“So long for now” to Nicole Garofano… and thanks!

“We have 166sq miles to make this country home, to feed ourselves, to dispose of our waste, to provide jobs, to welcome the 1.1 million visitors per year, to make a sustainable use of the resources we are blessed with and to enhance our general well being. Land use policies must be fervently considered to ensure a sustainable future for all those living now, and those to come, if Barbados is to continue to prosper in a holistic manner. What we do to our lands, we do to ourselves.”

… Future Centre Trust

After 8 years of hard work at The Future Centre Trust, practical environmentalist supreme Nicole Garofano headed home to her native Australia.

When she first arrived in Bim back in 2004, Nicole thought she would visit Barbados for three months. Fortunately for us she stuck around and devoted almost a decade to making our home cleaner and better in so many ways. In her last few years her voice became louder cautioning about our loss of agricultural lands and the dangers of giving up on producing as much of our own food as we can.

Shawn Cumberbatch’s article in Barbados Today gives a good overview of the legacy Nicole Garofano leaves for Barbados. There’s lots more to be done, but Nicole added well to the foundation laid by Doctor Colin Hudson and others.

Thanks, Nicole!

Barbados Today: Dream fulfilled


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2 responses to ““So long for now” to Nicole Garofano… and thanks!

  1. George

    We sure need more people like Nicole, I am surprised that Immigration allowed her to stay so long, however Barbados is thankful have people like you to help us, unfortunately when you leave, your work will come to a halt.
    I do not believe any one will take over from where you have left off. Not A Bajan.

  2. Nicole Garofano

    Thank you for posting this tribute Barbados Free Press! I am extremely honoured! Living in Barbados was a dream I never realised I had, but I have been so very blessed with every experience! As a person I am enriched through the meeting of every individual who shared part of their homeland with me and who helped me learn so much about my beautiful Barbados! Thank you again. And George, there is indeed someone who will continue the work – in fact there are many people who will continue the work and it is with that that I feel comfortable in leaving to earn a degree or two!
    Thank you Barbados! You have blessed my life!