National Geographic chooses Zed’s Surfing Adventures as one of the Top Ten best surfing schools in the world!

Congratulations to Zed Layson and the whole bunch at Zed’s Surfing!

“Still largely unsung (and untouristed) by surfers, Barbados’s sandy shore breaks and warm, forgiving waves actually make it an excellent learners’ spot. Zed Layson and his instructors at Zed’s Surfing Adventures offer everything from private day lessons to weeklong packages, but the three-day “Be a Surfer” program, which includes twice-daily small-group lessons, leaves you enough time to explore the island (and its snorkeling—especially to view the cool shipwrecks and vivid coral reefs off the west coast—kayaking, and rum-punch-fueled nightlife).”

…from National Geographic’s Top 10 Surf Schools


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12 responses to “National Geographic chooses Zed’s Surfing Adventures as one of the Top Ten best surfing schools in the world!

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    VERY many congratulations to Zed and his team. Richly deserved. I really hope that this will be recognised by the BTA and they run with it.

  2. Charles Davis, Mississauga, Canada

    Wife, 3 kids and I did Zed’s three day course last winter. The instructors are patient with children and make everything fun and easy. Zed’s was easily the best of a wonderful vacation. We’ll be back!

  3. 18

    What a joke! Ha ha

  4. Zed Layson

    Thank you Adrian and Charles. Its not easy trying to please everyone all the time, but i know my team tries really hard to make sure everyone has a great time.
    I hope this does a’lot for barbados and others in this sector in the future.

    Thanks for your comments


  5. yatiniteasy

    At last..some good news about Barbados..Congratulations to Zed and his company. We need as much positive exposure as we can get. Surfing is one of the top sports in the World right now, but it has been sadly ignored by most people in the Barbados Government, and in particular, the Board of Tourism.


    Go Zed!

  7. Zed Layson

    Thanks Yatiniteasy and Twwifos, Hope to be able to continue making people happy surfing when they come to out little rock in the ocean.

  8. 174

    Congrats Zed – And hope everything works out great for you with the snorkel tours!
    Gary (who sold you the lock n dock)

  9. Zed Layson

    Thank you gary… Working on it.

  10. goody

    Zed’s Surfing is an ideal model for many small tourism businesses in Barbados. There is no mega investment necessary. i’m sure Zed has everything he owns tied up in the business, and it has grown to include his building and vehicles, but let’s face it: he started with nothing but a couple of surfboards, talent to teach others and hard work to gather customers and keep them coming back.

    His success is not due to government support or intervention. His success is because he worked hard and gathered good people around him and they consistently delivered a good product at a good price. Neither did he wait for people to find him, he aggressively marketed and co-marketed taking all available opportunities for free publicity (and there are lots of those.)

    Zed’s Surfing is so unlike the mega-tourism failures that require big public money to survive. Those businesses that suck on the public teat aren’t businesses, they are parasites. They aren’t entrepreneurial, they are on the dole.

    We should have a thousand successful small tourism businesses just as successful as Zed’s but the public teat culture ruins Bajans for business success.

  11. Adrian Loveridge


    so well said and I couldn’t have told it better. What really irks me that Zed’s story is NOT highlighted by the BTA and local traditional media.
    Government (s) would rather plough millions of taxpayer dollars into hotels only to see them close down and lay-off hundreds of people (Gems, Silver Sands and Almond Beach Village as examples).

    I have wrote about Zed in tomorrows Tourism MATTERS – Monday 6th August – Barbados Business Authority. Ask yourself a simple question – When was the last time a senior BTA manager or Minister of Tourism visited Surfers Point?

  12. Zed Layson

    Thanks for the comments Goody and Adrian, i really appreciate it. i guess we will see what the future holds.