Kadooment needs a reboot to make it Bajan and acceptable

A parade of people simulating sex acts (and sometimes not so simulating)

Is that what we want for our culture, for our children?

by Analyzer

Is it just me or is all that vulgarity at Kadooment getting old? Some people are respectful, some people do the wukking up in amusement but others are so serious about it, they need to get a room! On CBC news when covering Kadooment day the commentator said that it is important for children to come out and see Barbadian culture? I had to say “REALLY?!”

“Apparently the original ‘wukin’ up’ was hips swaying from side to side. That’s quite acceptable.

Why do people have to look like a bunch of dogs?”

The ‘Walk Holy’ band that comes out first have choreographed some wonderful dancing. Can’t someone choreograph something for the majority of people, something original that could be Bajan? Apparently the original ‘wukin’ up’ was hips swaying from side to side. That’s quite acceptable. Why do people have to look like a bunch of dogs? Don’t they have respect for themselves? Anyway, if that’s what they enjoy so be it but I think it is almost X-rated and I don’t know if it is suitable for young children. Is it just me? Surely not. Do the other islands get on like this at their carnivals?


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  1. Carolann Gollop

    We went down to Bank Hall to watch the bands pass with our 2 kids, ages 7 and 2, and after Baje passed we had to pack up and head out. Having seen the look of total bewilderment on my 7 year old’s face, i decided that there was no way i could explain why these people were dancing the way they were, and why it would NOT be ok for her to emulate! There is NO WAY that anyone can convince me that Kadooment Day is a place for children! Gone are the days of old where we went down with our parents to see the costumes and hear the music! It’s sad, really, really sad!

  2. skipperv


  3. skipperv

    Wonder what Oprah Thinks , But that really won’t sway my thinking neither ! LOW Class. Don care ho much money !! low Class !!

  4. G.E.

    I have to agree with Carolann. It’s nothing but raunch and how low down can you go. It reinforces every bad stereotype about the Caribbean women being easy and cheap and low class.

  5. G.E.

    It’s not just the public sex displays and real public sex either. The shear level of public drunkeness is only rivalled by Dublin on a Saturday night.

  6. 123

    Crop Over has become nothing but pure filth. Why do some people need to explicitly show sexual acts while enjoying themselves? The festival is no longer enjoyable. I refused to participate or watch bands due to it lackluster nature.

  7. BQK

    Emancipation month. We’re free alright, but are we better people for it? What did we do with our freedom?

  8. Mirna

    This is so true!!! I am not a Barbadian but have been here for the last 28 years and missed jumping on Kadooment only 5 times in all those years. I see so many nice people, beautiful and colorful costumes, priceless moments, nice dances, etc along the way, every year I have such a great time that is a must for me to jump, but as much (maybe more) as I love jumping on Kadooment Day I hate to open the newspapers on Tuesday only to find garbage and vulgarity. I firmly believe that as long as these people know that behaving in such way will put them in the front, center and back pages of the newspapers they will keep doing it. I know that if they don’t get so much publicity it will eventually change the reputation of the festival. So far Kadooment Day is a parade of people having dry sex because that’s what they news agencies want. Fortunately and in a very small way you can see in the social networks (FB, Twitter) the real beauty of the festival. It’s a start and if all of us that don’t agree with this garbage start publishing in whatever way we can, the positive side of The Crop-over Festival it will change… “I may a dreamer” like the song says but I know “I am not the only one…” I will keep trying and I will keep jumping as long as I can!

  9. what will they think of next

    I agree, it is too vulgar now. Not that i mind a little wukking up!

  10. Jack Bowman

    [Dear BFP folks: this is completely off-topic. Either re-categorize it or dump it. I couldn’t see where to put it on the blog. It’s news. Here we go …]

    Dear BFP folks,

    Hoping you’re all well.

    I’ve read several of your pieces over the past many years lamenting the fact that Barbados sometimes has to approach the money markets and/or contract international loans.

    I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong, or if I’m simplifying drastically) that the general tenor of your remarks has been: “Oh no! They’re saddling our grandchildren with debt! Who’ll pay the debt? Debt’s a Bad Thing bout hey! Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could all live off cassava and yams?” [ah, yes … I am simplifying drastically, but you’re obviously bright people so I know you catch my drift].

    In that light, BFP folks, isn’t this fantastically good news:


    Isn’t that just great?

    Keep up the good work, BFP. I say that in all sincerity. Absent the occasional bout of economic illiteracy and some spectacularly tendentious bits of Islamoignorance, you’re doing a grand job.

    Best wishes,

    PS. As a general rule of thumb, on the corner where I hang out, the website “Atlas Shrugs” is not normally considered to be a reputable source of excellent and quotable information. You might want to reconsider thinking of it as such. On the other hand, you might not. Whatever the case, best wishes to you and I hope that you and yours are well.


  11. countryview


  12. St George's Dragon

    The caption for the YouTube clip “Rihanna as you have never seen her before” is misleading. I am told that it is from last year.

  13. scorpio

    I agree Mr. St. George. It is from last year. Don’t know what author her is trying to achieve. Shame on them!

  14. BFP

    Hi St George and scorpio,

    Nothing misleading at all about the Rihanna clip. It was from 2011 and shows her simulating sex with another woman, in public, (near the end of the clip)… which is the point of the author that Kadooment has developed into behaviours that were not part of the original tradition.

  15. BFP

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for your suggestion about the loans. We’ll tackle that tomorrow. As to where we disagree about Islam, well, we’ll just have to continue to disagree. We see Islam as an oppressive fascist political and legal system that is in total opposition to human rights, personal freedoms and women in general.

    But perhaps you can convince us to see the Religion of Peace from another perspective.



  16. Peltdownman

    When I heard “Watch That Man” for the first (and last) time, I knew that we have finally defined Bajan culture. Such classy and well thought-out lyrics. Meaningless crap!

  17. Peltdownman

    Oh! By the way, a word to the tourism planners. If Europeans want unlimited promiscuous sex and drinking and drugging until they pass out and puke, they don’t need to pay the air fare to Barbados. They can get it all in Ibiza for a fraction of the price.

  18. Junior

    I believe that CROP OVER was revived to bring visitors to Barbados. Hence I would expect that we would do our marketing research to find out what they want from the festival and if we can provide they wants at a profit to Barbados. That profit should be of a combined moral, cultural, social, envioronmental and finacial makeup that Barbadians agree to.

  19. Analyzer

    Wow, I posted a comment under your ‘Open Discussion’ and you made it into one of your articles. Good to see the feedback and that other people are concerned. The thing is, do we know what kind of psychological effect this behavior is having on our children? Just look at Rihanna for example. I wonder if the influence of this vulgar behavior has messed up her moral compass and in other ways i.e. drugs and alcohol I believe the children are our future, teach them well and ….. Show them all the beauty they possess inside, teach them a sense of pride……. oh yeah what is Barbados’ motto ….PRIDE and industry??????

  20. Crusoe

    I agree that Grand Kadooment has gone voer the top.

    The biggest concern is the NUMBER (not just one or tow) of photos circulating in the media of LITTLE boys, seeming in ages between 5 and 10, who adults have placed at the rear end of some slut, to ‘grind’.

    It is NOT funny, it is degradiong to both children and women, it reflects a total lack of parenting, it bodes badly for the future and the corrupt guidance being shown to the little boys.

    Some of these ‘adults’ shoudl be charged for corruption of a minor.

    What is cultural or funny about a boy no more than 10 at the rear end of an upraised backside, ‘grinding’?

    Sick. And furthermore, this will certainly DRIVE AWAY visitors from this alleged ‘show’ (these acts are illegal overseas), as it drove away Ms.Gollop per above.

    I think if this continues, we can give Kadooment no more than 3 more years, before a huge decline in attendance causes its end.

    Good thing, gone bad.

  21. harry

    why are my comments being moderation.
    i thought this was the place for the real truth to be told/
    guess not .

  22. conliffe0

    OK i got the answer for you all.
    seeing that the first slaves on this island were Irish. and then later Scottish and African.
    how about we have some music from those cultures and some culture from those white slaves who also worked on the crops.Irish before the blacks
    were on this island.also English.etc
    there is your answer for free..no charge.some Irish music,Scottish,English,
    you see they were all slaves also and worked the fields alongside the Africans.
    where is there representation ?????????????????????????????????
    may be get the band u2 to come play.some big pop and rock bands from England and Scotland.
    kilts and Irish jigs.
    now that would bring world interest.not just jungle music and grinding on people asses.
    and this from a trades man contractor.any of you all ever think of it???????????????????????????

  23. BFP

    @ Harry

    Why are your comments being moderated? Because you crossed the line into using BFP as nothing more than a delivery vehicle for your racist rants. Thank you, and have a nice day!

    george. Bfp

  24. harry

    but bfp i see much worse racist chants towards whites on here .
    but i suppose you can not handle the other way around.
    you have a wonderful day yyyyyaahhhhhhhherrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee

  25. Micro engineer

    I read that only 10,000 people turned out for kadooment but the BTA spent $250,000 on it. Is it worth it?

  26. cq9

    Kadooment: where we teach 5 year old boys how to simulate sex with grown women.

    We culture.

  27. Brian Flook

    I went to kadooment with my family, and had a great time, but i agree the dancing is a bit “near the mark” for a family.
    We have been coming to Barbados for 25 years and got married there 20 years ago, i think in that time it has changed alot, but as an English family it will always be “THE” place for us,

  28. 26

    Clearly the Barbados government and organizers of this Kadooment do not take pedophilia or child pornography as seriously as they should be.

    Both adults in this photo should immediately be brought up on charges for the child abuse being encouraged here: http://bajan.wordpress.com/tag/kadooment-day/

    I am embarrassed to suggest that anyone outside of Barbados visit for this Carnival. In fact, after this year, I probably will never do it again! It would be as if I am sanctioning or promoting this kind of behavior.