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When will former Chief Justice SIR David Simmons reveal the promised “Shocking details” ?

Revirginated Attorney General David Simmons became Chief Justice. Now promises to reveal SHOCKING DETAILS!!!

Last April, former Barbados Chief Justice SIR Davie-boy Simmons promised to reveal  “SHOCKING DETAILS of the Government’s refusal to extend his tenure as the island’s top judicial officer two years ago.”

Okay, we’re ready SIR Davie… let ‘er rip. We’re waiting. Give us the SHOCKING DETAILS…

Hey… you promised!


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Chief Justice Gibson admits no progress on court backlog

Barbados Chief Justice Marston Gibson

Still over 3,000 case backlog. Justice system collapsing.

Some cases finished, waiting 19 years for judgment!

Almost a year ago Barbados Chief Justice Marston Gibson warned that a massive backlog, missing case files and deliberate delaying tactics by unscrupulous profiteering lawyers were threatening the very foundations of our justice system.

Gibson blew away the pretences of the previous Chief Justice, Sir David Simmons – whose failed and putrid legacy as Attorney General and Chief Justice is exposed more and more with each new revelation.

If the system took on no new cases, it would take 18 years at the present rate of case completion to clear the backlog… but there are 1500 – 2000 new cases per year!

“So here we are almost a year later and Chief Justice Gibson reveals that the courts are still clogged with over 3,000 cases on backlog. Not a lick of progress in a year.”

Enquiring minds ask ‘How many new courts and new judges were added in the past year?’

But we know the answer: none.

Doesn’t the government get it? This is the very foundation of our country and of our offshore banking industry. If foreign money can’t depend upon our courts to be just and timely, it’s all over!

Chief Justice Marston Gibson could make it happen if he was given the budget… but the money is gone – long ago spent on cricket parties, celebrations and council handouts.

Oh well… the law, the courts and justice were never high on the agenda for either the BLP or the DLP governments.

If you need justice folks, don’t even think about the courts. Do what you can on your own.

And lest you think that’s bad advice, it’s the same you’ll receive from the Chief Justice, who tells Barbados “alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be the only solution to this long-standing judicial ailment”

Alternative dispute resolution… otherwise known as private courts.

Further Reading

Please read the Nation article online here, but we have to print it all because the Bajan media sometimes removes articles to change history according to revised agendas…

It’s a must!

WITH a backlog of over 3 000 court cases, Chief Justice Marston Gibson believes that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be the only solution to this long-standing judicial ailment. Continue reading


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University of the West Indies: “It was Al all the time…”

They used to tell me I was building a dream…

From the Nation article Pay Talk

DESPITE THE ECONOMIC CHALLENGES facing the country, the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) will soon be seeking a pay increase for public workers.

Its president Cedric Murrell announced this yesterday during the 71st annual delegates conference of the Barbados Workers’ Union at Solidarity House in Harmony Hall, St Michael…

From the Nation article UWI Unease

Hundreds of Barbadians offered a place at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) are facing the prospects of having that offer rescinded in the wake of dire financial developments at the university, which senior sources there describe as “the campus’ worst nightmare”.

According to the top level sources, who only spoke on condition of anonymity, the jobs of hundreds of employees at the campus might also be in jeopardy after Government’s level of indebtedness to the institution rose to over $150 million recently and campus officials were told the debt would be settled through a four-year repayment plan of $40 million annually, starting in July next year. Continue reading


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Why are so many Muslims violent towards Christians?

The past week in headlines…

Muslims attack Christians in Jerusalem

Islamabad Imam denies issuing decree to burn Christians alive

Pakistan: 11 year old Downs Syndrome girl charged with blasphemy

Karachi: Christian slaves freed after 20 years, ask for protection

Christian 14 year old boy kidnapped, murdered, dismembered. (Photo above)

Kenya: Muslims murder 52 Christians: Los Angeles Times doesn’t mention the word ‘Christian’

Diabetic Christian beaten in Egypt for drinking water during Ramadan

Christian Lebanese film actress detained in Algeria: smoked cigarette during Ramadan

Turkish mob stones Christian family home

Muslim mob tortures, kills 11 year old Christian boy in Pakistan


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