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Sound the Alarms: A call for Bajans to reclaim our nation & our industry

Where has Bim’s “Pride and Industry” run off to?

by Brudah-Bim

There was a post at BFP written by the good sir Mr. Caleale Goodridge, and he made a good attempt at mapping out how Barbados can structurally overhaul its economy through productive industries such as manufacturing agriculture, and by owning domestic corporations. To be honest, Bim’s economy as well as her bureaucratic and political systems should have been restructured a long time ago. With all the “education” and “leadership in competence” we boast of here in Bim, the nation would have already been well on its way to achieving a standard of living reminiscent to that of Luxembourg, New Zealand, and Iceland combined!

“What doesn’t help our situation either is that there is an over-saturation of other economies within the Caribbean market that are avidly competing with Barbados in two of her major economic platforms; tourism and offshore banking.”

If we had truly competent leaders, the nation would have no external debt and we would have quite the substantial Budget surplus by now. Had we politicians that scrutinized and closely oversaw the sectors that are essential to our nation’s economy through preemptive and strategic means that could have enabled mutual flexibility on part of domestic and foreign markets is a plan long overdue to the people of Bim. Continue reading


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Ian Bourne finalist in US Embassy photo contest – You can vote him to Victory!

Bajan Reporter could win a new Flip camera

Oh the excitement! Ian Bourne’s photo Holder’s Hill Polo Match has been chosen as one of three finalists in the US Embassy’s SportShot contest.

Online voting open until Friday, August 17, 2012 at 4pm

Readers can vote online for their favourite photo, so we’ve thrown our support behind Ian. We’ll have the live results come Friday afternoon and afterwards we’ll have the usual victory celebration at Oistins. How do we know Ian will win? We don’t… but Ian or someone else will win and you know us… we’ll celebrate anything!  🙂



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