Oh Harry! (What happens in Vegas… gets posted on the Internet)

HRH Prince Harry – All of ‘im

Secretly taken photos of a nude Prince Harry cavorting with a nude woman in Las Vegas seem to be causing more smiles than shock – and that’s true at our house too. “His Royal Highness is in good shape. Cute bum too!” was the first response of Shona just before she poked me in the belly. (hmmm… yes, not as taunt as it used to be, I know dear.)

So far it looks like Harry was unaware that someone was taking his photo, and that probably garners him some sympathy and leeway. If he knew and allowed the photos that would be another matter, but if some friend betrayed his trust and he didn’t notice, that shifts the perspective.

It looks like Prince Harry is another victim of the new reality: people don’t carry cell phones, they carry cameras capable of making calls. So you’d better be sure you’re with friends if you want to play strip poker, strip pool or any of the other variations that young men and women have been playing for a hundred years.

Further Oogling

TMZ.com  – Prince Harry: Naked at Vegas party


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7 responses to “Oh Harry! (What happens in Vegas… gets posted on the Internet)


    Where the hell was his security ( or were they in on it) ?

  2. BFP

    Security was there but tried not to interfere. Pity.

    Prince Harry didn’t do anything different than millions of young warriors have done when on their way to or from war. His uncle Prince Andrew had a little squeeze with soft-porn film star Koo Stark before he headed off to the Falklands War – but there were no cell phones or hidden cameras in those days.

    I give Prince Harry a pass on this and to the low life with the camera, you’ve had your 15 minutes.


  3. judyjudy


  4. Breadfruit

    Time to get rid of the ‘friend’

  5. countryview

    He’s royalty missing the option of “Off with his/her head”

  6. koolnamehesays

    I’m with those who say leave him alone. He didn’t do anything wrong his so-called friend with the camera did.

  7. Annette Baker

    Harry was in the comfort of his hotel room. A man privacy should be respected. My God, just for the sake of a few dollars? Does the person understand that he / she will have to spend the money – and more, gained from the sale of the pictures right away? Ill gotten gain is what it is called. Whoever you are, the same person(s) who paid you the money will inform on you. See you in Court!