Sanka Price delivers a message to Health Minister Pornville Inniss

It’s a long story folks, but Sanka’s latest column is all about delivering a sideways message to Minister of Health Donville Inniss. Now that it is published, we can say that aloud.

How do we know this? Let’s just say a little birdie told us so…

Why do we continue to publish the Donville Inniss pornography business story? Simple: Mr. Inniss refuses to acknowledge or explain his involvement with the porn industry, where his profits went, and whether or not his political campaign or the DLP received contributions from the online porn industry. We believe it matters and that Bajan voters are unaware of the truth because the news media refuses to cover this story.

Porn is not harmless. The porn industry is undeniably associated with human trafficking and the degradation of women. We believe that matters – and that our elected representatives should not be associated with the porn industry.

For background, check out BFP’s Barbados Health Minister attacks journalist over questions about Minister’s porn business profiteering

I Confess

as told to Sanka Price

I LEFT THE MAN I LOVE because he is obsessed with pornography.

It was difficult leaving him after nine years of friendship before we became a couple in the last two years. But I had to walk away to stay sane and keep my self-respect…

… read it all at The Nation: His love for porn hurt me.


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5 responses to “Sanka Price delivers a message to Health Minister Pornville Inniss

  1. Bajan Woman crying

    Dear Barbados Free Press,

    Thank you for not letting this go and fade away. Donville or any man involved with the porn industry is not fit to hold public office.

    The women pay. always the women pay. one way or another the women pay. Men see this and they see women as disposable. This never changes.

    Where are Bajan women on this? The evidence cannot be denied: Inniss did it.

  2. Sweet Home

    Porn can be an addiction as powerful as drugs. Drug dealers should be hanged.

  3. 155

    Nothing will happen just talk talk talk…….no action action action.

  4. 248

    Tobacco dealers should be hanged for selling the REAL killer weed

  5. OMG, all this time and none of Inniss 2 bosses fired his perverted ass. he continues to live off taxpayers dime as well, the moral fabric of the society is now completely and utterly destroyed. no wonder productivity across the board in bim is an embarassing 33%, no one cares anymore. trinidad will definitely have to do something to protect its huge investment on the island.