Charges against CZMU Director politically motivated by election, ongoing Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary litigation?

Why now? Why not charge Brewster years ago?

Brewster did nothing different than many government officials!

Barbados Today is reporting ‘insiders’ say that six charges are pending against CZMU Director Dr. Leo Brewster, but this is years after Brewster’s corrupt activities came to light. Why charges now? Why not a year or two ago?

The circumstances under which Dr. Leo Brewster was recently placed on leave from his position as Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit are perhaps more complex than one would think.

There is an election on the way and as people on this rock know – a nearby election usually means some public actions designed to show that the government is in control and doing the right thing. Yup, election time is always a busy time ’bout this place. Investigations and charges can fade away later (like Hardwood Housing and so many others – Remember Owen Arthur stealing a political donation cheque? Remember Liz Thompson’s husband?) but it’s important to show some action at election time!

Brewster a BLP Government appointee

You also have to consider that Dr. Brewster was an Owen Arthur BLP government appointee and that the corruption took place under the Barbados Labour Party government. That makes it nice and convenient for the DLP to push for charges.

There is also an ongoing international lawsuit against the government of Barbados brought by the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – that might have something to do with CZMU work subcontracted to Brewster’s private company.

If any of our readers can provide an update on that Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary law suit we’d appreciate it.

Back in February of 2010 we first told our readers about the Dr. Brewster’s corruption…

“…Brewster and a fellow government employee start a company and Brewster awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in ‘work’ to his own company. Not satisfied with this, he has the government purchase equipment for his company to use. The equipment cannot be found in government inventory.

Nothing like having the government equip your business – keeps those start-up costs down. Slick!

This goes on for almost four years during which time Brewster’s company also collects VAT and fails to remit the tax to government. Yup, they collected the tax from the government agency and failed to remit back to government. So it wasn’t just a loss of collected tax revenues, it was an actual theft OF government funds…”

from BFP’s Shameful but Legal: Corruption by Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit Director Leo Brewster

Over two and a half years ago we predicted that Brewster would retain his position and that the corruption story and push for integrity legislation would fade from the news and the government’s attention until the next election. We said…

“Not until we get closer to the next election. Gotta get that last bit ‘o juice before the game changes.”

It looks like we called that one correctly.

We also predicted that Brewster would not face charges. So far we’re correct about that, but even if charges are laid we wouldn’t bet on his being convicted… it just isn’t done on the rock.

Can anyone name any Barbados public official who has been even charged for corruption offenses in the last ten years? It just doesn’t happen ’bout hey!

We predict that any charges against Brewster will be dropped eventually.

Like any Bajan government official, Brewster made his little notes along the way, saw this, saw that – wrote it down. Dangerous to have such notes, more dangerous to even mention them – but foolish not to make them in the first place. Just check out what happens when a corrupt police officer is charged with taking bribes. We even knew the exact amount of bribes Sgt. Vaughan received, but his friend the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, withdrew the bribery charges with no public explanation.

That’s the way things work ‘pon de rock – and that’s the way things will continue to work until we have Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation… and a culture shift.


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16 responses to “Charges against CZMU Director politically motivated by election, ongoing Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary litigation?

  1. Punishing BFP with laughter

    LOL Awww shut up already BFP you regularly bring on outlandish conspiracy theories particularly related to your holy grail Graeme Hall. Leo Brewster is correctly accused he will have his day in court to prove his innocence or otherwise. The Auditor General reports unveiled possible infractions against him sometime ago. The process is open and transparent.

    Barbados is a land that respects the law and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. You bfp should get into spy novels like Ian Flemming you have weird paranoia senses clearly the reasons why your blog is failing miserably lol.

  2. what will they think of next.
  3. Green Monkey


    The naive and uninformed (of which they are plenty) will not find this troubling. There are probably plenty who will go, “Check this out, Honey. Isn’t it fantastic? They can take a picture of my face with a hidden camera and match it to my credit card number without even having to ask me anything at all. Wow, computers are so powerful these days. isn’t it great to live in a time like this with all these modern conveniences?”

    Consider that the 2012 Olympics organizers thought it was appropriate to have for games’ mascots two bizarre looking characters with an all seeing eye that “records everything” in place of a face, one of them even coming in a version dressed in a policeman’s uniform. That should tell us something, and I absolutely believe it was meant to do just that (see Predictive Programing below), but it apparently didn’t really cause any significant “WTF?” moments in the general population of serfs and vassals.

    Predictive programming:
    Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as ‘natural progressions’; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion. Predictive programming therefore may be considered as a veiled form of preemptive mass manipulation or mind control.

    See the video here:

  4. Lock them up

    This is a crazy blog when u can see wrong doing and you comparin? Wrong is wrong if you get caught then deal with it. It is good when people waste misuse and abuse governmental agency power be held accountable. Isn’t it our money and thereby increase taxes that is cause by such nonsense?

  5. Lil sister

    I understand exactly where BFP is coming from. Not a single person charged with corruption offences in two decades and just as they predicted it’s election time so we have a sacrificial lamb. He’s probably guilty but he’s being treated differently. Conspiracy theory at Graeme Hall? The way I read it the CZMU director gave himself the Graeme Hall contract and never completed the work satisfactorily. There is a lawsuit against the government, so that seems to fit.

    No charges yet against the CZMU director, only rumoured. Let’s see what happens.

  6. what will they think of next.

    I dont think you people really know what it is that you want!

  7. yatiniteasy

    I see in Todays Nation the wonderful news that the Manager of the BWA and its Chairman,were involved in purchases(and prepayments)for close to 1 MILLION $US, to various suppliers in the US, for items that were never received! This seems to be teefing on a grand scale. Will it be further investigated? Will anyone be arrested, charged with theft? Will the names of the so called suppliers ever be revealed, so that a paper trail can be followed?Will anyone be fired? Bloody Banana Republic we have become.

  8. Interested

    A deep driiling investigation into the shenanigans of the vaunted private sector would be interesting.
    Unlike USA which relishes going after the crooks the frauds and swindlers in the private sector our country’s white collar crime law enforcers target the public sector.

  9. Nostradamus

    “……our white collar crime law enforcers target the public sector.”

    Really? Give us some examples of public secor officials that have been prosecuted.

    “Unlike USA which relishes going after the crooks the frauds and swindlers in the private sector ”

    Agree with you there. Just look at CLICO.

    Know what the common denominator is in private and pulic sector? Connections and donations to political parties coffers. Thinks about how much CLICO would have donated to both BLP and DLP.

  10. Lik 'em down!

    BFP’s point is valid: Barbados has never charged or convicted any public official with corruption-type activity. If Brewster is charged that will be a first. If he is convicted that will be a first.

    The timing stinks of politics whether or not the charges are deserved. The fact that he will be the first ever charged stinks of politics. Why wasn’t Owen Arthur charged for depositing $75,000 in campaign donations into his personal bank account? Why wasn’t Liz Thompson fired over her husband being awarded a government construction contract with no tender? Why wasn’t anyone fired over the awarding of a government construction contract to Al Barrack with no tender?

    Some of the commenters are focusing on Brewster without seeing the story in context of the larger story. BFP is correct in thinking that this Brewster story has politics written all over it.

  11. Lik 'em down!

    Another thing: The connection between the CZMU Director’s corruption and the failure to perform at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is established. There is a lawsuit in play, so Brewster’s corruption becomes important to that lawsuit. Charging him would impact the lawsuit. That makes another layer of politics possible in the story.

  12. yatiniteasy

    Was a tender put out for the massive new BWA headquarters at Wildey, or did Innotech just get this contract because they are so good, or so cheap?
    Does anyone know what this “much needed” project will cost us taxpayers?
    Is this the same BWA that spent close to a million US dollars on supplies from the US that have never been received.(according to the recent Audit)

  13. what will they think of next.

    It may interest you to know that all people at the top of ministries are all BLP operatives.

  14. QC

    yatiniteasy……INNOTECH… is not just BWA at Wildey??!!!!…..Innotech Services Ltd St Lucian owned……a tax dodge….have had virtually EVERY job in construction going from the DLP…. reputable construction companies dont even bother to bid / tender because no matter what, the contract is going to INNOTECH!!!…………just look at them ALL…… all!!!!……….UWI….SIR WHO????!!!!……AH…A DIRECTOR OF CLICO!!!


    how it works is that the DLP give Innotech the work; INNOTECH build in TO THE CONTRACT a few million $$$$$$$$$$ for the DEMS or for the individuals they pay in order to get the contracts; the money goes offshore, with Exchange Control Central Bank quietly watching……giving the “”NOD”” !!!;…..offshore in St Lucia a portion of the money is laundered…( what Leslie Haynes Q.C. would refer to as “”an infelicity”” )…..then it goes to the corrupt politicians who STEAL from their fellow Barbadians…….then they SPREAD THE GREASE AROUND TO BUY SILENCE……..AND WE VOTE THESE EXCREMENT IN TO POWER!!…..why??we like it that way???… other reason?

  15. rastaman

    @QC: You seem to have inside info.Please tell us more


    Punishing BFP with laughter@ what law are you talking about ?, You have be a lawyer or a married to one to say this ,

    Plantation deeds will love to see the DEED for Graeme Hall

    QC @ on point , the sweet smell of Fruad