DLP – BLP legacy? “Twenty years ago we had everything going for us and we blew it.”

Graeme Hall Watershed: DLP government voted to develop the last green space between airport and the city

After we’ve sold all the land, what’s left?

by Peltdownman

Look, it’s like this. Over the past 15 years, Barbados’ so-called prosperity has been based solely on our selling of land to foreigners, and looking after other people’s money.

Barbados is a “do-nothing” country. The level of inertia in both government and the public service is staggering. The country is dominated by party politics, which itself has nothing to do with the betterment of ordinary citizens, but is based on who can pocket the most out of what is available. The list of matters on which no action has been taken by either party when in government is endless, and it cannot only be put down to indolence. It has to be because vested interests are at stake. I would be happy for someone to give me another explanation.

“PRIME MINISTER OWEN ARTHUR last night defended the sale of Barbadian land to foreign investors, saying the country had to be able to pay its bills.”

… from the September 28, 2006 Nation News article Paying by Land

Twenty years ago we had everything going for us and we blew it. Of course more emphasis on manufacturing and agriculture would have helped stave off some of the problems that we have now. But it was too easy to sell land, especially on the beach, and comments from visitors who claim that they will not come back often refer to the lack of sea views. Hindsight can be 20/20, but with so little agricultural land left (check the Google Earth picture of Barbados), the way forward will be very difficult. Hi-tech manufacturing is a great idea, but our educational system is not geared to man it, and we need venture capitalists and a legal system than can accommodate these industries quickly. It will never happen.

It’s over for the way of life that we have become accustomed to. Live with it.

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15 responses to “DLP – BLP legacy? “Twenty years ago we had everything going for us and we blew it.”


    Now you all will know why and see , the heading alone helps , Look what happen after Beatrice Henry died , Dec13th 1985. After passing her Plantation deeds to Violet Beckles .
    Ask Sir Richard L Cheltenham ,phd and C.O. Williams
    BFP do your home work and stop flagging Me for Moderation

  2. 189

    Well Barbados you all have questions but dont seem to like that answers. All things can be checked out .The police FRAUD SQUAD saw and did nothing after David and Violet Died.

    Violet Beckles died Aug 23rd 2010
    PM David Thompson died Oct 23rd 2010
    At the same time all police action stop with out reporting the FINDINGS

  3. BFP


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    26 Responses to Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.
    This is were it happened.I took a picture with my Kodat .
    Thank you We still having Fun, Records We keep for things come in to question when said.

  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Successive governments in Barbados have promoted an individualistic prospering programme to which politicians have prospered. So selling the land to pay the bills is one thing but selling it and getting huge returns with a percentage going into the pockets of the benefactors is not prosperous for Barbados but individual Barbadians

  6. Melon K BBY

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The worst is when farmers tried to have land approvals changed and were refused. Then they get a visit from some lawyer friend of the PM or some Minister with an offer to purchase. Desperate, and knowing that they are beaten, the farmer sells. Before the new owner walks on the property the approvals are given, the land is flipped to a developer for millions more profit.

    That is how it works here on the rock. Elected office is a ticket to riches through land sales. That is how Prime Minister Owen Arthur could give $150,000 US dollars to a cricket charity. THIEF!

  7. Melon K BBY

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    It is not just a ‘percentage’ going into the pockets of politicians. It is big money huge profits. Millions and millions over what the land was worth as agricultural zoning.

  8. Lobsterboy

    The rot started under the DLP, but the BLP under Owen Arthur reached new heights. Most of the country was raped by the time that the Thompson DLP gained office, but that didn’t stop them!

    Only bones left today.

    My advice to young Bajans: get the hell out while you can. Do anything to get to the USA or Canada. Work at any job. Take any menial position just get the hell off the island if you want you and your family to progress.


    The land that everyone was selling have an Owner and still have an Owner even today. When you look for the deeds, and then search you will see there is nothing behind the deed history but crook lawyers, crook bankers, crook at town and country , crook at land tax , crook at UDC, crook AG office,crook at Inland Rev.crook at MOH. crook
    CJ Simmons, Crook at PM and his Ministers , crook at NHC, crook at UWI,crook at the Archives, and the crooks at the Police protect ,crooks at BWA they put things in place .. Let not for get the credit Unions .
    So now the BLP and the took turns selling land that neither , or either owned . build on land and paid no taxes and took off with the rents .
    Wake Up Barbados We telling the truth.If you match the names to each office held same sounding Names of the same Family?

  10. Barbados no more

    @Plantation deeds

    I am sure you are right and have a point but it really is getting heavy, you constant ranting..point made now calm down

  11. Joe

    No, it’s true. You guys blew it! The future for Barbados is to serve the interest of other people whether that’s looking after “their” land, “their” investments, “their” enjoyment while vacationing. Here’s why you blew it, you sold land in-perpetuity rather than lease-hold for a stated time. In Hawaii, USA you can only buy land and hold a deed to that land for a stated period of time, eg, 40, 50 or 99 years. When your lease-hold deed expires the property returns to the State. Crazy little BARBADOS sold away their bits of land forever and all time. THAT WAS C R A Z Y!!!!! The gig is up. You lost.


    Barbados no more@ A rant? I f you know or understand or think , then you say different. Its the key to all things on the ground, Much talk is given to may things that other want to look over,Most never heard of this and its new to many, I have to drive the point home for this will save this Island, To have top crooks and lawyers doing as they please even to you if you come or live here . If you get it then others may not as yet who is new to the site. All need to be warned keep your money for land or building not for sale , We who own the deeds have nothing to sell ,Barbados to small to give away and never can be bought back by Bajans.

    NO title companies in Barbados nor Title insurance buy at your own RISK for lawyers and bankers will take your money and then the courts take forever .A banker told me yesterday no one going to jail and he walked away.Now he have to know what he doing and who he have books and files on. If you all think it stop at Madoff and EX Sir Allen Stanford think again.

    I not sure i am right ??,,I Know I am Right in all is say, licks waiting for your hard earned money you worked for overseas to be stolen , Bring it and see for your self,

  13. 191

    The Barbados government can’t even run an embassy in London without contradictions and controversy. When you call the embassy for advice the person on the telephone sound condescending, unhelpful and rude. When you actually go I to the embassy you are met with the same unhelpful less. I had forms and photographs thrown back at me by someone who should be working in a fish market.

    I thought an embassey was there to assist barbarians abroad, and potensial visitors to the island. If Barbados is not marketing the island, how does the government expect ex pats and visitors to invest in the island.

    Barbarians at home and those working on foreign missions need to understand that a lot of us living in the UK and overseas spend a lot of our money in the island. They need to be friendly and supportive, and encourage visitors from other countries, Ethiopia, Africa, arabia and suck like. They need training in customer relations and culture.

    Crop over should not be the only thing they know.

  14. 37

    All those hotels and business provide more jobs and better pay than farms. We will always benefit more from these business than agriculture

  15. Peltdownman

    We sold the land, and the purchasers didn’t build hotels, nor set up businesses, they built private houses and condos, most of which lie empty for most of the year. The jobs they create? Housekeeprs and gardeners. Do you think that they are paid better than farmers? Land sold for construction is a one-time loss to the country, never to be recovered. Land kept in agriculture produces over and over again, and keeps people employed throughout the year, and it reduces our dependence on imported food. As energy prices rise continually in the future, do you know how valuable it will be to be able to grow our own food? Time for you to take a reality check!