Can Barbados invent a better toilet?

Suckwells, well, suck!

Billy and Melinda Gates are doing something truly wonderful with all that Windows95 money you sent them: they are trying to find a better way to dispose of your poop.

Barbados should really really really be into this challenge. After all, this small island doesn’t have much of a buffer between you sitting on the toilet and the drinking water that comes out of your kitchen faucet.

If that sounds yucky, it’s only because it’s closer to the truth than we like to be reminded of.

Watch the video, then stop by Bill’s personal blog and take a look.

Bill Gates: Inventing a Toilet for the 21st Century


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3 responses to “Can Barbados invent a better toilet?

  1. Make a new plan, Sam!

    This is an area where Barbados has much to gain. We are water-scarce. We have sewerage problems. Some of our beaches (the whole reason for our tourism) have sewerage problems directly connected with suckwells. This push to find a new way of disposing of human waste should be a priority for Barbados.

  2. Cliptech

    With all our technology it is astounding that our method of disposing of poop has progressed only a step or two from digging a hole like cavemen. We put men on the moon over forty years ago, we have computers in every home. The engines in our cars are marvels with metallurgy and engineering tolerances undreamed of only twenty years ago, but we still channel our poop untreated into the ground where we take our drinking water from.

    Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. We blew it.

  3. 189

    What will it take to flush the DLP and BLP?
    Now thats a lot of POOP