Bajan pastor travels to Alaska, meets internet friend face to face for the first time

Africa, Britain and now Alaska: Pastor Carl Naitram of Grace Bible Church hasn’t been feeling too well lately but sometimes you just have to make yourself overcome, and so he did. Pastor Carl recently flew to Fairbanks, Alaska and for the first time saw Bruce Hamilton in person – a fellow pastor he became friends with on the internet about five years ago. It is a very small world if you allow it to be!

Your feel-good story for a Monday morning: Fairbanks Daily News Miner: Illness creates bond for Fairbanks pastor, Barbados colleague


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8 responses to “Bajan pastor travels to Alaska, meets internet friend face to face for the first time

  1. clicktock

    What a great story. Uplifting and restores me faith in people.

    Thank you bfp.

  2. what will they think of next.

    who foot the bill?

  3. skipperv

    GBC must be doing well .good for them !

  4. just want to know

    As long as you didn’t have to foot the bill as you say WWTTON, does it matter? Do you know the reason for his visit?

  5. what will they think of next.

    now if that was a politician, everyone and his mother would want to know what was the cost. this was probably paid for out of the collection plate but who cares? we only demonise politicians, everyone else can do as they like with other peoples money. it must have taken quite a few sunday morning collection plates going around and tithes to pay for that trip. Senator Chandler would want a detail analysis of spending to take before the Senate if it was a politician. But not this time. Why are we so hypocritical?

  6. Just want to know

    Because a lot of our pastors meet together ever so often to discuss people like you, that mixed The Church with politics. No one forces any one to give their money, but our taxes are taken out even before we are paid. Trust you see the difference

  7. what will they think of next.

    of course you would see the difference.

  8. Great story but I like that now he can empathise with people who suffer depression and not think like he did before that they weren’t “trusting in the Lord” whatever the hell that means. Good for them but I figured this out before reading how he “came down with his illness” these guys think they’re gods, running around doing too much, “planting churches” SMH well glad he’s doing well, and no thanks to the doctors that probably laboured tirelessly with no thanks from either of these shamen…oh well the delusion continues but glad they’re doing well and most likely more humble….