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Brian Andre Kirton makes me feel so guilty! (‘nuther pink gin darlin’ !)

Can the House of Angostura be a sin?

I must be getting older. Here I sit on a Sunday night – supremely content with my life, my wife and my children. Shona fixed me up with a rather zesty pink gin that I suspect is a triple. Not a double, but a triple. (What a terrible thing to do to your man. I must punish you most severely later this evening, my love. 🙂 )

Sip… don’t drink or I’ll be sorry.

Those Trinis… it’s all their fault.

Do I overindulge?

I’m cruising around the web on a Sunday night and about #54 on the list I visit Business is a Lifestyle by our old friend Brian Andre Kirton.

And he’s all incensed about how some folks drink too much… smoke too much herb and generally do what they want because their weakness is near and available. He says The abyss of failure by overindulgence.

I won’t say that Brian is wrong. ‘e’s probably right.

It’s a weakness. A sin. It probably kept me from success or more success.

But… Darlin’… bring me another pink gin.

Ta babe!

Lord knows you’re heading for the big four zero – 40 – but you look gorgeous tonight.

Kids are asleep, right?



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Prime Minister Stuart won’t talk about this Clico issue…

Leroy Parris and good friend Finance Minister Chris Sinckler share champagne

The DLP protect Leroy Parris because they have to… or else!

Had former Prime Minister David Thompson lived to lead the Democratic Labour Party into the coming election, it would have been a very messy fight indeed… because Thompson was Clico’s lawyer when so much wrongdoing happened, and he knew about many contentious activities.

“It gets worse, much worse. Former PM David Thompson was in the thick of it in August 2007, prior to being elected. Thompson’s law firm took 4% of the purchase of CLICO’s new business jet for ‘legal fees’. We told you so, folks. We told you.”

… from BFP’s Former PM David Thompson law firm money-laundered millions from CLICO to Parris: How much came back to Thompson & DLP?

Voters remember that it was David Thompson who during the 2007-2008 election campaign voiced the DLP’s promise to bring integrity to government, and transparency in the government’s dealings in every area. He promised new laws and government rules to stop the abuses. It was David Thompson who held up a campaign cheque for $75,000 that Owen Arthur illegally deposited into his own personal bank account. Arthur stole that money from the BLP election coffers and Thompson proved it to Bajans and the world. (No one asked where Thompson got the cheque – it was, of course, stolen from banking records by a DLP supporter!)

So Thompson and the DLP were elected to provide integrity legislation, freedom of information, conflict of interest rules and to generally clean up what had become a government and civil service rotten to the core with corruption, injustice and nepotism.

PM Thompson Says His Use Of CLICO’s Business Jet Is None Of Your Business

Clico perks were cheap for the DLP, expensive for policyholders

Unfortunately though, it was also David Thompson who (once elected) spent days on end enjoying perks from his friends at CL Financial, including free business jet use. Continue reading


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Bajan pastor travels to Alaska, meets internet friend face to face for the first time

Africa, Britain and now Alaska: Pastor Carl Naitram of Grace Bible Church hasn’t been feeling too well lately but sometimes you just have to make yourself overcome, and so he did. Pastor Carl recently flew to Fairbanks, Alaska and for the first time saw Bruce Hamilton in person – a fellow pastor he became friends with on the internet about five years ago. It is a very small world if you allow it to be!

Your feel-good story for a Monday morning: Fairbanks Daily News Miner: Illness creates bond for Fairbanks pastor, Barbados colleague


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Does Barbados protect foreign investors and buyers of vacation properties?

How many incomplete, delayed and struggling vacation projects line our beaches?

by Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

It must be a very fine line that any responsible Government walks, especially during a period of prolonged financial challenges.

On one hand, they want to encourage, entice and persuade overseas investors to commit to projects that produce employment, wealth creation and meaningful long term value. While at the same time, they equally desire to protect the integrity of the destination, which in our case is often referred to as iconic.

It is almost impossible without having sight of the facts, to ascertain exactly how many hundreds of units of a variety of tourism residences have been ‘sold’ over the last few years, based on computer generated images or artists impressions. Clearly in a multitude of cases, a considerable number of these have yet to be built, let alone, occupied.

Ultimately, of course the latin phrase ‘caveat emptor’ or buyer beware, prevails.


Should ‘we’ as one of the Caribbean pioneers of tourism with a long and relatively successful  history in this sector, not have clearly understandable and transparent legislation in place to protect what could become regular repeat visitors to our shores? Does for instance, the relevant Government Ministry conduct due diligence checks on foreign based companies that submit planning applications for tourism projects, before they are approved?

Is there an insistence that a subsidiary company is legally incorporated in Barbados, and all transactions, whether sales, lease or rental are subject to the laws of this land?

Do ‘we’ ensure that all deposits, pending title completion of the property are held in an escrow account here on Barbados and stipulate the collected funds can only be used to build and market that particular project? (Editor’s note: We all know the answer to that question and it isn’t pretty!) Continue reading


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