Barbados Tourism Authority responds to TripAdvisor commenter

Three days and 150 comments later…

A few days ago we told you about Mr. Frank James, who posted a comment on about his poor experience vacationing at The Gap. Our story Barbados Tourism Authority, police need to read this TripAdvisor conversation about The Gap detailed Mr. James complaints and resulted in some other negative comments about the sad state of affairs at The Gap – an area that used to be known for its vibrant nightlife and as a friendly and safe venue.

It apparently took 3 days and 150+ comments, but the Barbados Tourism Authority replied to Mr. James. Alright, good… but why wasn’t the BTA all over this from the first day? There is no reason why they should not have seen Mr. James’ complaint on the first day. That is the standard I would expect from our national agency looking after the mainstay of our economy…

Good morning Mr. James,

Your letter has been passed on to me by Mr. David Rice, our President. Firstly please let me say how very sorry we are that you have had to experience such annoyance during what was supposed to have been a very peaceful and romantic vacation. We are none the less grateful that you have brought this matter to our attention and we assure you that we will be meeting with the Police Liaison Officer to address these matters. As you can imagine this is most embarrassing and annoying for us as a destination and will do all possible to have this very distressing practice curtailed. We shall get back to you with our results and sincerely hope that you will give us another opportunity to welcome you back to Barbados and to try in some way to make it up to you.


Gerald A. Cozier

Manager Corporate Affairs/Quality Assurance
Barbados Tourism Authority


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4 responses to “Barbados Tourism Authority responds to TripAdvisor commenter

  1. clip

    Too bad it took 3 days for the BTA to respond, i thought they would be watching a big website like Tripadvisor because that is our main bread and butter on this island.

  2. Wily Coyote

    I’m surprised it only took three days, I would have expected no comment at all. Maybe someones pay increase was threatened?

  3. corruption exposer

    nothing will happen….we all know that???!!! platitudes.
    BTA is powerless: like are the Police: Judiciary: politicians: drug money controls them all: BLP / DLP………. where they get their election money from??? wont disclose…integrity….my #%$
    same as the Clico money. look at the Q.C. lawyers who do coke regular. Look at the protection “afforded” to the Board of Directors at CLICO!!….looksee the lawyers involved??…including our Prime .Minister. F Stuart….nice teeth!; David Thompson…. why is his will private……he left $30m plus….from what??clico????drug deals??? his brother Charles Thompson did 5 years in gaol in London for trafficking cocaine. could not be prosecuted here tho !!!…..look at Bree’s son BRYTE !!!…………look at that prominent west coast hoteliers son!!!
    look at JMG TOM Adams….died of cocaine excess………….after or before fooping ( his favourite word) a blond German beauty. ……remember the difficulty getting a doctor to issue the dead certficate. THE GAP…..will be another Baxters road afor too long….look at the Rausing woman………….all over BIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!an more coke!!! right Mr C J??

  4. caribeye

    How does one foop AFTER dying? You too funny! But Bajans love and repeat as the gospel truth rumour and innuendo. The more salacious and vicious the more believable and, sadly, repeatable. Remember that the US and other Embassies routinely report these rumours to their Governments so we Bajans must look like a right parochial, small-minded, cruel lot to these people. Hmmm?