DLP official website pumps up independent candidate Taan Abed

Updated August 18, 2012: On the eve of the party’s annual conference the DLP website hauled down its recommendation of Taan Abed. Had to happen – we were surprised it took this long.

I wonder how many members will be missing from Christ Church West? It must be noticeable at the conference.

BFP’s original story published August 15, 2012…

Will the DLP leave up their recommendation and laudatory comments about Taan Abed?

Former DLP Democratic Labour Party stalwart and 2008 candidate Taan Abed quit the party in disgust when the national executive overturned the vote that saw him reelected as the DLP candidate in Christ Church West. Abed didn’t just win: he slaughtered his competition Verla DePeiza 86 votes to 5. But the national executive spit on the outcome.

So much for DLP democracy!

Then last week Mr. Abed dropped the other shoe and declared he will stand as an Independent candidate in Christ Church West – running against the DLP’s anointed lawyer DePeiza. About 80% of the local riding association (including some big names from the executive) quit the DLP and are openly supporting Abed. As an Independent candidate Abed lacks for nothing with lots of donated money and a committed team backing him.

It gets even better than that, as one of BFP’s readers opined:

“Taan Abed is the ideal candidate at the ideal time in the ideal place: Christ Church West has no incumbent. The DLP are finished as a government and nobody wants the BLP back in. Where there is a serious independent candidate (as opposed to a fringe or hobby candidate) the voters will respond.”

… comment left by ‘Slowhand’ on Taan Abed declares Independent candidate Christ Church West

DLP website still loves Abed!

What will the DLP do with their website that still features Taan Abed as the ideal candidate for Christ Church West? Will they remove just his page? Will they try to cover it up by removing all the 2008 candidates from their website?

We fully expect that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will deal with the matter the moment after he reads this post. Hey… after all, it’s not like Stuart is doing anything important to occupy his time!

Here’s what the DLP website has to say about Taan Abed…

Taan Abed (2008 Candidate on the DLP website) August 15, 2012

Taan Abed is a “Bajan”.  He has been a bona fide citizen of Barbados for 31 years and has lived in the constituency all these years. He fervently believes that the benefits of progress in this country should be shared by all, regardless of origin or class.  He is very concerned about disparities in his Christ Church West constituency, such as the high cost of living, the high prices of land and housing.  He also sees lifestyle diseases as major problems confronting his constituents.  These things prompted him to enter politics under the DLP banner in an effort to bring about a more equitable and healthy society.  He intends pursuing this goal with his usual tenacity.

Taan is an Honours graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Mamarita College and has studied Information Technology at the Barbados Community College.  He is now the Managing Director of New Way Auto Repairs and other businesses, which have provided jobs for countless Barbadians.  He has also helped many Barbadians to get their businesses off the ground, and has provided needed assistance to the “average man in the street”.

Taan is a devout Christian, a humble approachable and community-minded individual, a sponsor of several sports, cultural and community activities across the island.  He has chosen the development of young people through sports, training and progressive employment as one of his social priorities.

Taan brings to the political arena a spirit of enterprise, a sense of purpose, a business culture and a profound respect for human rights.

Taan is married to Lorraine (nee Moses) and is the father of three children – one girl and two boys.


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4 responses to “DLP official website pumps up independent candidate Taan Abed


    When Mr Abed start to talk what he see and now know about the Massive Fraud both the BLP and the DLP do , did and still doing , Both parties might speak against Mr Abed for telling the Truth.

    Nothing in Barbados can be fixed with lies ask Madoff and Stanford .

  2. Former DLP supporter

    I can’t get to the DLP website (dlpbarbados.org) It looks like they took it down to fix it? Goodbye to Taan Abed’s webpage there! LOL!

  3. Hollow feeling DLP

    Bling bling!

    The hollow DLP conference on the weekend was not a feel good place. You could feel the tension and doubt. The DLP know they will not be the government much longer.

  4. 189

    Good , this is why other free person need to run . Run for a seat 27 more needed to have a full f3rd party ,,