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Kadooment needs a reboot to make it Bajan and acceptable

A parade of people simulating sex acts (and sometimes not so simulating)

Is that what we want for our culture, for our children?

by Analyzer

Is it just me or is all that vulgarity at Kadooment getting old? Some people are respectful, some people do the wukking up in amusement but others are so serious about it, they need to get a room! On CBC news when covering Kadooment day the commentator said that it is important for children to come out and see Barbadian culture? I had to say “REALLY?!”

“Apparently the original ‘wukin’ up’ was hips swaying from side to side. That’s quite acceptable.

Why do people have to look like a bunch of dogs?”

The ‘Walk Holy’ band that comes out first have choreographed some wonderful dancing. Can’t someone choreograph something for the majority of people, something original that could be Bajan? Apparently the original ‘wukin’ up’ was hips swaying from side to side. That’s quite acceptable. Why do people have to look like a bunch of dogs? Don’t they have respect for themselves? Anyway, if that’s what they enjoy so be it but I think it is almost X-rated and I don’t know if it is suitable for young children. Is it just me? Surely not. Do the other islands get on like this at their carnivals?


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Vegetable garden allotments: a sensible way to use abandoned sugar lands

Cuban gardening version of Bajan ‘De boys on de block’

Vegetable gardens of Cuba and England

by Colin Leslie Beadon

At least twice I have written to the newspapers about encouraging small garden lots around all villages in Barbados, where ground that used to grow sugar is doing nothing except encouraging the further importations of fruit, vegetables, livestock. This idea of small garden allotments should be taking place in Barbados, besides which it would encourage and provide work for youth, and something for the more elderly to do.

No, this work does not have to be done in the hot sun. Early morning, late evenings, is the time to get this lot done. If the lots were chosen within a short walk from homes, there would be little time lost and no transport needed.

This is not a new idea, the use of lots close to a village. The English were forced to do it during the war, and it is still very popular there although stopped during winter months.

The Cubans work lots at great benefit. Go the blog ‘The Vegetable Gardens of Cuba’. Look at the pretty pictures and read what it says.

It is high time Barbados get sensible about its use of land, and tackle the problem of excessive and unnecessary food importation. There are so many benefits to village lots, in the nature of the food, and the simple way it can be grown, and in the healthful God-given work to be done.

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