Winston Dookeran, former Trinidad Minister of Finance: CLICO funded CL Financial’s disasterous expansion.

PM Thompson promised Freedom of Information laws within 100 days of election. He lied.

David Thompson was CLICO’s lawyer

Leroy Parris and David Thompson: partners in raping Bajan policy holders

Former Minister of Finance, Winston Dookeran, has often shied away from controversy in his long political career. But in an explosive affidavit in response to a lawsuit against the Government’s handling of the Clico affair, brought by his former Cabinet colleague, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, Dookeran makes some astonishing revelations, including:

• It may take a further $21 billion to resolve the Clico issue;
• Why Clico’s assets could not have been sold in 2009 and 2010

From Dookeran’s affidavit…

“CL Financial  is the  parent  company  of  the  Group.  The  Group  includes  companies operating in banking and  financial  services,  manufacturing, trading, retail and distribution, general and life insurance,  medical  services,  forestry  and agriculture, real estate  development, energy  and petrochemicals, marine services  and also in the media and communications sectors. It was the largest privately held conglomerate in Trinidad and Tobago and one of the largest in the Caribbean. In early 2009, the group owned or controlled over 30 companies and numerous additional subsidiaries under many of those companies, located in the Caribbean, the  USA, Europe and the Middle East.

From the information which came to me on assumption of office, it was evident that the group pursued  an objective of international expansion…

These  acquisitions were  largely  funded  by intra-Group lending,  a significant amount  of which came from Clico.”

read more of Dookeran’s affidavit at T&T Guardian: Dookeran comes clean on Clico bailout


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4 responses to “Winston Dookeran, former Trinidad Minister of Finance: CLICO funded CL Financial’s disasterous expansion.

  1. Anonymous

    How do certain people do this crap and yet they get away with it. These people should be in Prison.
    I take my hat off to Dame Eugenia Charles, the only Politician with guts.

  2. Blackman, T.

    DLP are lucky that Thompson died. His corruption with Leroy Parris would have killed their chances for election after the Clico collapse. As it is the DLP will have a difficult time getting reelected but it would have been impossible with Thompson still the PM.


    The can get away for short time, The Police , DPP, and Judges on the payroll, and the crooks have the Keys to the jail , like C O Williams and Sir crook lawyer Johnny
    VOTE them out and then we can lock them up.
    VOTE IN DE show we have laws that work ,and jail doors that can be locked F. O. I ACT

  4. D Dawg

    Deadvid teef and dead.