Murderer uses victim’s BlackBerry to broadcast shooting news?

Jason Husbands’ family, friends receive shocking text message

Barbados police are investigating the shooting death of a motorist on Lamberts Road, St. Lucy on Tuesday afternoon. Jason Husbands was found dead lying next to his auto, having apparently been shot in broad daylight. Lamberts Road at this location isn’t exactly busy but neither is it deserted or infrequently traveled by the public. Somebody must have seen something in the middle of the day!

Family and friends told The Nation that all Mr. Husbands’ contacts received a message from his BlackBerry that he had been shot, and that from the content of the message they believe it was sent by the killer or killers.

Why would Husbands’ killer send a message like that? That act in itself is a message to Husbands’ family and friends – and to the people of Barbados – that the killer thinks he (she? they?) can act with impunity and not worry about the police.

Further information: The Nation – Murder Mystery

Photo courtesy of The Nation and the Husbands family.


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8 responses to “Murderer uses victim’s BlackBerry to broadcast shooting news?

  1. 18

    maybe a bad cop

  2. countryview

    Acting with a feeling of impunity of legal consequences is the example given to Barbadian society for many years by the Government and powerful, influential, wealthy individuals within that society. Now everybody is acting that way. Live with it.

  3. A policy holder

    But they seem to be shooting the wrong people! If they are sending messages don’t shoot the messengers!

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  5. 210

    My heart goes out to all the family such a sad loss RIP Jason you are in my prayers x

  6. 24

    RIP Jay you will be missed uncle Roger xxx


    The Royal Barbados Police Force is investigating the murder of Jason Husbands of Hope Road, St. Lucy. His body was found by a passerby around 4.00 pm on Tuesday August 21, 2012 on Lamberts Road, St. Lucy, lying next to his vehicle.

    Anyone who may have information about the unnatural death of Jason HUSBANDS is asked to call the Police at Emergency number # 211 of Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIPS (8477).

    David Welch Insp.
    Public Relations Officer

  8. Husbands

    I heard it had something to do with the girlfriend and the guy that shot him name is Sean wright.