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On this day of emancipation, we pray for millions still held as slaves in China, North Korea, Africa and throughout the Muslim world

“What kind of place is this?”


Mende Nazer

Shin Dong-hyuk

Simon Deng


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Barbados storm watch for Crop Over

HERE IS A SPECIAL WEATHER BULLETIN issued by The Barbados Meteorological Services at 10:30 am on Tuesday, 31st July, 2012.

The Barbados Meteorological Services is monitoring an area of low pressure over the mid- Atlantic, centered near 9N 39.6W or about 1400 miles or 2255km to the east-south east of Barbados.

Model analysis indicates that there is a very strong possibility that this system could become a Tropical Storm by the time it approaches Barbados and the southern Lesser Antilles late Friday / early Saturday.

This department will continue to monitor the development of this system and will be issuing further statements on its progress over the next few days.


StormCarib – Caribbean Hurricane Network

US National Hurricane Center – Atlantic weather outlook


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Divorce lawyers: one frustrated client sounds off

Submitted by email. Author’s name withheld by editor

We are a society where the lawyers are a law unto themselves and people have had to suffer because of the practices of a fraternity. The court process in Barbados is flawed with people who have no interest in justice. The ego of these who think they have lives hanging in the balance is huge. For the past X years I’ve been going through a divorce and have had to go to many lawyers, each one worse than the last.

The thing is they don’t take kindly to you knowing what you are about and asking for what you want, because of ego. They went to law school, you didn’t so you must shut up and let them speak, even though it is your life. I have had the pleasure of files going missing in the registry on court day when the Judge would need it. I have had lawyers withholding my file because they feel as if they should do so out of spite. Continue reading


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