Reader’s Opinion: Time To Ditch the Crown

The Republic of Bimshire

by Brudah-Bim

I have been completely stumped at the fact that well over forty years after her supposed “independence” from the Crown, that Barbados is still in fact a solid member of the British Commonwealth. This has proven to be a huge detriment to the nation’s ability to move forward as it has yet to sufficiently carve out an identity that is very much so distinct and different from that of our former colonizer. Instead, we have opted to stay within the shadows of “Great Britain” often at our own expense.

Bajans would like to believe that they have a ‘symbiotic’ relationship with that of the U.K., and that we are in fact more British than the British themselves. However, during our country’s 40+ year run on the road of ‘independence’ I have been forced to ask myself the question, “At what cost?”

At what cost do we as a tiny island nation aspire to emulate the socioeconomic capacities of our former colonial government without even bothering to strategize how to continue to feed our own population in the next 30-50 years sufficiently and independently?At what cost do we as a society envelop “customs” which entails the development of expensive tastes without the drive for hard work so that the fruits of our labours can be fully savoured?

And at whose cost when we as a nation-society would rather take the words of elected non-visionaries and wealthy foreigners as “sound and solid ideas” for our country to opt for its “survival” along the lines of already diminishing clouted industries dedicated to “service” under principles that are archaic, irrelevant, and outdated?

“What do we get?”

To answer you in short and directly, you get three of the following respectively:

1) An emptily-founded “class system” where one is distinguished by title as opposed to his/her own merit.

2) A mentality that grips a nation in which all aspire for the finest of goods without having the drive to develop their own nation’s brand; thus eroding our very work ethic.

3) A system of inertia that literally grips the entire country on a Social, Economic, as well as Political level.


Forty-Six years on into our independence, and the socioeconomic dynamics of Colonial Barbados seems to have permeated over into post-independence Barbados, but merely on a more complex and covert scale. I will abstain from going further into detail as I am sure that many of us have an idea of how that came to be and how it manifests itself. Not to mention that it would take us off onto a different tangent.

Where I am fundamentally getting at is that if we Bajans are to even remotely start considering ourselves to be a state level society, then we should be doing more in order to determine our statehood as opposed to trying to emulate others. That said, I am calling for a massive overhaul not just in our nation’s economy, healthcare, and education system, but the entire political process in general. a government that prides itself in adopting an archaic colonial style of governance otherwise known as the “Westminster system” should be aware that it is in fact not a government at all but in fact a shell of an old governance style that has little to no relevance in our society. In short, one’s glove does not and cannot fit all.

Not to mention that the Westminster system enables for the clouding of government transparency and centralizes power (and subsequently funds) to only a minority of the populace. This erodes the likelihood of government accountability and could help to enable corruption.

What Barbados needs at this point (and I stress needs) is to look within itself and motion to develop a system that works according to our society’s needs, principles, and ideals.  Our nation’s motto is “Pride and Industry”, yet how can we have pride when our own government has severely lagged in enabling for there to be strategic industry flourishing within our shores?


I posit that we Bajans ditch this political system which enables plutocracy and holds nil relevance to our societal standards and finally stand up and innovate one that is more suited for our country. Instead of adopting policies merely to “keep up” with the rest of the world, we need to adopt a system which enables for maximum prioritization in preemptive motioning for our country’s long term future.

Changing the Legislation Movement

Instead of having a Bicameral (double chambered parliament ie. lower vs. upper house), two party parliamentary system; might I suggest that we adopt a tricameral (triple chambered parliament) that has a multi-party parliamentary system. SO Instead of having simply a Lower house and upper house in parliament; I argue that we infuse a Senate (upper house), a chamber of Councilors (lower house), along with a third chamber called the “Chamber of Labour”, in which representatives of labour unions that span across all employment/job spectrums in Barbados are represented on an equal spectrum. The way how these representatives will be elected is through elections held on a national scale according to their respective unions. It should be absolutely forbidden for elected representatives of labour unions and guilds to establish any clear affinities with a political party, or to receive finances from any political party and/or politician (As they would be paid through dues and government stipends). The responsibility of representatives from the Chamber of Labour entails advocating or vetoing clauses passed by either the Upper and/or Lower houses by arguing how it will affect the people accordingly to their labour fields.

For instance, if the government proposes to cut funding for subsidies in the agricultural sector of the economy, the representative of the agricultural labour union would first have to consult with other representatives from of labor divisions first, and convince them to vote against the bill made by the upper and lower houses by positing arguments on how such decisions would affect people according to those respective labour unions/job fields. So let’s say the minimum quota for forming a solid coalition of various labour unions/guilds within the chamber of labour was 3 votes. That means that the representative of the agricultural labour union has to not only post his vote but 3 other votes as well in order for the bill to be halted and further deliberated on within the chamber. The most obvious responsibility of the agricultural representative is to make strategic appeals to 3 other representatives by explaining how the decision would affect constituents of their respective labour unions as well. So representatives from the Transport Union Bureau, Retailer’s guild, and Restauranteur’s society (all hypothetical labour unions) should be the most obvious strategic votes that the agriculture representative should aim for as they are all involved with the functioning of the agriculture sector.

With the total four forming a coalition to block the bill, they must now altogether deliberate amongst the rest of the Chamber of Labour and explain why they have reservations on a certain matter and then proceed with a possible redrafting of the bill in order to suit the demands of the 4 hesitant representatives while still retaining the support of the other labour unions and guilds. The upper house and lower house cannot make a decision on a bill without clearance from the Chamber of labour, and should there be an inconclusive decision on the bill; the parliament is only allowed to either scrap the entire bill or hold a national referendum pertaining to the bill.

Changing the face(s) of the Executive Body

Part of what helps to further advance a state of inertia is if it is placed upon a single individual assigned to lead a nation. We all know that the ideals of a sole individual often causes controversies because they are usually not inclusive of other perspectives. Which causes for there to all the more reason in order to maximize a society’s democratic process. By having an elected board comprised of an uneven amount of members (ideally 7 or 9) who serve as an executive body that is representative of the nation helps to ensure that the democratic process is in fact upheld within Barbados. Should there be an executive council of let’s say 7 members on an equal footing (there are no superiors or inferiors), all from different parts of the national legislative body, and have different affiliations within the parliament; it could prove to help even out the priorities and prospects of the nations hence provide us with a clearer goal. So if one member of the executive council wishes to make a decision on a matter, they cannot do so without first consulting with the rest of the council and deliberating with them. The way how decisions would be made by the executive body would be by way of “majority rules”. A key rule to the composition of the executive counsel is that there should be at least a minimum of one member represented from each of the three parliamentary chambers in the executive council and no more than two can come from the same constituency (ie. parish).

Upholding Transparency: Establishing Direct Democracy

A lesser known body is the Ombudsmen. The Ombudsmen would play a quintessential role in this new democracy for all facets of the government is subject to a series of random screenings, inquiries, and audits by this body. There will be an undisclosed amount of quota the Ombudsmen would have to fulfill every term-year by conducting such (as some would call) “invasive surveillance”  for all parts of the government. The First principle of this body is to offer a mode of trust to the people while acknowledging that it cannot trust the government, nor itself! That said, the Ombudsmen will consist of an intricate web of networks and bureaus within itself in order to help further enhance the quality of the proposed democratic process and maximizing government accountability. The Ombudsmen will have no sole leader as the ombudsmen must reflect the functioning of the government processes in order to keep up with ensuring democracy to the highest degree. The head of the Ombudsmen will be headed by a council of 5 elected (again, by the PEOPLE) officials who will oversee the functions of the entire body. There will be one division pertaining to the governance of labor unions, another for political parties, another for the executive branch, the other for the Judiciary branch (the supreme court), another for the legislative body (on all levels including community, Parish, and national). There will also be a separate platform for Corporate and Business Mishandlings overseen by a division known as the “Auditor General’s Office”  to ensure that corporations, business, INCLUDING non-profit organizations are compliant with the nation’s laws and statutes.

Staff of the Ombudsmen would be discouraged from developing any ties to political parties and/or politicians for it would be enough grounds for all of there financial accounts to be audited by the ombudsmen more frequently (as they would already submit to random audits through employment contract) on the grounds that they are OF the organization hence are subject to its protocols. This even applies onwards up to the head council, who will have to sacrifice great financial privacy during their term for the sake ensuring the maximum level of democracy. The Ombudsmen’s main objective is to immediately act on the request of whistle-blowers (that must be made anonymously) by ordering a subpena to randomly audit an agency or organization of the government. These whistle-blowers would typically be involved with the government however If a citizen has reason to suspect that a government agency or corporate business doesn’t have its act together, then they can form a petition of 50-150 (depending on the constituency) other individuals with their signatures and file it to the Ombudsmen in order for there to be an immediate random audit and screening of the place of discrepancy.

Ensuring the Status Quo

The judiciary Branch shall not be spared of this overhaul either. The Supreme court should be comprised of an uneven amount (lets say 11) of justices in order to uphold the demand of democracy. The Supreme court justices cannot have any affinities with political parties and/or politicians; Nor can the supreme court justices be appointed by the government. Let’s say that there is a need for all 11 seats to be filled, the supreme court justices will be decided by an election conducted by the Barbados Bar Association (B.B.A.), in which members elect 11 candidates to fill the 11 seats. Their candidacy is determined by track record in maintaining maximum neutrality and limited to no clear bias, effectiveness and speed in delivering justice, seniority, and good personal judicial rapport (ie. no arrests). A candidate is forbidden to serve in the courts if they have already served in a government office, for the sake of upholding that neutrality. The supreme court cannot issue decisions without first being consulted by a cabinet of 9 individuals known as the “supreme jury”. The cabinet is appointed by the supreme court justices themselves by election upon recommendation of the Barbados Bar Association. The main purpose of the “supreme Jury” is to act mainly as an advisory board in which the justices would consult for a second ‘opinion’ rather than a second ‘decision’. The Supreme Jury serves only one term of 3 years but each individual cabinet member can be eligible for re-election under the discretion of the Supreme Court Justices.

That said, whereas what I am offering is not necessarily a “solution” per se, I do believe that what I am ultimately offering here is a first step to engaging the Bajan people on what principles and platforms we should initiate in order to establish a democratic system that would prove to be air tight in its functioning and delivery of BAJAN DEMOCRACY. All CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS ARE WELCOME!


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36 responses to “Reader’s Opinion: Time To Ditch the Crown

  1. 84

    Only a fool would fix what works!

  2. Beefcake

    Is Britain to blame for Barbados shortcomings, or should we blame the Barbados politicians that are elected by Barbadians? Point the finger inwards first.

  3. Greg Jones

    I am an Australian who believes that the time has come now for former colonies of Great Britain to become a republic. The matter of the Queen being our head of state under our constituion is anathema to Australia’s being regarded by many other countries as being a completely independent country.If anything such link holds us back at least symbolically from being perceived as a fully fledged sovereign nation We need to make a clean break. becoming a republic will not in practical terms sour our relations with Great Britain.

    I identify the Queen as representing system of tradition based on class and snobbery and creates divisions within society which in the past has and will continue to cause elitist and aloof attitudes that are out of touch with the notions of participative democracy and inclusiveness. I clearly remember with embarrassment and as an affront to being an Australian citizen just over 40 years ago being required to stand up at movie theatres when the then national anthem God Save Our Queen was played. Come on let us grow up.

  4. an observer

    What benefits have resulted for Guyana and Trinidad becoming republics? It is simply a way of “thumbing your nose” at Britain. Canada, one of the largest countries, on the other hand celebrates and embraces its past. Meanwhile, two bit banana republics puff up their feathers and say look at me, I’m a republic!

  5. Independence Sceptic

    Could Barbados apply for membership of the European Union? Might sound far fetched but Martinique, Curacao, Sint Maarten etc are part of the EU so why not Barbados? OK I know these are associated with European countries but could we leverage our association with the British monarchy to apply for membership to the EU? Also how about ditching our dollar for the US dollar? Saba although part of the Netherlands has made the US dollar its official currency. Malta is smaller geographically than Barbados, is more populous and is an independent member of the EU.

    Don’t hate me. Just fantasizing on a rainy day with nothing to do.

  6. countryview

    Barbadians are the ones who routinely dump their garbage in and on every country road, cart road and appropriate piece of private property. They befoul their very drinking water without thought of future consequence. Barbadians exist without any correlation between meaningful thought of their future existence and present actions. They persist in daily hypocrisy oblivious to the availability of information about their actions via the internet. They are generally fat to see, hear and talk to…they are lemmings and sheeple who depend upon their ingrained notions of entitlement and complacency for their existence.
    Personally, if I were to ditch something, I’d ditch those horribly accurate personality characteristics before further political masturbation about the Crown and a Republic. First things first, don’t you see?
    I am a humble Barbadian, what is there REALLY to be proud of?

  7. robert ross

    B-B has many ideas expressed in a thoughtful and sophisticated way. But as has been pointed out in various ways, nothing in his package is contingent upon republic status, and the inherent problem he identifies has really nothing to do with the Crown or our relationship with the former colonial power. In short, we have utopia wrapped up in a non-sequitur.


    robert ross, @ nice words , With the Queen out the way , will Barbados run more wild with FRAUD?

  9. yatiniteasy

    I dont know, I kind of like traveling to the UK or Canada with my Bajan passport, with no need to get a visa. Also , if stuck at JFK with only some Barbados $, I can change them to US$.(try that with Trinidad or Guyanese dollars)So I would never vote to be another Banana Republic.

    I also don`t think we have a bad legal system, only some crooked lawyers. We also have a healthy democratic system, even if 2 party, also sprinkled with some crooks and thieves.This will occur under any form of government.We the people just have to more openly denounce these bad apples and insist on punishment/dismissal.

    However,there are several vestiges of the Colonial Days that should be done away with, as they are irrelevant and costly.


    Import Duties….should not VAT replace Import duties, (if the VAT Department would only collect what is owed to it?)

    Suits and ties…too damn hot for that..we are in the Caribbean for God`s sake.

    Colonial style school uniforms….especially for girls..a great expense to families.

    The long summer school holidays.(I understand that this is a relic from our Colonial past, where the teachers from England, would go home for their holidays…it took two weeks or so to go to England by ship, and two weeks back, and they would have their month holiday in England)So we inherited and kept a school Holiday that is over two months long…its ridiculous!

    The stupid wigs and gowns used by Judges…dump them

    Stupid gowns used by lawyers..same

    The ROYAL Barbados Police Force…whats so Royal about them.?Why cant they be just The Barbados Police Force?(Hey, we got The Barbados Yacht Club to drop the Royal from their name.)While we are at it, lets get rid of those stupid and cumbersome Colonial Police uniforms..Long pants and can you chase a suspect dressed like that..even the beach patrols are dressed in this silly garb.
    I`m sure others can add to my list..this is just a start.

  10. Brudah-Bim

    Clearly none of you have even bothered to look at my reasonings in depth. For one, I am UTTERLY disappointed at the fact that none of you have noticed nor acknowledged for how our new Democracy could FUNCTION!! I placed a model out and not a single one of you seemed to have realized that. And to be quite frank with you, colonies such as Canada DO in fact have a problem with their relations to the crown (IE. THE QUEBEC INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT)!

    This thus enables me to disregard most of your comments, as none of you have even bothered to look at the model that I proposed, and have COMPLETELY MISCONSTRUED my arguments.

  11. Beefcake

    B-B, your reference to Quebec and Canada is like suggesting that St. Philip has a problem with Barbados and wishes to become Independent.
    By the way, individuals in Canada have a problem with the Crown, just as you do. There are always a lot of people everywhere who think the grass is greener elsewhere, and there are always haters, and there are always the jealous types.
    Eventually the Monarchy will be replaced, here and everywhere else. The important thing is to introduce a system that works and evolves naturally – not to impose a system out of emotions and politics.
    At the end of the day, is it such a terrible thing to share something in common with other people? Will Barbados continue to be a popular destination with the British (and Canadians) if you start embracing how wonderful it is to be done with their yoke? Will Barbados continue to have an ally in Britain for development aid, Lome and ACP agreements, and reciprocal culture and sporting exchanges? I don’t think anyone should start getting rid of friends for the sake of ego.

  12. Waaaah

    I’m so hurt!

  13. Typical Communist..

    Wants social evolution -but wants it in ten-year-per-phase cycles.

    “New model” huh? lol

  14. Greg jones

    In Australia I have over the past 40 years seen a marked change in our following the traditions associated with our ties to the Queen and these have included:
    Far less of the portraits of the Queen being hang up in government offices.
    Discarding the Privy Council as our final court of appeal back in 1982.
    When the Queen visits Australia far less crowds are out there to greet her.
    Over the past 20 years to become an Australian citizen you don’t have to swear allegiance to the Queen.
    What rankles with me about the Queen still being the Queen of Australia is:
    When I visited England over 14 years at Heathrow Airport before being going through customs & passport control I was required to stand in queue separate from one for British citizens and citizens of the EEC.
    That when the Queen visits Australia and performs an official function our Governor General must step aside. One former Governor General said in effect this was an insult to him and he changed from being a monarchist to being a republican.

    Its like the ghosts of our colonial heritage are still around like a bad smell.

    That the British monarchy reeks of sectarianism. If you area Roman Catholic you can’t become the Queen or King of England.

    That we still have in our Australian Constitution section: 61 which states: “The executive power of the Commonwealth (of Australia) is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor General as the Queen’s representative, and extends to the maintenance of this constitution and of the laws of the Commonwealth.

    Without being overly presumptive I cannot see how Australia and for that matter Barbados becoming republics would affect the continuance of our our economic,sporting and social relationships with Great Britain. One only needs to look at India to her becoming a replic and yet still remain a member of the British Commonwealth

  15. Brudah-Bim

    It seems that I have turned to a group of unlearned individuals. A nation who wishes to emulate an empire with values that aren’t even relevant to its society. Mainly because ABSOLUTELY NONE of you have any idea what I am talking about. Its by no means a coincidence that a majority of the commonwealth nations are not industrialized economies (excluding Canada, Australia,, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore) and do not have competitive markets but rather commodity based or service based economies mainly foreign owned from businesses from none other than Britain.

    This isn’t a matter of “pride” as some of you have NAIVELY put it. THis is a matter of Forging a Political system that WORKS for BAJANS. With the increase in poverty levels, stagnation of our economy, and stalemating of our government, Bajans need a newly updated political system that is dynamic and allows for THE PEOPLE to be DIRECTLY INVOLVED within their government.

    Not a single one of you have come up with any sufficient rebuttals, hence your refutations come off as nothing more than cheap and childish insults that are geared towards DEFENDING our nation’s FAILED SYSTEM and try to sugar coat it by arguing that it “works”. You people are making this an issue of pride, when you donkeys fail to realize that our government has SEVERELY FAILED THE PEOPLE.

    But I don’t completely blame you tools, it is because the Bajan education system still runs on Victorian era standards and principles that you people hold on to long outdated principles that are both irrelevant and ARCHAIC in contrast to today’s ever transforming global trends. A system bound to set any country country BACKWARDS. THere is a reason why the same fate has literally engulfed African nations (a significant portion of which still in the British commonwealth nations, are incredibly poor, riddled with corruption, and have MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR EUROPEAN CORPORATIONS REAPING MAXIMUM PROFIT WITH LITTLE TO NO REGARD FOR THE PEOPLE!

    The education teaches people to REGURGITATE, NOT TO INNOVATE. SO Its not entirely your faults that you ALL have COMPLETELY MISSED my standpoint. In no way am I trying to Bash Barbados, but rather offer a DIFFERENT PRINCIPLE with ORIGINAL IDEAS.

    WHAT A LUDICROUS LOAD OF CROCK! You all are a bunch of HAPLESS SLAVES! No, even worse- YOU’RE ALL TOOLS!!!

  16. Brudah-Bim

    @ Greg Jones

    It seems that you are the only one who seems to understand me. Which saddens me a bit because you are an Australian and not a Bajan.

  17. Brudah-Bim

    ^^It would seem that none of these lost sols seem to understand where we are coming from…

  18. Greg jones

    Thanks for your compliment. Although I am not a Bajan I consider myself also as a citizen of the world. We are all homo sapiens and we should regard and respect each other as being equal. Keep up the good work.

  19. The reinstitution of checks and balances in government

    brudha-bin is spot on if not on each detail.

    The loss of checks and balances in our so called democracies over the past 20 years has allowed systemic rot to emasculate our political institutions in the name of little or no productivity, and short term greed and corruption, at the cost of a lower standard of living and a higher cost of living for everything.

    Rather than wasting time on Britain and the Queen, look into the mirrors at home to realize only Barbadians can change the predicament they are in.

    In some countries you can write in the name of independent candidates, and pay a fee . Since all else has faiked it would be great for each parish to put its own independent representatives on the slate who believe in a number of simple democratic concepts such as those promised by the last two failed previous and existing political regimes ie full implementation of ITAL, transparency in tendering public documents, complete reform of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government, special attention to the environment, term limits on the PM and ministers. govermnet assets should be written down annually to market value, implementation of a strict and streamlined court system with active enforcement and quick procedures delivered in a timely manner,etc etc.

    Thiis legal changeover could only come from voting Barbadians who are sick and tired of the status quo and would be prepared to have their name put up for election but without necessarily having to raise money go to rallies etc and could be done by others. Barbadians who would like to have a real voice and change in our government would need a minimum list of promises would need to be created right away, vetted, improved and put out for several proposers from each parish who are reputable and will sign and swear on to the minimums.

    come on Bajans

    carpe diem!

    time is fleeting.

  20. robert ross

    @ B-B

    Now BB JUST BECAUSE we disagree with you in relation to your central premise it does not follow that we are all unlearned or whatever insult you wish to trade. It MIGHT just mean there is a problem with your reasoning. And IF that’s the way you wish to proceed, by arrogant dismissal, even IF rooted in frustration, and however sincere you are (and you are I know) then don’t blame anyone for refusing to give you the time of day. Better to take a mirror to yourself.

    Now of course it does not follow BB that everyone disagrees with your particular proposals. Perhaps you will come over from the US or wherever and stand as an independent parliamentary candidate. That would rock some boats, that’s for sure.

    It is simply silly to say ‘You understand me’, like the spoiled brat, to someone who merely agrees with you. Agreement is easy. Identity of outlook is easy. It’s the root of all the intolerance and prejudice in the world – and of the inquisition,the death camps, the purges,.Besides, the true prophet always stands alone expecting nothing – at least for now. I’m quite sure your time will come.

  21. Brudah-Bim

    @ The reinstitution of checks and balances in government
    @ yatiniteasy

    Thank you sirs. You seem to have a clear vision as well. ITs going to be tough to get this show running on a new rail, but I know with spreading keen insight, we can achieve getting a new generation of thinkers on board.

    @ Robert Ross
    I hear what you’re saying, but it proves to be aggravating when there are those who don’t understand what you’re saying, let alone completely disregards you ideas without reading it. But I do understand what you are saying. It is not my intention to come off as “bratty” though….

  22. Green Monkey

    If we are going to keep the monarch, maybe we ought to make sure it is the right one. Apparently the real monarch is a king not a queen, and he is a middle aged, middle class, pot bellied Pommie living in the Australian bush country. He says he likes it there in Oz and doesn’t want to move back to England to take up any Royal duties. Since we are accustomed to having absentee monarchs from abroad, he might be willing to accept if we offer to crown him King of Barbados while also assuring him we have no problems with him exercising his kingship from Australia. 🙂

  23. robert ross

    @ BB

    Good on ya….and whatever our differences, I would certainly vote for you and be very glad to do so.

  24. Fascinating hsitorical investigation and conclusion

    Just like Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” or in this case the survival of the most power hungry and brutal, it is those that stretch or bend the rules that make the new reality.

    The Tudors and The Windsors are evidently great pretenders but they had and have the keys to a very fragile throne..

    It looks like the “real” King has found much more happiness in his own kingdom. than he could ever have in England greeting endless lines of sycophants and wannabees.

    Thanks for the link GM

  25. Fascinating historical investigation and conclusion


  26. 101

    “We cannot have an intelectual debate without name calling: “Banana Republic”. This is why Barbados has isolated itself diplomatically from the Caribbean and the African Diaspora -reference J’ca independance celebrations and the visit by S Afican President who by passed BDS

  27. Brudah-Bim

    @ Anonymous

    I concur wholeheartedly. I find it crazy that Bim has closer established ties (that have proven to be pervasive) with Britain, Canada, and America as opposed to her ever growing neighbours in the caribbean and latin America on a bigger economic and political scale. And it could prove to be a very strategic vantage point between Africa and the greater caribbean as well as Latin America.

    We have become a title based culture with no aims, no visions, no plans for the long term. We just pump out ideals of “survival”. Why not preach “innovation to feed our future generations”? Bajans really need to wake up, and shake off its colonial garb and mentality in order to truly succeed in becoming an advanced economy with a dynamic government. It is essential to our nation’s future and its very survival.

  28. Crusoe

    ”nor acknowledged for how our new Democracy could FUNCTION!!”

    Huh? Hahahaha. I want a plantation would beomce much worse. Yuh joking.

    However, if we go Republic, I want Rihanna for Queen, like Cleopatra.

    She would be better than the jackasses in Parliament, who would want to be President for life.

  29. Crusoe


    Wonderful link and story, merci beaucoup. Barbara Ist was a bit of a dish, nuh?

  30. Brudah-Bim

    @ Crusoe
    “She would be better than the jackasses in Parliament, who would want to be President for life”

    I think every Bajan would agree that having Rihanna as head of state would be a HUGE relief from the Lazy power-hungry money-skimming Shitheads of Parliament.

    But even she would be run out of the Ilaro Court as her WHORISH escapades would prove to be a DEEP disgrace to our nation .

  31. Ivan Taylor

    I am a Humble Barbadian and after 50 years I am saddened to see the state of affairs that this country is in – I have always been told when a carpenter is needed dont call a mason – we have masons doing carpentry we have become a country of selfish, materialistic, dirty and arrogant people who litter without remorse who have destroyed what was working and led by people who could not lead the blind – And now to break away from the Queen as head of state that would surely end it all – “God Help us”

  32. Brudah-Bim

    @ Ivan Taylor
    “I have always been told when a carpenter is needed dont call a mason”

    I couldn’t agree more….
    Stone COLD truth Brother Ivan! Stone Cold TRUTH!

  33. b4

    @BB. I’ll continue to monitor your postings and ideas. I find you to be multi sided but thoughtful, and idea driven. Barbados outside of the entire Monarchic system, is a dream and since we as a Nation and a people continue to sleep, the dream will continue.. It’s not the fault of any other nation or Govt. foreign or regional that we are in the mess we’re in. It’s just that we as a people have not Evolved. I’ll put a bajan In Russia for three yrs. and chances are you won’t see much change in him three years later, Why ?

  34. bajab

    Well done Greg Jones! I have had to inform the ignorants in England of there past on the Venessa Feltz show in 2008 when the whole phone hacking thing was exposed (but its mainly by the TV and Computers in your homes that they can actually see and hear you with). I was telling Venessa Feltz off for sticking her nose in my business and trying to sell me as a ‘whore’ with the illegal filming done by Rupert Murdoch’s son on me and my family over many years from the age of three and stealing our ideas and my mum’s cooking. calling my mum’s breakfast an English breakfast and her meals were given to jamaicans to start caribbean takeaways. I was mistreated all trough school right trough to unversity in order to make me look stupid. The film was called prisoners and families.they tricked me into signing a document by filming in another girls house while i was there, rupert murdoch’s son and rory macrath said if i was in that film they need my permission.

    The jews and Irish have a history of child abuse! and this relates to the Australian story, this is what i told Venessa Feltz off for, I told her that children taken from England juring world war 2 were taken illegally to Australia, Canada, South Africa and America, put into care homes and sexually abused, this also happened in Ireland with the Magdelene laundries, the industrial schools and care homes run by the brotherhood and sisters of (NO)mercy. look at the website ‘godsquad’
    Then there’s the aboriginal children forcibly having their children taken away from them too. This has continued with the Jewish wars everywhere and the irish with the IRA/CIA and the mercenary group ‘blackwater’. Wars create orphans!! They keep staring wars like Tony Blairs’ and the iraq war and all the previous wars but its all sanctioned by the catholic church and the Queen!!.
    Yes your very right Greg Jones, we are all human beings of the world and we want a better one, the Queen and her minions have never tried to improve the lot for the masses in her life,she likes division it suits her purpose. This is the same reason several attempts were made on queen victoria’s life, look at a website called ‘oneevil’ too. The church and state is all a lie! so yes we do need to drop the Queen, spying and lying on people is how she gets and keeps her kingdom, she has large shares in every company thats destroying the environment for us the 99.9%. Join the OWS movement were ever you can. We don’t want to be ruled or told what to do by the child abusing faggots of the world.
    There is a world recession and its because, machines are taking over and wages haven’t risen with the prices in your shops or taxes. There are many injustices in the system but only those who read and can join the dots will know that you and me Greg have got it right.
    Look at how America has gone down, there was always crime in the cities but now the ficticious middle classes are feeling it everywhere. They want to blame Obama – like he’s in control of these major businesses that are controlling our lives, even he has to be funded for elections so he’s not in control is he! The very people that have made our forebears work long and hard for years, fight and die are now living high on the hog and i’m surprised many people don’t understand that.
    How many businesses in Barbados are run by Bajans? and its the same everywhere, they put their businesses in your countries and suck out the money and resources – this is what they call economic hitmen!!

  35. Greg Jones

    Thanks again Bajab for your compliments. In this day and age its time for us to grow up and take a long hard look at the meaning and relevance of the Crown. To me it symbolises secrecy, privilege, nepotism, corruption and aloofness. To furtther elaborate I will give some examples below:
    1.Princess Michael of Kent’s father was a senior member of the Nazi SS during World War 11.
    2. The Queen had as one of her top advisors a Sir Anthony Blount who was a Soviet spy.
    3 The Queens uncle King Edward was nazi sympathiser.
    4 Over 17 years ago when Australia’s then Prime Minister Paul Keating visited England he put his hand on the back of the Queen. The English tabloid press kicked up a puerile fuss about this.
    5. Unfortunately there are still too many Australians who blindly revere the Queen.
    6. I still distinctly remember one of my work colleagues an Englishman telling me immediately after our then PM Gough Whitlam was sacked by the Governor General Sir John Kerr that Australia should now become a republic.
    7 It has only now come to light that there were secret discussions between Buckingham Palace and Kerr before Whitlam was sacked that Kerr signalled his intentions to sack Whitlam and the Palace acquiesed in this. So much for transparency in democracy!
    8 Princess Diana was and is still the only Royal I admired. She showed geniune empathy for the less fortunate in our society. To Prince Charles credit he stood up to other members of the Royal family who were reluctant to give her a State funeral. I still recall the rage felt towards the Queen by many in the UK about her indiffrence about Diana’s death.
    9. To get an idea about English royalty’s corruption.See the film “The Bank” Mysteriouly though it was popular in Australian cinemas inexplicably after about 3 weeks it stopped showing.
    10 During WW 11 the UK’s then PM Churchill wanted to name a new English warship “The Cromwell” after Oliver Cromwell, but he was overruled by the King.
    9. Australia did not gain complete independence apart from the Queen remaining head of state when the British government relinquished control in appointing state governors in 1986!. The Queen is still head of state of Australia.
    10. Prince Harry dressing in a Nazi uniform was despicable. I wonder if Prince Harry was a commoner and had a high profile job, would he have still kept his job? I doubt it!

    Come on as we say in Australia wake up Australia. I do not want to stick my nose in Barbados’ political affairs but I do hope many of your readers will after considering my comments will take a positive and constructive approach in deciding whether its time for Barbados to become a republic without any pangs of regret. Oh by the way I believe Australia becoming a republic will give it a new found confidence as a former GG Sir Zelman Cowen intimated.

    Greg Jones, Sydney ,Australia

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