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Bajan Reporter, Barbados Free Press, targets of hacking and social engineering attempts

The Bajan Reporter online magazine is reporting numerous failed hacking attempts aimed at logging into the system and taking over the website. Editor Ian Bourne (above) calmly wonders who would be trying to take down his website. Could it be friends of a certain government minister? Could it be friends of a certain entertainer?

For the last few weeks we too have been experiencing the same types of hacking attempts at the Barbados Free Press website and at our email addresses. There have also been some fairly sophisticated social engineering attempts that we won’t fully describe at this time.

Interestingly enough, we also see former Prime Minister Owen Arthur recently criticizing The Nation newspaper in a speech posted at YouTube.

All we can say is… elections are approaching, the stakes are high and right now it looks like it could go either way: DLP or BLP. We believe that the hacking attempts against The Bajan Reporter and Barbados Free Press are being done with a purpose in mind. Yup: elections are approaching.


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Nivea CEO trashes Rihanna contract as Barbados Tourism Authority announces her new promotional campaign

Rihanna pays strippers for oral sex show.

Can Rihanna effectively market upscale products and destinations while promoting her wild lifestyle, drugs, raunch and drunken puking in public?

by Passin thru (with Marcus)

Along with many other Bajans, Barbados Free Press sadly watched as homegirl Rihanna turned from a fresh faced young talent into a superstar queen of wild living and raunchy public displays that prove money can’t buy wisdom, class – or true happiness. Yes, I know she’s worth millions and she picked up oodles of big awards and that her music is everywhere. I like most of her music. The girl sure can sing, but sing isn’t all that this Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson does…

The argument that the photos and scandals we’re seeing in the press are a normal young person’s missteps that only came to light because of Rihanna’s fame, doesn’t hold water when you follow her Twitter feed and realize that she herself promotes her wild lifestyle (including drugs) to her young fans.

August 8, 2012: Rihanna’s latest Twitter to the world “Typical fuck shit! Please, by all means, shock me next time…”

Rihanna actively promotes her bad behaviour through her own social media

Look, if Rihanna or any young woman wants to behave that way, that’s hardly my business in the normal course of events. I may have even been out with a few wild girls myself a few years back. I may have even looked for them as men often do.

I wouldn’t bring that type of girl home to meet the parents though. No Sir. I would have been too embarrassed to try that.

Bad girls can do what they want and it’s none of my business – except that Rihanna’s wild child life is my business when we are talking about whether her life choices might degrade her ability to properly represent Barbados.

Nivea has doubts about the value of Rihanna’s name for their purposes; should Barbados have any doubts? Continue reading


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