Venus the cat reminds me of our Barbados

Does Gline Clarke appreciate this viral YouTube video?

Can any of us on this rock of mongrels call themselves racially pure? As those of us who have traveled know, what passes for white skin on this island is called coloured or black in some other places. That’s why racists like former Government Ministers Gline Clarke and Elizabeth Thompson are constantly inserting foot into mouth. To Clarke, Thompson and their racist ilk, skin colour is always placed ahead of any other personal traits.

So here’s Venus the cat: like Bim she’s a little of this and a little of that – but all those different coloured hairs make just one cat.


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16 responses to “Venus the cat reminds me of our Barbados

  1. Sort of something else.

    Bahbadus is 90% sort of black, 5% sort of white and 5% sort of something else. Every government face is sort of black. No Middle East people like Taan Abed allowed in government! Too bad.

  2. 212

    There is NOT ONE Caribbean person, born in the Caribbean of a long Caribbean generational residency, who can pass a DNA test proving they are 100% black or white. And that’s that!

  3. In Trinidad, their advertising MUST reflect a white,an Asian, a black & an Indian… Here in Barbados? Not only LIME’s phonebook covers appear jingoistic, all bank-brochures depict as though Barbados has no Caucasians nor Hindu ever passed by, is this right?

  4. 212

    You actually mean there was not ONE white Bajan who in the past since 1600-something performed noteworthy nation building deeds worthy of their recognition as a National Hero? Black on white racism is still racism and THAT appears to be alive and well bowt heh.

  5. 18

    The forgotten IRISH (Scottish and Irish)
    They built our Government buildings !Ever notice the 3 leaf clover shape of the windows .
    The Barbado’ed Slaves The first slaves of Barbados were White and The slave owners tried breeding them with the Africans . Ireland and Scotland rebelled !!
    The Plymouth rock Brotherliness Brethren stay White and there are White 100% people n Barbados (Caucasians) not Aryan though ! Will get my DNA checked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barbados was 85% white 200 years ago .

  6. millertheanunnaki

    @ Anonymous August 31, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    You are a liar or ignorant or both.
    Are you telling us that in 1812 Barbados only 15% of the population was black and enslaved or indentured? So it took 85 % of the population to oversee the 15% enslaved? Or were the majority of the slaves white and part of that 85%? Get your demographic history more realistic to be accepted.

  7. Aon

    @Ian Douglas Bourne

    “all bank-brochures depict as though Barbados has no Caucasians nor Hindu ever passed by, is this right?”

    yes it is. Because we are a homogeneous society. And for u to call it JINGOISTIC is a bit insulting i find….

  8. Aon

    @Sort of something else

    “Bahbadus is 90% sort of black, 5% sort of white and 5% sort of something else.”

    90 percent SORT OF BLACK? Just what does that mean exactly?!

    Anything to downplay ur blackness. Cus n the States, WE ARE CoNSidered to be an island of Blacks!

  9. 212

    @millerthewhatever….pity you cannot comprehend what you read…only a moron would take what I wrote and make such a wild deviation from the point to another utterly unrelated…you qualify as 100% moron.

  10. 212

    o sorry millerthewhatever, it was 18’s comment you were waxing heatedly at, not mine.

  11. How is saying in one breath… “we are a homogeneous society” then to say it’s correct to list only one race on bank brochures & phonebook covers?

    ho·mo·ge·ne·ous (hm-jn-s, -jnys)
    1. Of the same or similar nature or kind: “a tight-knit, homogeneous society” (James Fallows).
    2. Uniform in structure or composition throughout.
    3. Mathematics Consisting of terms of the same degree or elements of the same dimension.

    Barbados is NOT uniform in its racial structure at any level – there are black families with blonde cousins and white Bajans who have Great-grandfathers darker than Ethiopians!

    This apart from the fact there are also Indian descent of both Hindu & Moslem persuasion as well as a small but significant Chinese element, in not reflecting it we are as bad as Enoch Powell.

    Even US Gov’t paraphernalia makes sure to acknowledge their diversity whether they appreciate them or not. What has this country truly degraded to?

  12. who me?

    Why do colour of skin be so important…we all breathe the same air and bleed the same coloured blood…it the charactor and soul within that make a person who dey are

  13. 212

    IDB, this country has truly degraded to the level established from the top down…..that level is waaaayyyy dong deh and getting lower every day, yet higher than most of our island neighbors…

  14. millertheanunnaki

    @ September 2, 2012 at 2:41 am
    “ o sorry millerthewhatever, it was 18′s comment you were waxing heatedly at, not mine.”

    I too owe you an apology. My response was meant for: 18 August 31, 2012 at 2:20 pm to quote: “Barbados was 85% white 200 years ago.”

    Maybe it was done in a fit of ire, a senior moment or a clash of the different racial and alien blood flowing inside my veins. What a potpourri of a life form!
    You can call the anunnaki “miller” for short.

  15. If skin colour does not matter, then it’s no problem for any phonebook or bank brochure to show ALL races in the island, be they minority or majority just a moment where fairness and magnanimity appear to hold sway?

  16. Bdian

    Does it really matter what colour? Come on now………..