Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.

Former DLP candidate Taan Abed could win as an independent!

The official announcement was revealed in the August 9, 2012 Barbados Today story Taan’s back, but sure enough Ian Bourne of The Bajan Reporter set the expectations months ago in his exclusive story Taan Abed to run as independent: Says PM ineffective in quelling racial disarray of Dems.

Here at Barbados Free Press we’ve covered the rise and fall of Taan Abed as a DLP candidate who did well, but not well enough in 2008 to unseat the incumbent Dr. William Duguid in Christ Church West. With Duguid’s announcement last year that he would not seek reelection many assumed that Abed would not only continue as the DLP candidate in CCW, but that he would handily win against any new BLP replacement for Duguid.

Those expectations collapsed when the DLP Executive overruled the riding membership, fired Taan Abed and anointed lawyer Verla DePeiza as the DLP candidate for Christ Church West. The riding association was furious as Abed had just won the nomination over DePeiza – with Abed slaughtering the upstart 86 votes to 5!

“Barbados Free Press is declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.”

Why did the DLP Executive turf Abed? Disgusting racial politics, Bim style…

It was all about race according to some sources who claim that Taan Abed was dropped because of his race. So the story goes, the DLP executive believed that Abed’s race and Syrian roots make him unelectable in black-majority Barbados, even though Abed is a devout Christian. In his March 2012 interview with Ian Bourne, Mr. Abed had lots to say about racial politics and the DLP. Now though, Abed is focusing on the positive. He intends to win, and he just might do that.

Our prediction: Taan Abed will take many more votes than the DLP’s candidate Verla DePeiza

The membership of Christ Church West loved and wanted Taan Abed and with the announcement of his independent stand it looks like many long-time DLP die-hards are following Abed. Sources indicate that he has a formidable election team in place and that he will not lack for campaign financing. According to The Bajan Reporter, research shows Abed gathering far more votes as an independent than as a DLP candidate.

At BFP we’re of the opinion that Christ Church West will be a fight between the neophyte BLP candidate Maria Agard and an independent Taan Abed.

You know… at this moment in Barbados there’s just enough dissatisfaction and even disgust with both the DLP and BLP that Taan Abed has a powerful chance of being elected in Christ Church West.

We’ll say more about this later, but here at Barbados Free Press we’re declaring our support for Independent candidate Taan Abed. He’s a good man made better because now he is free of a complacent, arrogant and corrupt party system.

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34 responses to “Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West.


    What did he know and when did he know it? What did he say when he knew it? He need to check his own DEED. Wait for the reply.

  2. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Maybe Tann Abed is what people need as oppose to that fraud Dr. Doolittle (Duguid). I mean might as well give another chance since Doogig did what he came into politics to do…Doo Little for his constituents….

  3. robert ross

    The ‘system’ needs an Independent factor….so good luck!

  4. countryview

    It seems the black racists have surpassed and eclipsed the racism standards of the previous white racists in Bim.

  5. More independents!

    Only 29 more independents and Barbadians might have a choice and see a real race.

  6. runner

    ok… so Mr. Abed is now an independent. So what exactly does he stands for ? None of that is mentioned here. Is he for ITAL ?Caricom ? etc Yes we need to change the political matrix but dont tell me that because he is now “independent” (free from the political morass of both parties) he becomes the automatic default. Or then we are back to the same thinking; that is, if not one, the other (which in this case, if not those two) without clearly understanding what exactly politicans are to do : which is lay out a proper platform for us to make informed decision.

  7. countryview

    runner, you are mistaken…our political quagmire is NOT about ” lay out a proper platform for us to make informed decision”…NO…it is to have a legal framework to successfully prosecute politicians who fraudulently deceive the voters with their manifesto/platform by not delivering on their spoken and written promises. Personally, I support public extraction of their tongues..

  8. countryview

    BFP, I ask again…why are ALL of my comments tagged with “awaiting moderation”?

  9. Impossible!

    “It seems the black racists have surpassed and eclipsed
    the racism standards of the previous white racists in Bim.”

    Don’t you know that racism is only possible
    when it’s white-on-black racism?
    Black-on-white racism doesn’t exist: that’s called restitution or revenge or whatever,
    but it doesn’t count as racism because it’s “justified”

    Just making the flies buzz on this curious little island.

  10. BFP

    Hello countryview,

    I believe it was about your frequent and gratuitous use of sexual slang. I’ll check with Robert who flagged you.


  11. BFP

    OK countryview, I’m back.

    I called Robert and he directed me to a number of your comments recently where you are naming a woman and talking about the size of her vagina. I’m using polite words, you used other words.

    You must have mistaken us for one of Donville Inniss’s porn websites. Nope. That’s not us.

    Robert put you on always monitor because of that. If you’d promise to stop that sort of talk, I’ll take you off.


  12. BFP

    Hi Runner,

    Good points. In the last election I heard him speak sincerely about ITAL, but then so did those liars David Thompson and Freundel Stuart.

    We’ll get in touch with Mr. Abed and see what he has to say.

    Thanks for your input.


  13. countryview

    Cliverton. I am disappointed that you very obviously did not read “for yourself” my descriptive comments regarding the size of the good woman’s vagina. It was written in the very best Queens English devoid of slang or as you put it “other words”. By all means decry my choice of subject matter but do not be so heinously mistaken as to my choice of words. Pick it up, you are lacking and lagging. And apart from my vaginal commentary, BFP has also blanked me on other subjects…I’d be delighted to hear your side of that comment moderation…over to you, if you’re able, which I doubt.

  14. countryview

    And Cliverton…I can’t have BFP editing what subjects I can comment on…what I can promise is that I will be entirely and acceptable literate and well written in my treatment of those.

  15. Crusoe

    If, as we hear, allegedly the DLP constituency executive chose Mr.Abed, but allegedly was overruled by PM Stuart, in removing Mr. Abed, why would that be?

    Is what I heard incorrect? If it was true, why would he make such a decision?


    Taan Abed love what he saw today love what he heard and agree with all so far, He know a lot but no one can hear him. 27 independents more and we can get the RATS out the Peoples House. Any one who want to make a change step up , We can have FREEDOM OF INFORMATION DONE IN A WEEK AND SHOW ALL WHAT IS TRUE AND WHAT WAS HIDDEN.

  17. watcher

    Taan Abed will win Christ Church West. People will secretly vote for him. They will hedge their bets by not being seen to be involved with his campaign but they will vote for him.

    Don’t expect him to return to the DLP or go to the BLP when he is elected. I heard him a few weeks ago and the mood of his talk was “they can kiss my ass” they being the DLP and BLP

  18. countryview

    Plantation Deeds, what exactly is the point you are making with your repeat postings? Give me a succinct answer, please spell it out.

  19. what will they think of next

    what an easy way to loose his money.

  20. Watch the electorate process as usual

    Fixing and stuffing ballot boxes as well as buying votes with counterfeit $20
    is all part of the Barbadian historical electoral process. In addition to your own scrutineers and listing the known supporters you will need web phones and other devices to indicate and collect hard evidence of abuse. Assume nothing and expect the worst..

    The ballot boxes should be empty before voting and should never leave the
    eyes of the scrutineers, including indpendent candidates, until the vote counting is completed. This oversight includes the police.

  21. Watch the electorate process as usual

    Make that electoral process

  22. The truth

    They can stuff the ballot boxes with whatever they want….is not going to change anything. Abed will win because the BLP voters will have sympathy for him and the DLP voters will have spite for DePeiza.

    @Crusoe – I don’t know the facts just hear say and we know hear say must come from somewhere. BFP should ask the fellas down in brittons hill what happened with there ballot boxes and how they went “missing”. The race between Duguid and Abed would have been alot closer (infact Duguid would have lost…but we not going to go there) .

    Let us focus on the present Everyone just watched the olympics right? Imagine if we took the gold model from Usian Bolt and gave it to Tyson Gay because we felt that Tyson Gay should deserve the medal even though Usian work for it. Imagine that for a minute…
    If you can fathom that thought then you can fathom the undemocratic corrupt system the current DLP administration has built.

    Essentially in a nut shell the example they are setting is:

    “you can run as many elections and vote anyway you feel ….we allready know the outcome before you cast your vote”

    What sort of f-ed up system is that? Democratic my ass….

    They can blame rascism , religion , skin colour or whatever other petty excuse under the sun as to why he was over ruled but the reality is DePeiza is a sore loser and Frenduel (sorry he does not deserve the respect or title of PM) is a corrupt slim ball that will be the destruction of Barbados. As bas as the BLP was , Barbados was never in this bad of a state….

    If I had to take the red pill or the blue pill you can take a guess which most would choose.

  23. countryview

    The daily examples set by Government encourages everybody to steal.


    countryview@ that is it. When you die and leave a WILL , then you take the deeds to a lawyer Richard L Cheltenham to assent in to your name . The lawyer kept the deeds says he cant find them , Then he goes in the Business with C.O. Williams and now he acts as the new owner . Does what he want build and sell of the land to people over seas.Then you get other lawyers to go after the lawyer and they all get in to a full feeding of the deed for self , Then you go to the AG Simmons and he also feeding .lawyer after lawyer.Now the BLP Ministers get in to the feeding and then the DLP.Then the CJ Simmons to block all things dealing with land. In 1997 then they come up with the UDC to help move land where they have no DEEDS.The Registry cant show any Plantation deeds even to the new owners. On line http://www.plantations.bb seem to run off the net that showed from 1630.

    The Web site
    West Indian Plantations
    Index to Plantation Owners 1630 to Modern times
    The majority of the entries in the Barbados Plantations database are from the Index to Plantation Owners1630-1846.
    The index is the property of Mr. Ronald G. Hughes of Barbados who has Kindly granted permission for it to be published on our website. The Index of names was compiled from DEEDS, WILLS, MAPS,CENSUS, NEWSPAPERS,SURVEYORS PLANS AND CORRESPONDENCE.

    Further study of the plantations and owners.ect . can be undertaken at the Barbados Archives, referring to the Hughes/Queree Note Books (6 ring binders:A-Z, 432 pages).These records were compiled by Mr. Ronald Hughes and the late Mr Cecil Queree over many years. Any data from these notebooks on this site is referenced as “H/Q, # # ” meaning Hughes/Queree,page # # ”

    Now missing or hidden.
    Barbados is made up of about 350 Plantations
    200 to 300 were sold to one Lady named Beatrice Henry
    Born Nov 17-1892 to Dec 13 1985
    Her Will went to Violet Beckles of King Street in the City . Violet took the deeds to Sir Richard L Cheltenham to Assent in to her name.
    Never to be seen again. Now you can think what happen NEXT.
    BLP and the DLP massive fraud
    now they making laws to cover the crime , back dating ,

  25. slowhand

    Taan Abed is the ideal candidate at the ideal time in the ideal place: Christ Church West has no incumbent. The DLP are finished as a government and nobody wants the BLP back in. Where there is a serious independent candidate (as opposed to a fringe or hobby candidate) the voters will respond.

    I think that Taan Abed will win handily over the BLP. The DLP candidate won’t be a factor. (what’s her name again?) 🙂

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  27. Mildrend

    I will vote for anybody but a DLP or BLP!

    Abed will win Christ Church West. I am 100% certain of this.

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  30. GO Taan!

    Very Best of Luck to Mr. Abed!

    I hope he wins -and wins BIG- over both established party candidates!
    Barbados needs an encouraging upset and alternative!


    Taan has to win and all others that is not DLP or BLP , to much fraud and crook lawyers in Barbados ,The true History of Barbados must be known and who hi-jack the Island History papers.

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