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Reader’s Opinion: Time To Ditch the Crown

The Republic of Bimshire

by Brudah-Bim

I have been completely stumped at the fact that well over forty years after her supposed “independence” from the Crown, that Barbados is still in fact a solid member of the British Commonwealth. This has proven to be a huge detriment to the nation’s ability to move forward as it has yet to sufficiently carve out an identity that is very much so distinct and different from that of our former colonizer. Instead, we have opted to stay within the shadows of “Great Britain” often at our own expense.

Bajans would like to believe that they have a ‘symbiotic’ relationship with that of the U.K., and that we are in fact more British than the British themselves. However, during our country’s 40+ year run on the road of ‘independence’ I have been forced to ask myself the question, “At what cost?”

At what cost do we as a tiny island nation aspire to emulate the socioeconomic capacities of our former colonial government without even bothering to strategize how to continue to feed our own population in the next 30-50 years sufficiently and independently? Continue reading


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Barbados Tourism Authority, police need to read this TripAdvisor conversation about The Gap

Tourist Frank James complains about drugs, beggars, harassment – and no police at The Gap

With almost 50 replies in the first few hours a new post about The Gap is gaining momentum at TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, tourist Frank James and his girlfriend recently had some problems while visiting The Gap. While some of the folks chipping in on the discussion think he’s over-reacting, others back him entirely even as they support Barbados as one of their favourite vacation destinations.

Bottom line: Both the BTA and the Royal Barbados Police Force should follow this TripAdvisor thread because (as one of the TripAdvisor Barbados experts points out) the complaints of Mr. James are becoming all too common. There is something going wrong at The Gap.

TripAdvisor: Disappointed with the Gap


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Oh Harry! (What happens in Vegas… gets posted on the Internet)

HRH Prince Harry – All of ‘im

Secretly taken photos of a nude Prince Harry cavorting with a nude woman in Las Vegas seem to be causing more smiles than shock – and that’s true at our house too. “His Royal Highness is in good shape. Cute bum too!” was the first response of Shona just before she poked me in the belly. (hmmm… yes, not as taunt as it used to be, I know dear.)

So far it looks like Harry was unaware that someone was taking his photo, and that probably garners him some sympathy and leeway. If he knew and allowed the photos that would be another matter, but if some friend betrayed his trust and he didn’t notice, that shifts the perspective.

It looks like Prince Harry is another victim of the new reality: people don’t carry cell phones, they carry cameras capable of making calls. So you’d better be sure you’re with friends if you want to play strip poker, strip pool or any of the other variations that young men and women have been playing for a hundred years.

Further Oogling

TMZ.comĀ  – Prince Harry: Naked at Vegas party


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