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Growing Our Own Produce. For God’s Sake!

‘Precious Millions are spent on daily dalliances that have nothing to do with critical issues.’

by Colin Leslie Beadon

Plant your Barbados Victory Garden!

India has recently experienced a huge power supply failure where millions of people were affected in so many ways without electricity. Without electricity, just about everything of commercial business these days comes to a stop, besides most homes, schools, hospitals, gas stations, airports, et al. But such a power outage does not necessarily kill anybody.

However there are one or two other such product failures that can do very dramatic damage to human endeavour, but few of us in Barbados seem aware of these things. They are: Food and water.

The lack of these two items is much more extreme in the results they cause, but nobody who has not been through such a dilemma as extreme thirst or extreme hunger or both; or seen a society suffer from such depredation, would fully appreciate where it leads.

So let us spell it out: Such depredation leads to the complete breakdown of most societies (Read ‘Collapse’ by Jared Diamond). The scene becomes horrific beyond most imaginations. Only the very strong survive it, and for a time. The old and the very young are lucky for they are the first to die.

“Britain, during the war, started producing 91% of its own food in small allotments farmed by villagers and town’s people.”

Victory Gardens

When England was deep in World War 2 and the shipping lines had been drastically cut and the winters were long and miserable, the British started intensive agricultural development. Everybody got down to growing vegetables on every available square of soil they could find; parks, empty housing lots, swimming pools and playing fields became Victory Gardens. This is what saved the UK when it came to food. Britain, during the war, started producing 91% of its own food in small allotments farmed by villagers and town’s people. Remember they had winters to contend with also. We don’t have winters in Barbados, and so apart from dry spells, there is little to stop us producing our own food All -Year -Through.

The British discovered that small lots ( 14 yards by 4 or 6 yards wide), looked after by concerned people, produced much higher quality and yields of produce than did huge commercial farms on a square acre average. Even the Russians have started to discover this as have the Chinese. Farms run by governments anywhere in the world are enormously unproductive and wasteful. That goes for a lot of other things governments decide to run on their own, like airlines, oil fields, and hotels. Continue reading


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