefully though, I could be wrong but it seems most of the problems are when a turbine is set up right next door by the environmentalist neighbor without regard for an impact assessment (I.E. not properly planned and implemented) and some of the comments on the articles seem to be more about falling property prices than anything else.

    I did not look at any links that would be directly associated to the industry, E.G.…/Wind-Turbines-and-Health-Factsheet_WP11.pdf, is from the American Wind Energy Association so may be written to suit them.

  12. tedd

    the only side effects of wind turbines are the hum they give off and that they are ugly to look at.
    wind is more viable than solar as the cost per kw is lower.

    now about where to put it. the Rt Hon JMGM Adams in the 1980’s (30 years ago) began testing sites and looking into the viability os using them as an alternative to fossil fuel, and this was when oil was 20-30 dollars a barrel. it was about saving foreign exchange. Also being experimented with was the use of wave action on the east caost to generate electricity, and growing cane to make ethenol to run cars on, and then use the bagass to make ply wood( or smething simular)

    30 years on and we continue to pretend to think we are cutrting edge and exploring the new, lets just get on with it.

    not to paint a picture of total failure , the splar water heater industrey is one of the alternative energy sucesses of this time. they replaces the famous gas water heater that was imported. we now save on importing these, create employment to make the solar ones, and every day save on foreign exchange to import the fuel they ran on.

  13. Wily Coyote

    “Barbados Energy & Commerce Ministers skip Barbados Energy forum”

    Conference to close to HOME, ministers unable to go on a JOLLY and spend taxpayers money, so do not attend. Not really a surprise.

  14. Realist!

    After reviewing the video clip I am still trying to figure out where exactly the so-called side-stepping by the Light & Power rep Mr. Williams took place. Can anybody say delusions of grandeur? There was certainly no journalistic brilliance on display here or any hard searching question that I can see. Moreover, I hardly see how a fairly ordinary question seeking follow-up information can be considered some kind of bombshell in the grand scheme of things. My interpretation of the BL&P rep’s answer is that Town & Country planning is one of the hold-ups and the acquisition of the necessary pieces of land. It is scary what passes as journalism in Barbados today, whether social or traditional media, but that is a whole other discussion for another time.
    On the major issue I like the earlier suggestion about Government making photovoltaic technology more affordable for average Barbadians to outfit their homes and help drive down energy costs. This can be done through tax eases or tax exemptions.
    The bottom line is that all of us want to pay less for energy but not everybody may be willing to make the necessary sacrifices. The fact that people’s properties are being acquired in St. Lucy implies that BL&P is trying to establish as wide a radius of non-residency to the proposed wind turbines as possible, thereby minimizing or eliminating any possible health risks. Cheaper energy costs will not come without sacrifices, one way or another.
    It is similar to the landfill situation. Everyone wants to dump their garbage and have it collected once or twice a week without fail but at the end of the day the landfill has to go somewhere. Hopefully if there is some major disruption to residents (and I very much doubt it), the requisite compensation can be offered.

  15. Paradox

    One morning, a few weeks ago, I heard on the 07:00 news, part of an interview with the Senator Darcey Boyce while meeting with some young students.
    One asked about ‘wind farms!’
    His reply: “There will be no wind farms; there will be one or perhaps 2 wind turbines situated in different places, but no wind farms due to noise and other issues. He was NOT specific on the other issues.(Please check with the radio station for the exact words. )

    My point is this: Renewable energy/ wind farm/solar pv/ wave/ geothermal, have been in the public domain for some time now. The Senator has been privileged to attend the many workshops and conferences on renewable energy. He has had much needed time to study the energy needs for Barbados; those that are beneficial and those that are not. He must have had the opportunity to study the Environmental Impact Assessment for the wind farm. He should be aware of the geology and size of Barbados.
    Not all types of renewable energy are favourable to all countries. It is left to each government to decide what is best for its country.
    NO power company should dictate what ‘energy mix’ it thinks best for any country.That power company would think more in terms of its ‘profit margin’ and less inclined about Joe- public.

  16. Hi Realist; Still have all the raw footage where I do ask the difficult questions but the Flip cam was juggling at that point, but you can hear me asking… If necessary, i can post the raw video, that’s why I have all film just in case of instances like this?

  17. 247

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