Bajan autistic child improving with sensory learning programme

A friend asks BFP to thank Dr. Brad Haberhehl for his kindness and good works…

FLINT, MI – A Flint-area optometrist who has traveled to the Caribbean to help developmentally challenged children recently welcomed some of those children to his home country to help them cope with autism.

Dr. Brad Habermehl traveled to Barbados last December to meet with children enrolled in the Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre. Now, some of those families have made the trip to the states to work with Habermehl on his home turf.

Francis Thompson of Barbados came to Michigan with his family and his 6-year-old son Alex Thompson, who is autistic, to be part of Dr. Brad Habermehl’s autistic therapy program – a sensory learning program.

“We really appreciate the opportunity, it is a unique opportunity and one that has been very precious to us because not every single child is able to get the intervention at an early age.” Thompson said. “So for us, the opportunity to be here and this entire experience means a lot to the entire family.”

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2 responses to “Bajan autistic child improving with sensory learning programme

  1. Okeba

    This is Loving Kindness. We are not just a family, but a community, a village, a country and a world. Together we can achieve volumes.

  2. bajeabroad

    Keep up the good work Doc. As a dad of an autistic son I can only imagine the joy those parents must feel about the improvements their kids are making

    God Bless!