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Barbados continues to illegally imprison Raul Garcia

Unless the rule of law means nothing in this country, Raul Garcia should be immediately freed under the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons.

That’s the law and a 2009 Supreme Court judgment backs it up.

Instead of obeying the law though, we have the sad spectacle of the Prime Minister of Barbados lying to the public and the unjustly imprisoned man – telling Garcia 186 days ago that he would soon be transferred from the Dodds Prison punishment facility.

PM Stuart lied to Mr. Garcia and he lied to Bajans.

The government and our Prime Minister continue to ignore Mr. Garcia’s frustrated lawyer, Attorney David Comissiong, who is forced to relay messages to the government through the newspapers.

This isn’t just about Raul Garcia: it’s about Rule of Law, and the fact that successive Barbados governments just do whatever they want to – the law be damned.

There are enough examples of that in our history. Garcia is just the latest.

Readers are asked to visit the Nation website to read Garcia Option, but we have to print the entire story here because of the Nation’s habit of deleting news stories to suit various agendas…

Garcia option

THE ATTORNEY for Cuban Raul Garcia has recommended to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart that the stateless prisoner be allowed to stay with Bajans who have volunteered to take him in, rather than house him on taxpayer dollars. Continue reading


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Winston Dookeran, former Trinidad Minister of Finance: CLICO funded CL Financial’s disasterous expansion.

PM Thompson promised Freedom of Information laws within 100 days of election. He lied.

David Thompson was CLICO’s lawyer

Leroy Parris and David Thompson: partners in raping Bajan policy holders

Former Minister of Finance, Winston Dookeran, has often shied away from controversy in his long political career. But in an explosive affidavit in response to a lawsuit against the Government’s handling of the Clico affair, brought by his former Cabinet colleague, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, Dookeran makes some astonishing revelations, including:

• It may take a further $21 billion to resolve the Clico issue;
• Why Clico’s assets could not have been sold in 2009 and 2010

From Dookeran’s affidavit… Continue reading


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