Rihanna back with her abuser Chris Brown – Will Oprah tell it like it is?

“I’m going to beat the shit out of you when you get home. You wait and see.”

…Chris Brown as said to Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Detailed in court documents read on Oprah’s show, March 6, 2009

Rihanna and Oprah are in Barbados today, touring about and filming for an upcoming Oprah television spot. Oprah sent out a photo to her fans of the big O being driven around the island by RiRi. And by a strange coincidence (ha ha) the Barbados Tourism Authority announced another media campaign with Rihanna in the spotlight telling about how wonderful it is in Bim. And so it is.

Then in the middle of all that positive vibe we have the news that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together as a couple.

… and that JAY-Z has given Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship the seal of approval.

A little advice from Auntie Moses for all the girls including Rihanna who appears to have left her self-worth somewhere else in her travels…

“He beat you once, he beat you again. Doan fool yourself about ‘sorry’.”

“Rihanna & Chris Brown: A Violent Mix

The court also heard that, as is often the case in these couples battles, there had been previous incidents of violence by both Brown and Rihanna. The sentencing report also confirmed the rumours about Chris Brown smashing the windows and mirrors of Rihanna’s Land Rover when they were in Barbados as a couple.

Hopefully both of them will have learned something from their mutually-destructive attraction for each other. The big life lesson is this: at the first sign of abuse – whether physical or verbal – terminate the relationship immediately.

It’s just not worth it to try and save a relationship that has already deteriorated to that point. At the first hint of abuse, I’m outta there permanently…”

… from BFP’s August 26, 2009 article Chris Brown Sentenced To Probation In Rihanna Assault – Court Reveals Ongoing Assaults By Both, Confirms Barbados Land Rover Damage Rumour


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9 responses to “Rihanna back with her abuser Chris Brown – Will Oprah tell it like it is?

  1. Jrjrjrjr

    Did she slap him too

  2. Real

    Oprah need to get a life and stay home with her man instead of hanging out with Gail,Rianna and Tyler perry. Get a life Oprah the public is not your family.

  3. George

    Rihanna cannot be of sound mind to go back with that Jerk. Rih, you deserve better.

  4. 168

    c’est son choix méme jay-z a accepté donc sa va marcher entre eux tkt

  5. 178

    Nice to see some Big Money here
    pumping up our lagging economy..

  6. Mervin

    Say What? Wasn’t Rhianna dating Drake a few weeks ago? I feel bad for Chris because he his definitely obsessed with Rhianna. She will be his downfall. He will end up in prison because of her; sooner or later. Where is his handlers? Where are hers? Family, friends, common sense? Run, Chris run.

    I am not a Chris Brown supporter, I just think that he has the most to lose by going forward with this relationship.

  7. Peltdownman

    Mervin, you ass! What are you saying? That Brown won’t be able to control himself, beat Rihanna again and it will be her fault?!! I am seriously disappointed in Rihanna for the very first time, and I think that will go for many of her fans.

  8. countryview

    If an artiste can sing and perform with outstanding public success that means they are rich…it has no bearing on, nor does it mean they can “think”…all they have to do for BIG money is sing and perform. Their inability to think becomes easily apparent by their evidenced actions under the influence of money. Correct, Ri Ri cannot think…she’s stupid and laughing all the way to the Bank where her accountants are waiting to steal some more from her.

  9. Seriously??

    So on July 15th this website reported that RiRi would be cruising for a week with Drake, according to ‘SOURCES’.

    A few days later, the same website reported that RiRi was actually cruising for 2 weeks and being visited by Chris Brown, according to ‘SOURCES’.

    The same two fellas that were fueding in a nightclub in NYC.

    Wunna ppl does really believe and talk about everything wunna read in de tabloids tho? stupse