Environment Minister says your flooding not his problem

What exactly has Minister Denis Lowe accomplished during his term?

Five years ago we heard the current Minister of the Environment and his fellow DLP candidates explain that the then BLP government had been negligent about flooding and the environment in general.

During the 2007 election campaign, Dr. Denis Lowe and other DLP candidates said that the Owen Arthur BLP government:

  • failed to pass an Environmental Protection Act.
  • didn’t care about valuable wetlands and natural flood buffers.
  • failed to establish standards and laws for drainage to guide developers and builders.
  • failed to take effective action to ensure that property owners kept their lands debushed and free of stagnant water that breeds mosquitoes.

That was five years ago, so let’s listen to what Dr. Lowe is saying these days…

“In relation to flooding at Platinum Heights, which is located on an escarpment which overlooks Gibbons Boggs, Lowe pointed out that the problem had arisen through the quality of wells dug by private contractors.

Lowe noted that some of the wells dug were too shallow and in some cases they were located away from the flow of the surface water. He maintained that it was not fair to ask Government to correct faulty private sector work.

The minister disclosed that in some cases lots were not debushed and water settled, leading to the creation of breeding grounds for mosquitoes.”

… from the Barbados Today story What flooding?

DLP Environmental Legacy: Five lost years

So according to Dr. Lowe, there is nothing his government could have done in the past five years to set or enforce standards regarding flood courses and debushing on private property.

Well that makes sense coming from a government that promised and failed to provide all manner of new environmental standards, education, legislation and enforcement. Let’s look at the DLP record:

  • Environmental Protection Act?    None.
  • Drainage standards for developers and builders?  None.
  • Effective enforcement of debushing standards?   None.
  • Protection of wetlands for flood mitigation?  None
  • Number of UN-provided environmental colouring books handed out to children?   Lots!

That pretty well sums up the DLP’s environmental programmes and successes of the last five years: Handed out free UN colouring books to children.

Fabulous, Dr. Lowe! Just fabulous.

(photo courtesy of Barbados Today)


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4 responses to “Environment Minister says your flooding not his problem

  1. mante

    The clogging of drains, runoff channels and wells with litter is a major cause of the recent flooding. When will people ever learn?

  2. Texan Bush Wheels

    The wife and I spent 6 days on Barbados last year. Nice enough. Nothing special. Expected more beach views. Expected more “unspoiled” paradise etc from your commercials. Did not see any flooding but did see your garbage everywhere. That’s some friendly advice. Wouldn’t come back, not because Barbados ain’t nice, it’s not special. Other places to see. Been to Barbados, got the T-shirt.

  3. XXXX Fill in the missing word

    Lowe: Useless as XXXX on a bull!

  4. Mac

    “Lowe told Barbados Today that when he came to live in the constituency the area in front of Roy Smith’s Shop had always experienced flooding.
    However, the Christ Church East MP disclosed that a team from the Ministry of Transport and Works visited the area, sank a well and built up the curbs. Lowe said that since the work was completed, the well has been draining off most of the surface water.”

    So what he is saying is “I got the government to sort out the flooding around me, so I’m alright Jack, sod you lot!!!”