Grand Kadooment child-sex scandal: What about the children who watched and the adults who let it happen?

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Grand Kadooment – Definition

The climax of the Barbados Crop Over festival is known as Kadooment Day. Kadooment is celebrated with a national holiday when costume bands fill the streets with pulsating Barbadian rhythms.

For many years, a part of the parade has included many revelers engaging in simulated sex acts to the cheers of onlookers, which include children of all ages. In 2011, famed Barbadian singer Rihanna was videoed having simulated sex in public with another woman during the festivities while young people looked on.

2012 Grand Kadooment: Simulated adult-child sex on street

Community discussion about the lurid dancing styles that had been growing for several years peaked after the 2012 parade when widely published photographs showed a young boy of about 6 years old being encouraged by a crowd of adults to simulate sex with an adult woman.

The photographs also show dozens of other adults taking photos of the woman and child simulating a sex act, and other children watching. No one acted to stop the event at the time, which can accurately be classed as child abuse and simulated child-adult sex in public.

The Barbados Child Care Board and the police announced their intentions to identify the young boy and the two directly involved adults, but larger questions remain…

1/ The photos show dozens of other adults taking photos, laughing and encouraging the simulated child sex show. It is also apparent that many of the adults in the photos could be identified with limited efforts.

2/ At least seven other children are visible in the most widely-distributed photo. Their welfare is no less important than the young boy pushed into simulated public sex. Although not engaged directly in simulated sex, they were obviously provided education that this event was acceptable behaviour in public.

Barbadians might now want to ask themselves: Is this the Barbados we want? Is this the image of Barbados that we want the world to identify with our culture and our country?

If you recognize any of the people in the photos, call the Royal Barbados Police Force

Involved female adult


Adult male

Two adults were closely involved with the performance, but in my view those adults who stood by, laughed and cheered are entirely as guilty as the two main culprits. Those adults who were with the seven or more child spectators and who failed to remove the children from this spectacle are also guilty.

What Barbados authorities do, and how the community reacts, will be the real test for Barbados. If nothing is done or only minimal efforts are made to both catch the guilty persons and to prevent a re-occurrence, the world will notice. Barbados has already been the subject of international criticism for our less than adequate laws and response to human trafficking and child sex abuse.

And one more thing: Members of the Bajan racial majority have always complained about racial stereotyping, and with good cause. But in this situation, an inadequate response by the community and the authorities will play right into the hands of the racists. We can do nothing and confirm the racial stereotype, or we can respond with the outrage and the sanctions that will counter the stereotype and those who want to see an independent Barbados fail.

The cheering crowd!

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23 responses to “Grand Kadooment child-sex scandal: What about the children who watched and the adults who let it happen?

  1. judyjudy


  2. BFP

    Dear Judy Judy,

    We blacked out the young person because we don’t believe that the uncensored images should be shown, yet there is a compelling public interest to show the extent of the behavior. We believe that our blacked out image satisfies the law and public sensibilities and still serves to bring this issue before our readers.


  3. big 'un

    Good for you BFP. Good decision to black out the child unlike Barbados Underground who printed the disgusting photo as it is.

    You struck a middle ground that is sensitive to the law and fulfills your duty to alert and cause discussion in the community. Good work!

  4. 11

    Isn’t there enough for children to deal with in this world? These people disgust me. So sad.

  5. 156

    Did the Press have any right to publish this Photo in the first place, maybe they are the first to be sued.

  6. GlenWick

    Why are we so surprised. Didn’t you think that eventually Crop Over would have descended to this. A people without vision shall surely perish. We should have seen it. No amount of Walk Holy Bands will stop it. These so called christians are wasting their time; instead of being set apart they are joining it. Now the wicked have license to do what they like because it it is being oked by the “holy” people through participation. Crop Over is a SEX festival point blank. It always was and will always be.

  7. Green Monkey

    I wonder how many rums them people had in, adult participants and spectators both.

    How Alcohol Affects the Body

    Alcohol is ingested, travels to the stomach, and is absorbed into the body’s blood stream. From there it travels to tissue throughout the body. Alcohol begins to affect the brain in even small doses. Drinking can lead to slurred speech and loss of mobility. According to the University of Florida Counseling Center, alcohol also causes a decline in good judgment, loosening of inhibitions and decrease in self control.

  8. 66

    The two adults involved in the act should be sentenced for child pornography. There’s a need to bring rules and regulation to such indecent behavior.

  9. Canadian Tourist

    Okay, lemme see…. Same sex acts between consenting adults in private are illegal in Barbados, while this is acceptable by the community? Way to go Barbados. You’re beginning to look like Alabama….

  10. 11

    Way to go canada!!!!!!!!

  11. 209

    It will not get better until Barbadians wake up and really see what its going on around them. The crowd is just a spin off from the parents that sit or stand and watch their children grow into what we are seeing in the photo. How many times have you heard and see children behaving in ways that are unseemly and the parents and adults laugh and say: “Ya hear who’ he/she seh?”. It is fun for them.

    Yes, the adults in the picture must be called into question. They are the ones who go to the schools and try to insult and beat up the teachers; they are the ones who roll, smoke illegal herb, curse and drink alcohol in the presence of the children; they and many more like them are the ones who are in spiritual darkness and see life as all that is before their physical eyes each day; they are the ones who are not making the connection between the moral deterioration of our people and the increase in non-nationals who come in, get the big jobs via their spirituality (obeah) and in two-two’s, build their houses and look to built one or two more while we stand around and after 34 years in the Civil Service, still wonder what really happened that we do not have savings in the bank, are up to our hairlines in debt, with another ten years to go before retirement, while the boss is on your ass to tell you that you have outgrown the department.

    Yes, all of these connections we are unable to make because the revelry and disrespect for our adults of tomorrow are all that satisfies the minds of such persons. The non-nationals are going to give us a big ghastly awakening!!!

    Do try to find out why I am talking about non-nationals. Try to make your own connections to these types of side attractions. Many of us Barbadians have much darkness within us and what hurts most is that they are unable to see that anything is wrong with the way they live from day to day.

  12. Solar Canon

    What is scary about this photo besides the issue of the minor, it is that the girl/lady (if you can call her by either of those terms) seems to think there is something impressive about adopting female dog mating position on a public road in fromt of hundreds of people.

    I often think that the young women in our society believe that they are nothing more than femal dogs in heat.


  13. Ivan Taylor

    What is scary about this photo it’s reality, and more and more it is becoming evident that “the cultural aspect” of crop over has deteriorated to this mine field. The pictures posted in our media over the past few weeks since June have focused on gyrating bodies and greasy food and music that after one year in the making is released with 10 or less lyrics. Why are we shocked it is the beginning of the end.

  14. passingthrough south

    bajans need to be serious.. for yrs wuk up is d culture and now since a picture come out it is a crime. what about all the years the kids did getting on vulgur in junior kadooment, for yrs the parents taking the kids down spring garden to watch women in skimpy costumes.. then it was nothing. parents stripping infront their kids, fathers and mothers walking bout infront of kids naked throughout a house and nothing is said just that it is d way we grow up… all of that thing with a childs mind as well and has long lasting consequences but noo now thou realise d morals going down

  15. Lil sister

    There has been lots worse than this happen in public at Kadooment.

    Nothing but a big sex-fest in the last 5 years. Drink, drugs, sex. Only 10,000 come out anyway. How much of a tourist draw is this now anyway?

  16. victor

    What a great invitation for tourists to come to Barbados, enjoy our wonderful Crop Over! Watch children perform sex acts with adults! Guess what kind of tourists will rush to here to watch a child having sex in public with two adults, cheered on by watching locals. We know Barbados has one of the highest rates of child Aids in the world. Guess how? Yes, alcohol fuels this madness but no matter how drunk you may be, unless this kind of sexual behaviour was normal in your society such a scene would not happen in public, let alone in private.

    The fact is, it is “normal” in Barbados for adults to have sex with children, often uncles, dads or grandfathers feel free to abuse their progeny even at ages of 3 or 4. Any day you can see girls of school age pregnant or carrying a newborn on the bus. This is so out of line. Barbados needs a huge wake-up call on this issue of incest and child abuse. Let’s send the pictures global on social networks. That might make Bajans look in the mirror, see how it affects their precious tourist industry and jobs. Shame.

  17. That is fast: ‘We becoming culture. ‘ Soon the artist will portray it for all time on their easels, just as it had been spread by digital photography,… All Over The World. What shame is upon us !!!

  18. countryview

    BWA is another example of the crime gang civil service culture that has been successfully preying upon Barbadian society in a BIG way for the last 25 years…they operate with impunity because they KNOW nobody will successfully prosecute them…they CANNOT be imprisoned…they are invulnerable. Live with that!

  19. Jay

    Interesting wukin-up they say is our culture, the excuse for the vulgar behaviour every year, can you get vex when children practice our culture.

    Is it not child-abuse when people wuk-up for children to see at Kadooment?

  20. clockoclay

    This little island once boasted of having the highest literacy rate ,well we are now down to maybe a 1/4 of that..
    There goes a bunch of illiterate people standing around watching that sort of behaviour.

    I agree with two posts here (glen wick and 2009); these are the people who smoke up and give their children a puff, these are the ones who go to the schools to beat up teachers who try to put their children on the right path.

    As for the christian bands they are no different from the other revellers, the only difference is their music.

    I for one do not support CRAP (crop) over because it promotes so much VULGARITY and all sorts of people stand around and watch and cheer on that behaviour; women half naked performing all sorts of lewd acts and that includes , some so called decent ones at dat,
    Again I have to defend Rihanna, she grew up in this time, this is what she saw as a child, this is the society in which she was born… d wuk up culture.

    The man and woman in this picture should be thrown into prison..
    Therein lies the problems which we have with the children,,, it is the adults , the so called mothers and fathers they are the problem.
    it has been my opinion for a very long time that there is a need for a prison for parents, They need to be taught what it is to be a parent.
    Make Glendairy a prison for parents such as the man and woman in the picture.I am sure they are parents .

  21. Breadfruit

    Talking to someone today who watching Kadooment said he saw a women ‘wuk up’ on two boys about 10-11 years old, he said one boy was frozen to the spot. Re Rhianna, you should watch the interview she did with Oprah, very interesting .

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  23. 26

    I recently suggested that two married couples visit Barbados this year ton their two week holiday. This deeply mortifying occurrence has made be regret ever doing so. You can be certain that I will never be doing this again!

    In any other civilized nation, this would have been followed up ON THE SPOT to the fullest extent of the law. Where were the police officers that should have been called in immediately? What does this say about the pro-activeness of Child Protection Services in this country?

    I might even be a little less harsh if this was a one off occurrence, but sady this is not. For years, after every Kadooment festival, the same debate has been had time and time again. Yet, here we are again doing the same damn thing yet again.

    The Culture of a group is defined by what that group does over an extended period of time. Sadly for you, Barbados, this is now your culture. It is for this reason that I am deeply ashamed to call myself a Barbadian at this point. We have a whole ‘lotta undoing to do right now.