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Charges against CZMU Director politically motivated by election, ongoing Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary litigation?

Why now? Why not charge Brewster years ago?

Brewster did nothing different than many government officials!

Barbados Today is reporting ‘insiders’ say that six charges are pending against CZMU Director Dr. Leo Brewster, but this is years after Brewster’s corrupt activities came to light. Why charges now? Why not a year or two ago?

The circumstances under which Dr. Leo Brewster was recently placed on leave from his position as Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit are perhaps more complex than one would think.

There is an election on the way and as people on this rock know – a nearby election usually means some public actions designed to show that the government is in control and doing the right thing. Yup, election time is always a busy time ’bout this place. Investigations and charges can fade away later (like Hardwood Housing and so many others – Remember Owen Arthur stealing a political donation cheque? Remember Liz Thompson’s husband?) but it’s important to show some action at election time!

Brewster a BLP Government appointee

You also have to consider that Dr. Brewster was an Owen Arthur BLP government appointee and that the corruption took place under the Barbados Labour Party government. That makes it nice and convenient for the DLP to push for charges.

There is also an ongoing international lawsuit against the government of Barbados brought by the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – that might have something to do with CZMU work subcontracted to Brewster’s private company. Continue reading


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