Divorce lawyers: one frustrated client sounds off

Submitted by email. Author’s name withheld by editor

We are a society where the lawyers are a law unto themselves and people have had to suffer because of the practices of a fraternity. The court process in Barbados is flawed with people who have no interest in justice. The ego of these who think they have lives hanging in the balance is huge. For the past X years I’ve been going through a divorce and have had to go to many lawyers, each one worse than the last.

The thing is they don’t take kindly to you knowing what you are about and asking for what you want, because of ego. They went to law school, you didn’t so you must shut up and let them speak, even though it is your life. I have had the pleasure of files going missing in the registry on court day when the Judge would need it. I have had lawyers withholding my file because they feel as if they should do so out of spite.

Only in Barbados would you have lawyers who don’t do what you pay them for, having the practice of holding on to files saying you have money for them, when they haven’t done what they were hired for in the first place. Going to the BAR association for any of them would just put you off with the time it takes sometimes.

Female lawyers are the worst for being spiteful, in my case I have been to four and they would say I’m being difficult just because I have a child who I think that based on the law, have every right to be given every chance in life. I’ve been just about everywhere I talked to everyone from those who were in power to who are in power now. You get no help with the way the legal system is here and it’s sad when the injustice hurts the children in family court situations. The thing is across the the board we have to take note and pay attention to the way we are doing things in this country.

I’m not one to stay quiet and I’m not one to give up and I’m trying to get a male lawyer  to represent me for they have made it had for anyone to represent themselves. The law says you can represent yourself but when you go to get court dates they wouldn’t even listen to you because lawyers must make money so you have to get one to get a date for you. What freedom do we have in this place when we are liked caged birds in this land, having to wait for lawyers to feed us shit. Look into the legal system here that cares about no one but is only there to make sure lawyers get fat. Hear the stories of the women and children who have had to suffer because of the injustices of the law. Find out how long some very simple cases have dragged on for years or got no where because of the who-you-know in this country. This place for a country is just sad.


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  1. robert ross

    What does this piece actually amount to? Well, it amounts to generalised wailing intended to pander to the standard perception of the law and lawyers and so, as a serious piece of criticism, it really shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It says rather more about the writer than anything else.

  2. what will they think of next.

    this like a woman who wants everything her way!

  3. bk

    Robert Ross you should shut up or eat a dick, either way your mouth would be shut. Every body aint like you who got lawyer friends and judge friends and big up friends.

  4. robert ross


    I’m sorry for you. Now rest yourself.

  5. 204

    It is very sad that Barbadian people have to suffer at the hands of other barbadians who are so corrupt and evil. For the most part, people in barbados do not stand up together in solidarity so this is where the problem lies. You have politicians who lie come election time. They make a lot empty promises that they are fully aware that they will not keep. The thing is that the people in Barbados appear to be poorly educated so because of ignorance of knowledge, they do not know they rights as human beings and citizens of barbados. They are fearful ! The peoplein Barbados need to stop voting come election day and demand change. If they do not get the change they seek then they should riot.

    If the people that call themselves leaders in Barbados don’t straighten up then they will experiene the wrath of God much worst than the diaster in Haiti.

  6. payel

    Having experienced the legal profession and the law courts, I agree wholehearted with the writer. Lawyers in Barbados especially the female ones are lazy, dishonest and most of them are incompetent. The court system is slow and backward especially the High Court. Bringing a civil suit in Barbados is a waste of time and money. Why is it that the High Court only has one Master at the Case Management level and he is biased and obviously quite useless and only serves to push up the cost of court proceedings for both parties.

  7. countryview

    There is a reason in Henry VI Part 2 Shakespeare has one character offer this bit of sterling advice…. ‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’. Frankly, I think if this happened to a few of the most prolifically dishonest ones in Bim the rest would very likely clean their act up somewhat. There is no question certain members of that profession could do with a meaningful bulling.

  8. Real

    This situation is happening for years. I Know someone who traveled from overseas to see a lawyer to represent her family and he was a no show. They later hired another lawyer who took their money but did not represent them.

    The problem in these islands is that all of the lawyers and politician are friends and if you are not familiar with the law and have the gut to stand up to them they will take advantage of you. These Lawyers are not interested in your well being they are there to take advantage of the less fortunate. What a shame.

  9. Pieter Pieper

    What are we complaining about ? We’re free ! Aren’t we ? God help us ! ! !

  10. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    There is obvious pain here but the specifics to this case are presented in this write up in a very broad way. The write up subjects itself to criticism both postive and negative hence the summation by Robert Ross. However we all know that the system of justice in this country is skewed towards the practice of, in some cases, alot of injustices.

    This lady’s story if she can provide a bit more clarity as to why she had to go to so many lawyers and why none so far have been able to resolve her domestic in court , is just one of many situations the underpriviledge folk are faced with when dealing with the law provider.

    The fees for such dissolvements are pocket hurting. And if you are poor and the matter has to be constested via arguing lawyers then be prepared to pay through your teeth. Once you got the money to pay for the service ‘though though’ the delivery seems to be one of less restrictions.

    However I agree with her that some lawyers are very pompous and arrogant and their ability to articulate seems to increase the notion that they are above and beyond.

  11. aliboo

    As usual no specifics. The common denominator is this individual. Perhaps they simply can’t be pleased or want something the law does not allow for.

  12. Lady Anon

    I think the writer was being very careful not to call names and to present the story in such a way that the parties cannot be identified because, as we always say, “Barbados small”. Be that as it may, there is obvious pain in what is being written and rather than dismiss it as “generalised wailing” as Mr Ross indicated, or by assuming that the writer is female as done by the writer calling him-/herself what will they think of next, take what is being suggested to heart.

    Too often we have heard stories about the legal fraternity banding together and we have also seen members of the same fraternity fleeing this island to escape prosecution and we have seen them going before the law courts. We also know from many of the stories written by Barbados Free Press and others that sometimes in Barbados it is about who you know and who knows you.

    Do not dismiss this as generalised wailing. This is a call for help from someone who is being frustrated by the legal system we criticise daily. Be empathetic because you never know when you may be in a similar position.

  13. LOOK

    It’s a shame that the Barbadians are publically raped, knowledgeable of its political offenders but handicapped unable to defend itself. Be assured there is an OMNISICENT God, one who sees everything and knows everything.

  14. Nicole Gray

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  15. it would take a calamity of great proportion to pry these lazy asses from they chairs. the slow pace of doing business in bim can be changed if we threaten all of them with being fired
    for low or no production.