Dithering Prime Minister Stuart admits he can’t make up his mind about Raul Garcia: DLP Leadership defined!

Garcia story an ideal illustration of our do-nothing, accidental ‘Leader’

What PM Stuart said in April (click photo)

Seven months after prisoner Raul Garcia’s hunger strike, and after seven months of press conferences and announcements about what the DLP Government intends with Raul Garcia, accidental Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced yesterday that he still hasn’t any idea at all about what to do. It’s all so complex, you see!

Well… too complex for Stuart anyway. Maybe he’s waiting until he decides to pass the dead-as-a-Monty-Python-parrot Integrity Legislation first. You can’t move too quickly on these important decisions, folks! It might take thirty or forty years just to pull out a pad and a pencil to make notes.

And what about the previously announced decision to house Garcia at a military base so our country can comply with the international human rights agreements we signed and also comply with the rulings of the Barbados courts? Well, Prime Minister Stuart was lying about that. No big deal – he lied. Hey, you think that’s the first thing he lied about?

This is becoming less about Garcia and more about Stuart’s failed leadership

Hey reader… yes, you! You are a fairly intelligent person. You’re not without compassion – but you are no pushover either… You have our national interests, our reputation in the international community, and the security of Bajans in your mind. Maybe you see it this way, maybe that way. No matter…

How long would it take you to make a decision about Raul Garcia? Seven months? Six months?

More like a day or two is my guess.

And as far as Prime Minister Stuart’s comments about Raul Garcia’s 20 year old drug crimes being of concern – the DLP government just released a murderer after 3 decades in prison. Why the double standard?

Here’s the latest bit of propaganda from the Barbados Advocate. You should read it at their website, but you know we have to reprint it here because the Bajan news media have a habit of deleting or changing stores…

Raul Garcia’s fate being carefully weighed


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart says that he is carefully examining the options that currently exist with respect to the future of Cuban Raúl García, who remains at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds.

He told the media yesterday morning that at present, there are two options before him for consideration in his capacity as Minister with responsibility for immigration matters, but he said that both have to be considered in the context of what is best for the national security of this country.

García, who was convicted and served time for cocaine-related offences, remains at the Dodds prison despite his initially release because of complications associated with his immigration status.

“…The truth is, let’s not pretend here – the nature of the offence for which he was convicted is an offence that has grave implications, or would have had grave implications for Barbados had he not been nabbed and prosecuted and so on and one always has to be very careful that one does not delude oneself into believing that some miraculous change has taken place, and that sinners have overnight become saints,” he said.

The Prime Minister added, “I intend no injustice to Mr. García, but I just have to make sure that the national security of Barbados is properly protected and that is where it is. I have the discretion and that discretion is going to be exercised reasonably, but whenever it is exercised, it is going to be exercised with all national security considerations having been taken into account.”

Stuart revealed that the options being contemplated at this time include placing García in accommodation provided for by Government, where he can be held in a manner consistent with what the Government considers to be safe and doing no violence to national security considerations. The second is a suggestion made by representations from his attorney-at-law, David Commissiong, that private arrangements could be made for Garcia to be accommodated at a private residence in rural Barbados.

Prime Minister Stuart explained that submissions from Commissiong indicate that a rural family is prepared to accommodate him, at no cost to the Government, and they are prepared to do so on such terms as are satisfactory to the Prime Minister.

Stuart added that the problem with finding somewhere to house Garcia exists because this country does not have any facilities outside of the prison to hold a subject of immigration considerations, for as long as the prison has had to hold García.

“…We never contemplated having to face this situation. Normally when we have these challenges, we hold someone at the airport because we know where we are going to send them. This is one situation where we don’t know where we are going to send Mr. García,” the PM explained.

He noted, “We are having some difficulty in finding a country that would take Mr. García. Mr. García is a Cuban national, but Cuban law does not allow Cuba in the present circumstances to take Mr. García. He has been connected to the United States of America; they are not pushing everybody aside to take him. He has had connections with Colombia, they are not enthusiastic about taking him [and] so he is here in Barbados.”

With that in mind, the Prime Minister sought to clarify that referring to García as a “stateless citizen” was not strictly correct. He said that while it may be factually correct, in legal terms it is not, because under international law the definition of a stateless person is a person who has not been convicted of a serious criminal offence and that definition cannot be applied to García. (JRT)


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9 responses to “Dithering Prime Minister Stuart admits he can’t make up his mind about Raul Garcia: DLP Leadership defined!

  1. 18

    IF he was a Bajan black he would have served 2 years if any . Got nuff bajan blacks convicted over-seas and Barbados has to teck them back when they are deported . So Cuba has to ! OR the states ! His story is a good one , reformed Artist would be good for Barbados , but he still lock up !! Disgraceful and RACIST Barbados !

  2. FearPlay

    We are so fortunate to have this Great Man as PM. Can you imaging what it would be like if he brought his superior intellect to the simple task of shopkeeping? Just imagine him as a shopkeeper and he’s just taken delivery of a new fridge and a new freezer. Lo and behold next day the truck delivers 100 bags of ice. Can you see him now debating and deliberating where would be the best place to store the ice? Don’t rush him because he has no intention of making a bad decision so he spends a day, no a week, no a year in pensive thought.
    Two days ago some children visited his temporary home and one of them asked “When are elections going to be held?” Poor child, the man doesn’t know! He has to give it some serious thought like for the next two years.
    Heaven help us.

    Tell you what, whenever the candidates come visiting to “beg” for your vote look them in the eye and ask this question “What is your opinion of the PM as a leader?” The answer to that question will tell you what you must do.

  3. yatiniteasy

    The man is incapable of Action. Period.

  4. what will they think of next.

    America Planning for a Post-Israel Middle East?

    Franklin Lamb


  5. thank you

    bfp, please get rid of the off – topic comment.

  6. sok puppeteer

    Mr. Garcia is supposed to be reformed. I believe he is a different man. The law is the law though. Garcia should be released that is the laws.

  7. malik shapur

    What abaut the other cuban he expend two year what they going to do with him?

  8. yatiniteasy

    Barbados is about to be shamed again, as Mr Garcia will probably go on hunger strike again..and he vows to do so until he dies…so Mr do nothing PM will be relieved of his problem, simply by waiting long enough.
    I think its also his solution to Mr Barack and the Cllco affair…just do nothing.

  9. robert ross

    The ;’serious crime’ must have been committed OUTSIDE the country of residence ( now Barbados) prior to the admission of the stateless person to that country. Garcia, stateless on arrival, committed a crime within the jurisdiction and has served his time for it. The PM is fudging though you might want to use a stronger word. Hal Gollop said much the same thing as the PM on TV some months ago. So there you go.