Shocking misinformation by politicians on tourism: the foundation of our economy

by Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

Whenever possible I listen to the radio broadcasts of both houses of Parliament, especially if there is a possibility tourism will be discussed. When recently, Senate members were responding to the budget, I paid particular attention to one speaker and was frankly shocked by the level of misinformation about our number one industry that was being disseminated. I thought that at any moment, one of the other twenty Senators would raise a point or order and everybody present would benefit from fact rather than fiction.

Sadly, it didn’t happen, and I got to thinking that if tourism is really going to be taken seriously at all levels of governance, should we not have people in place that are sufficiently informed to make a positive contribution.

Looking around at the composition of the Upper House, it consists of lawyers, a captain of commerce, agriculturalist, financial advisor, clergyman, trade unionist, former diplomat, teacher, credit union manager, academic, economist, and a medical professor amongst others. In all, individuals, many of which have four or five decades of acquired ability and knowledge in their own fields of endeavour.

But not a single tourism expert, with the length and breadth knowledge of the industry to ensure that all the combined expertise is maximised in this sector. Perhaps it is unreasonable for everyone to be an thoroughly versed on every subject debated, but surely more homework has to be done to allow information proffered is constructive rather than destructive.


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5 responses to “Shocking misinformation by politicians on tourism: the foundation of our economy

  1. haha

    we do not like tourism experts. they who studided it are scorned here. any idiot can run tourism: engineers, lawyers, people who sell home lighting, project managers, people who work in labour etc. does not matter, that is why the place is a dump and has no direction – well except downward so it is only obvious that stats and core issues are ignored cause these experts always know best.

  2. Jetset

    Tourism experts seem to be prodominently white and that is as good a reason for many in Parliament to not like them, so they do the ‘by guess and by god’ routine with the most important part of our economy. They would rather get it wrong than to be seen to go to a white for advice.

  3. eleemosynary

    If you looked at GE, you would have found a Chemical Engineer in John Welch who between 1981 and 2001 moved revenues from13 billion to 410 billion. He did it with products outside his expertise; Appliances, Aviation, Rail, Software, Lighting, etc. Don’t be so arrogant in thinking that a Lawyer or a Credit Union Manager do not have the same capacity for tourism.

  4. Adrian Loveridge


    Agreed Jack Welch, quite a remarkable person. But I think you are comparing apples with pears. I am sure that he did not talk a lot of rubbish about GE products and if he didn’t know, he made the effort to find out.
    Fascinating biography ‘ while at GE he blew off the roof at the factory and was almost fired for doing so’.
    ‘he had little time for bureaucracy and archaic business ways’.

    I don’t think its arrogance, but more a concern that we need the right people in the right jobs.

  5. Moneybrain

    I can certainly confirm your observation that sometimes outsiders can utilise their lack of detailed knowledge to think innovatively. However, your choice of Jack Welch is a real reach since he is one of the most brilliant managers on Earth.

    The flaw in your argument is that the people involved ALREADY represent far flung expertise in other areas and so they need at least one expert from the Industry.

    The racial angle is ridiculous, especially in today’s Global Financial mess.
    The Western World still has about 10Yrs of very low growth to contend with and Bajans better understand that we cant afford the luxury of racism, party politics or anything else that prevents the best, most experienced BRAINS from being invited to present solutions to SAVE BIM from utter FAILURE. It is going to be very difficult in any case since Europe and the US are in very deep trouble and highly likely to CREATE MONEY out of thin air to INFINITY and that means VISCOUS INFLATION as in $50 Rotis at Cheffette!