Bajan Reporter, Barbados Free Press, targets of hacking and social engineering attempts

The Bajan Reporter online magazine is reporting numerous failed hacking attempts aimed at logging into the system and taking over the website. Editor Ian Bourne (above) calmly wonders who would be trying to take down his website. Could it be friends of a certain government minister? Could it be friends of a certain entertainer?

For the last few weeks we too have been experiencing the same types of hacking attempts at the Barbados Free Press website and at our email addresses. There have also been some fairly sophisticated social engineering attempts that we won’t fully describe at this time.

Interestingly enough, we also see former Prime Minister Owen Arthur recently criticizing The Nation newspaper in a speech posted at YouTube.

All we can say is… elections are approaching, the stakes are high and right now it looks like it could go either way: DLP or BLP. We believe that the hacking attempts against The Bajan Reporter and Barbados Free Press are being done with a purpose in mind. Yup: elections are approaching.


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  1. The weird thing is? Since I made the story public? The attempts have dropped off the map, all that still happens now and again is users from certain networks have to use Anonymouse to view me as their own provider’s DNS refuse to recognise my domain

  2. what will they think of next.

    keep your guard up. The Barbados Labour Party is capable of anything underhand.
    They are even infiltrating Facebook accounts and posting nasty messages. ask Irene.

  3. 78

    I put nothing above and beyond what the BLP would do. The same goes for the DLP as well but the BLP are far more ruthless and deviant. And these are the people we want to represent my people who are trying to convince many that they are the saviours who have the remedy to fix the economy? If they had not done some of the disgusting things during their reign that cause them to lose the government in the first place they would still be in power. They are greedy- power hungry- arrogant – money grabbers.

  4. Green Monkey

    A word to the wise:
    Canadian hacker dupes Walmart to win Def Con prize

    It was an elaborate yarn, weeks in the making.

    “Gary Darnell” from Walmart’s home office in Bentonville, Ark., called a store in Western Canada. He lamented having to work the weekend.

    He explained that NATO was shopping around for a private retailer who could serve as part of its supply chain in the event of a pandemic.

    “Or at least that’s what they say it’s about,” Darnell cracked with the store manager. “Who knows, maybe they’re practising for an alien invasion — don’t know, don’t care — all I know is that the company can make a ton of cash off it.”

    Darnell told the manager he’d be coming up to Canada to help plan the exercise, which would see NATO types coming in to survey products and later, to buy them in a hurry, as they would in an emergency.

    He just needed a little information first.


    From his glass booth in front of chuckling onlookers, MacDougall managed to get 75 pieces of information in the 20-minute phone call, winning the contest and receiving a coveted black badge for his efforts. In the three years of the contest, no one has ever succeeded in getting each assigned data point before.

    MacDougall found out all about the store’s security, its cafeteria, who cleans it after-hours and who disposes of its garbage. He learned when employees are paid, who provides IT support, what computers, operating systems and anti-virus programs are used.

    In short, he got all sorts of information that could be used in a hacker attack. How? A bit of research and an ability to spin a few lies over the phone.

    As security systems get increasingly difficult to crack, hackers are turning toward a new source of information: people.

    “Companies are way more aware about their security. They’ve got firewalls, intrusion detection, log-in systems going into place, so it’s a lot harder for a hacker to break in these days, or to at least break in undetected,” MacDougall said. “So a bunch of hackers now are going to the weakest link, and the link that companies just aren’t protecting, which is the people.”

    Referred to as “social engineering,” MacDougall said it’s extremely common and “devastatingly effective.”

    “It works for me every single time, and it shouldn’t.”

    Others targeted in the contest, with varying success, include major companies such as Shell, Exxon-Mobil, FedEx and UPS. Competitors don’t try to collect information that would be of “serious immediate threat,” such as passwords or customer data. The point isn’t to jeopardize or embarrass anyone, but rather to show how easy it is to get sensitive information.–canadian-hacker-dupes-wal-mart-to-win-def-con-prize

  5. what will they think of next

    Please forgive me BFP for posting the following but I just want to ask a question.
    On the two last pages of today’s nation is the following:
    “2012 RF ANTENNAE TEST RESULTS (01 JANUARY 2012 – MAY 31, 2012)
    It has company, Type, Location, Parish, Average power density, Percentage of MPE re-ICNIRP General Public Standard (%) then a bunch of information follows in their respective columns, but can anyone tell me what it all means?


    DLP and BLP over at station A police station have all needed in the building next door in gray with all the American spy gear to try. Both Parties in the same pot and have the same to hide.Nothing will change but the dates.cover up of the Massive Fraud. Nothing stays the same forever,
    What did you know? and when did you know it?. What did you do when you knew? mmm NOTHING WAS REPORTED ,

  7. yatiniteasy

    Could it be Harlequin/Ames?

  8. Paeter, L

    What country or countries are the attacks comeing from against BFP?

  9. both parties including particular individuals have so much to lose right now. they will each be calling the other all types of greedy, corrupt and perverted. not one of them will say they should all be jailed.