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Barbados Health Ministry fails to ensure Dialysis clinics have back-up generators

Two out of our three dialysis clinics lack a generator

by Doctor Feelgood

Forget all the excuses: somebody has to be in charge of the health system. In Barbados that person is Minister of Health Donville Inniss. (photo above) After almost 5 years in power, Inniss and the DLP government own any operational problems. Any management failures are theirs. Any failure to budget for sufficient inspections to maintain standards is theirs.

“I sat there watching my blood sitting motionless in tubes outside my body and precious time running out. With two minutes to spare before the situation became critical and with the look of panic etched on the nurse’s face, I sent my wife and kids a bb message saying ‘I love U’….

Soca band leader George Jones describes what happened in Barbados Today’s Close Call. Also see Standard Care.

Sometime I’d love to see Minister Inniss (or any government minister from any party) simply tell the truth and say: “The Ministry of Health should have ensured that this critical health care supplier complied with the standard, but we did not. I apologise. We will now re-inspect each dialysis facility and ensure more regular inspections are done in the future. We will now test back-up power systems during our inspections.”

Instead, we get a blame the victim speech from the Health Minister. Yes, according to Donville Inniss it’s the victim’s fault for needing dialysis. Anything to deflect the story away from the fact that of the three dialysis clinics in Barbados, two operate without backup generators. Standards? I call that a third world standard.

Also during his Barbados Today interview, Minister Inniss started talking about how there was no power failure at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the QEH has backup generators. Was Inniss playing stupid to spin the story? He knows that this nearly averted disaster didn’t happen at the QEH: it happened at a private dialysis center that is supposed to be licensed, inspected and adhering to Ministry of Health standards.

Yes, patients almost died during a power outage last week because Minister of Health Donville Inniss and his staff failed to do their jobs. The public wouldn’t know about this except that one of the patients was George Jones of the Soca band Square One and he put his harrowing tale up on Facebook.

All that talk about making Barbados a destination for health care tourism? Without real actions to set, maintain and enforce standards, it’s all wish talk and nothing else.


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Environment Minister says your flooding not his problem

What exactly has Minister Denis Lowe accomplished during his term?

Five years ago we heard the current Minister of the Environment and his fellow DLP candidates explain that the then BLP government had been negligent about flooding and the environment in general.

During the 2007 election campaign, Dr. Denis Lowe and other DLP candidates said that the Owen Arthur BLP government:

  • failed to pass an Environmental Protection Act.
  • didn’t care about valuable wetlands and natural flood buffers.
  • failed to establish standards and laws for drainage to guide developers and builders.
  • failed to take effective action to ensure that property owners kept their lands debushed and free of stagnant water that breeds mosquitoes.

That was five years ago, so let’s listen to what Dr. Lowe is saying these days… Continue reading


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Henderson Bovell loses memory, maybe his entire mind…

Apparently Mr. Bovell has entirely forgotten about the Owen Arthur government’s 14 years of non-stop corruption. Where to start? It was so bad that, not content with merely stealing public funds, the Prime Minister deposited campaign donations into his personal bank account!

Not that the DLP is any better, but to hear Henderson Bovell say that electing the BLP is the answer: well, mongoose meet chicken coop!

Read it all at Bajan Reporter with your jaw dropping lower at every sentence: Barbados Under seige and being held hostage by the DLP


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Courage and love: Mother dies trying to rescue her children

 UPDATED: November 29, 2012

Lynette Stoute awarded Barbados Bravery Medal

On this National Independence Day, our thoughts go to Lynette Stoute and her family and friends.

Lynette is certainly worthy of the honour and of our remembrance. What this nation could do and be if each of us had 1/10th of her courage!

May God bless Lynette Stoute and her family

submitted by an old friend

When Lynette Stoute thought her three children were still in their burning home, she did not hesitate. Lynette ran into the flames and paid the ultimate price for her love as she was critically burned over 83 percent of her body. She died Tuesday in the hospital in Panama.

Children survived

Fortunately Lynette’s children were already safe outside the home, but that in no way diminishes Lynette’s valour. She died knowing they were safe.

I don’t know the exact circumstances of the fire or how the children escaped or if a designated meeting place would have saved Lynette in that moment when she made up her mind to try to save her children, but I will take the opportunity to remind everyone about this important safety decision. Continue reading


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