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Visitor asks if Grantley Adams Airport Immigration service has improved

“A full 747 unloaded and we found one Immigration booth open”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

My wife and I are looking to revisit your lovely country again later this year, but have been put off because of the delay we experienced ‘clearing’ immigration earlier this year.

We queued for 1hr. 45mins, during which time there was shift change, and for a significant period of time just one booth was open.

It was a shambles.

I wonder, have things improved?


(name withheld by BFP editor)


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Venus the cat reminds me of our Barbados

Does Gline Clarke appreciate this viral YouTube video?

Can any of us on this rock of mongrels call themselves racially pure? As those of us who have traveled know, what passes for white skin on this island is called coloured or black in some other places. That’s why racists like former Government Ministers Gline Clarke and Elizabeth Thompson are constantly inserting foot into mouth. To Clarke, Thompson and their racist ilk, skin colour is always placed ahead of any other personal traits.

So here’s Venus the cat: like Bim she’s a little of this and a little of that – but all those different coloured hairs make just one cat.


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