Ian Bourne: Oprah’s Rihanna interview “PR fluff, a travesty”

As staged as any Broadway production

For what it’s worth, we agree 100% with The Bajan Reporter. Oprah was once a serious journalist who broke important stories. She was once a skilled interviewer who was unafraid to ask ‘difficult’ questions.

It looks like those days are long gone, and gone forever…

“Where did Oprah fall down? Many areas, where to start? Since Oprah herself pointed how TIME listed “RiRi” as one of the 100 most Influential People of the Year, then knowing the Westbury girl is considered a role model  whether she likes it or not, then why did Oprah not ask her about how Nivea cancelled her huge contract?

What was Rihanna’s big idea of sporting C**T on a pendant into a Catholic Church – how could Oprah miss such a thing if she is truly concerned about women’s rights? Even “RiRi” using the same jewellery when taking photos with young fans at their parents’ ire?

If this gal from Westbury is so into God and loves her Grandmother so much, then why accept a lapdance from a midget Dominatrix which could confuse and upset the old lady – you don’t think she’d hear in this day and age of Technology, if the grandmother did not view it herself then she could have been told by a neighbour? Oprah should’ve ALSO asked why Rihanna does these extreme bad things which contrasts with “RiRi’s” Cultural Ambassador status for Barbados?”

From the Bajan Reporter story Rihanna’s So-Called Interview With Oprah – What was NOT there


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23 responses to “Ian Bourne: Oprah’s Rihanna interview “PR fluff, a travesty”

  1. 203

    What a travest of an article

  2. Jrjrjrjr

    Agree wholeheartedly. Rhianna’s behaviour is shocking. The interview was a total scam. When did we last see this dressed demurely ? Shortly before she was pi..ed as a newt in the Med on a luxury yacht where it’s crew even complained about her partying . I’m not fooled

  3. robert ross

    Either you ‘buy’ into her or you don’t. If you do…wonderful. If you don’t….who cares? Maybe Mr Bourne should try burning his asbestos underwear.

  4. We all know ross has a serious hard-on against Bourney especially when folks came to defend Ian, by the way, did he ever answer Bourney’s identification challenge?

    That being said, I made sure to read Ian’s story and watch the video – BFP & Ian were on the ball! It is crap, Rihanna must have offered to buy shares in Oprah’s network or something, maybe they have goods on her with Gayle or they have goods on Steadman (Just why is she ‘engaged’ so long?)…

    The point is, Bourney don’t bullsh*t (which pisses people off), lots more could have been done with the interview and even the travelogue on Barbados was rather patronising! Barbados is Sandy Lane and Westbury Road? If Rihanna is so human and humane why did she not find somewhere similar to stay? Why go on the West Coast to live like a tourist? That is what Bourney left off – Oprah should have asked are you still truly a poor girl or are you a po’ girl living large?

    Maybe she and Oprah were too buzzed on Ri-Ri’s stack of weed?

  5. Totally Ashamed to be called a Bajan

    This was not even Hollywood, Bollywood maybe more like it. How long are “intelligent” people going to allow themselves to be deceived by such chicanery…………Good GIrl (Opra\h Interview) Gone Bad – language and behaviour at Cropover. Are we so blinded because she is a “Bajan” making the top charts in the world that we can’t call a spade a spade? God help us.

  6. Ian Bourne’s article on Oprah’s interview of Young Artist Rihanna presents some blaring reminders of what journalism is by definition versus practice by even the some of the best so-called journalists. Money and the genuine producers of global media control what, when and where communications of so-called newsworthy events take place…and we still give energy to the same artists that disrespect the very fabric of our African, Caribbean and Indigenous cultures….

    Oprah ought to resume being the journalist the world has come to respect her for by balancing her interviews out with upright and positive guests that live and genuinely work positively and beyond the PR fluff herein. There are young women in the western hemisphere and globally that are more worthy to be interviewed by Oprah-that exude more self respect than that presented by the still quite young and obviously marketably immature Young Artist Rihanna-as presented in this recent interview that willfully avoided questions that may have healed the community’s disappointment with this young artists’ behaviors-on and off stage. Young women of NUWOMANRising2LIVEUP, Sekhmet Enterprises, PerAnkh Khamniversity, Sisters Empowering Sisters, UNIA-ACL, All African Youth Movement, Pan African Youth Corps, All African Women’s revolutionary Union, Revolutionary African Women and many many others are denied opportunities to present perspectives, actions and knowledge on Oprah’s shows/networks while artist breeding confusion, contention and disrespectful perspectives of what a young African Caribbean Indigenous woman are to create, reflect and live are plastered all over the media for millions upon millions to see.

    It is time for a more uplifting and real vision, perspective and presentation of our women-especially our young women to, for and by our young women, to be shared with our global community. Right, this is an open statement for Oprah to restore balance in the views, perspectives and caliber of people on he broadcasts even if it is still all about OWN. Let us know when a powerful icon like Oprah is willing, ready and able to invite a roundtable of young women to have the same if not more engaging opportunity to share with her global audience in a manner comparable to the time virtually wasted during this recent interview with Young Artist Rihanna. Who knows maybe young sister Young Artist Rihanna may learn something to shift her behaviors from within for the greatest and highest good while restoring respect of her homeland of Barbados, the Caribbean supporters and beyond. Perhaps a linkage with a young woman who created LIVEUP (Living Inspired as Virtuous Edified United Princesses) Princess AnuMaat Davis Kahina may be a blessed place to commence this next path which is the title of work by Rev. Dr. Ivy Shadiah Ivy Hylton entitled “Journey Into Inner Peace”- one of Princess AnuMaat’s aunties, elder guides, teachers and inspirational caregivers! May Maat be restored and our communities Healed! Shem M Hotep

  7. rastaman

    Oprah should have asked Rihanna about her Illuminati connection.

  8. payel

    Rihanna is now worth more today and is smarter too. This was definitely a PR gimmick and it worked. As Bajans we got to love her and realise that Bajans are not stupid so why should we think that Rihanna is a dumb tart.

  9. countryview

    “Oprah was once a serious journalist who broke important stories.” Update “Oprah is a serious businesswoman who breaks a wheelbarrow carrying her money to the banks”.

  10. Breadfruit

    Nothing dumb about Rihanna at all & I for one don’t think the tears were false at all & I think what she said about Chris Brown was very sensible for one so young, I hope she’s had some counselling to help her deal with this episode of her life.
    So many jealous green eyed Rihanna haters out there, she didn’t ask to be made a role model, it was ‘thrust’ upon her, & she doesn’t want it. People need to divorce themselves from the stage act, & it is an ‘act’ & not the real girl.

  11. St George's Dragon

    I thought the interview was good, albeit that it was a girly/weepy one. Not to my taste but I am guessing that its target audience will have liked it.
    It certainly was not particularly challenging for Rihanna.
    One question I would like Oprah to have asked was why the owners of One Sandy Lane let Rihanna back again after she allegedly trashed the place last time she was there. Or maybe that was a vicious rumour – as was the previous rumour about similar antics at the Barbados Hilton.

  12. D Dawg

    Who removed my comment?

  13. what will they think of next.

    this may be not the place for this comment, but bear with me.
    I noticed a crew of white men putting up police cameras on the south coast. further checking revealed that they are Israelis putting up cameras for the Royal Barbados Police force. There is now a camera outside of Bubbas, Accra beach opposite cheffete, and Worthing Laundermat. These cameras I have discovered are being monitored at the worthing Police station for now by the same Israelis. Also there are now cameras outside the BDF HQ. opposite the Garrison Savannah, and on a pole opposite the carpark by the harbor lights night club which are being monitored from hastings police station. Also some of these cameras have clusters of l.e.d. lights underneath them.

  14. Breadfruit

    St George’s Dragon, I heard the rumour about One Sandy Lane being trashed & asked a friend who ‘knows’ he laughed & said ‘ just got to make a good story’, so just a rumour.
    what will they think of next, not liking your post, WTF is going on here?

  15. Concerned

    I went to all the gossip websites that usually try to tear down and pull apart, but this is the only site that think it was a bad interview.

    etc etc

    As a matter of fact they are all affectionately referring to her as RiRi.

    A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

  16. Nutzs Barley

    It’s good to see that there’s still journalist in the World, especially in Barbados.. No matter what others think or write, the truth about life is always clear for all to see. Yes this whole interview was staged ! clear to see also, that Oprah has stepped onto the stage of ludicrous, even it cost her some creditably.

  17. robert ross

    @ Fumble

    I took my tip from you sunshine. BTW…watch your full stops.

  18. robert ross

    A pendant with the word ‘C..t’ in a Roman Church: was this a camp way of demonstrating devotion to the Blessed Virgin?

    But then we all know that Cliverton – bless him- has a ‘girl-next-door’ fetish and is otherwise an incurable romantic. The diva R would hardly be his cup of tea I think. At least that’s the sense of previous posts on BFP. Nor, frankly, is she mine though for different reasons. But, in any event, there are some who are never happy unless indulging in vapid moralizing ignoring, as they do, the mote in their own eye. Sad really. Good luck to the girl in the spice of her young life….unrestrained by convention as she is. We should all try it. The world might just be a happier place.

  19. ABCDEF


  20. Oh happy day

    @Fumble Stewart

    I long for the day when the likes of you , the likes of bfp and ian bourne disappear off the internet so readers could enjoy a bit of normalcy. You cretins are a pack of low life yo yoes.

  21. Oprah---- The Color Purple

    would Sofie in the Color Purple ever have allowed Rihanna to avoid discussing beatings by men and her behavior on the road?

    The piss and vinegar that helped make Oprah, has turned into sugar water
    and snake oil.

  22. judyjudy