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British tourist to Barbados: “How kind can perfect strangers be? I was enchanted…”

Let me tell you a story.

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Let me tell you a story. My name is (removed by editor) and my email address is (removed by editor). I live in the lovely town of (removed by editor) England and I visited Barbados in September last.

Strolling around Bridgetown I stopped for some refreshment and ended up having an argument with a frappe cappuccino, half of which ended up down the front of my shirt. In due course came across a church and coming out of the building were some splendidly dressed young men and women in their legal robes and they looked magnificent.  After they had gone there emerged a smartly dressed Lady who had the appearance of eminence.

When she got to me she asked if I was hot and bothered and I replied that this was Barbados and had to be hot but that I was intrigued as to what was going on.  She explained this to me, that it was the start of the Judicial Year. We chatted and I was enchanted by her kind and caring nature.

We reached the point of parting but as she went to leave she turned and asked if she could help me with anything and in my eagerness to prolong the conversation a little longer I grabbed the first thing that came into my head and asked if there were any ‘facilities’ in the area. She said I must go back to her offices but I countered that would be an imposition and thanked her but couldn’t do that.

She suggested that there might be something in the Market opposite and I thanked her and we said our goodbyes. I looked round the market and there was nothing and on my exit she was there. How kind can perfect strangers be? Continue reading

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