London Evening Standard fakes news photo of Hans and Eva Rausing in Barbados

Breaking original story: Please credit Barbados Free Press

London Evening Standard’s fake news photo!

News article: Barbados lifestyle is drugs, parties, polo, sex… and more drugs!

According to the London Evening Standard, our island home Barbados is nothing but a nest of wild parties, drugs and illicit sex that is somehow responsible for the death of Eva Rausing.

And then while writer Jane Mulkerrins expands little bits of information into a major story titled “Dark side of paradise… the death of Eva Rausing puts the spotlight on Barbados” the paper couldn’t find a photo of the Rausings in Barbados.

The motto of The London Evening Standard: “No photo? No problem! We’ll fake one!”

So they just PhotoShopped a picture of Hans and Eva and stuck it on a Barbados beach background.

Nowhere in the news article or on the photo does it indicate that this news photo is a fiction. It’s titled: “Tight circle: Hans and Eva Rausing as well as the Kemeneys and Kidds have houses on Barbados”

The real AP photo!

The real photo was taken by the Associated Press and shows the Rausings at Winfield House, London.

Hmmmmmmm…. I wonder what else London Evening Standard faked without telling its readers?


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24 responses to “London Evening Standard fakes news photo of Hans and Eva Rausing in Barbados

  1. Jrjrjrjr

    These people would have taken drugs regardless of where they lived or partied. I’ve been to Barbados about 25 times and not once been to a drug fuelled party/sex party !

  2. A policy holder

    Barbados is getting bad publicity right now! Between this couple, and Riannah, people who’ve never visited the island could easily think it was such a place. Wild drunken sex filled drug parties. Trouble is none of the residents know of these parties, nor when and where they are/were held


    This is a FAKE???? (looks like it was shot in front of a screen)

  4. countryview

    All the polo players I know in Barbados are gay can’t have more than one drink because their tummies stop working.

  5. St George's Dragon

    Please can someone let me know where the wild drug fuelled sex party is tonight. I would like to go.

  6. St George's Dragon

    Sorry, my wife says I can’t go, but she is apparently available.

  7. robert ross

    @ St George

    Great! I’ll take her (you take mine….OK?).

  8. robert ross

    I can’t imagine for a moment that this article will do other than boost Virgin’s tally of package holiday visitors. It makes the whole scene SOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting in an ‘I’ve got more money than sense’ sense. I wish. Meanwhile…… the Gap is now dead and as for the “street parties” in Holetown mentioned by one blogger – you what? Holetown is also dead after 9.30. They tell me, however, that Nelson Street NEVER DIES except in daylight.

  9. judyjudy

    A taxi driver once took my daughter and I back to our hotel via Nelson Street. HIS IDEA OF FUNNY I GUESS.

  10. an observer

    How much lower can standards go for tabloid journalism in the UK?

  11. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Policy Holder

    I understand what you are saying but I think what you said is a bunch of bull. So Rihanna and these two people are public icons but are only two people whom the world knows have made their choices to do crap for the sake of doing crap. How could their choices have a negative slant for Barbados. The Rausin’s built a massive mansion here and in the confines of their luxury they choose to go down a dark road. How the heck would any Barbadian have known what was going on in the confines of their mansion if it was not bought into the public domain like it is now.

    The press is known for sensationalism and manipulating the truth a bit to sell papers. So what better way to carry this story but by hinting that a Caribbean paradise island (which is every Europeans dream holiday) was the making for the Rausin’s romping ranchy sessions of drugs, sex and fun frolics. The world is known for its sexual exploits and litte perverted endeavours. Barbados- No exception!!!

    No one in Barbados put a gun to Rihanna or the Rausin’s heads. All we did was welcome their investment. (Still waiting on stingy ass Rihanna to make hers). They used their own ‘guns’. Next will be Rihanna who has started to go down the road of haste to waste.

  12. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    By the way I love Rihanna and her music so before some smart ass alic come telling how I is a Rihanna hater lete me tell you that I absolutely love Rihanna just vex with the nonsense she doing with her life. Complete good girl gone idiot

  13. 106

    I have been to Barbados many times and never had anything but a lovely time. Friendly people, good food & rum and NO wild sex parties. Media, blah blah blah!!!!

  14. integrity from a UK tabloid?

    This is not the London Times

    Like the Hearst newspapers of old and yellow journalism this tabloid is only about sales. They have covered their legal bases and what’s a little sensationalism and photo fixing?

  15. victor

    I don’t have a problem with the photoshopping of the picture, it was so obviously a pastiche that nobody would be fooled. Even the people were photoshopped into the picture.

    What made me laugh was the assertion that “you are never more than 10 minute stroll from a palm-dappled shore” yeah, do that walk from the middle of St George. The article was just silly. I wonder if Jane Mulkerrins has ever even been on the island. I know that a small group of wealthy people do carry on that lifestyle in Barbados but they would do the same wherever they were. And it is true what she says about all kinds of people mixing together which is different from other places where the wealthy hedonists hang out. but the article does not mention the others on the island who work hard and struggle for a living – the majority. I must say, in all my years nobody has ever offered me coke in Barbados, not once. Only the odd spliff.

    You can be rich and wander into a rumshop anywhere on the island, and have a great time, true. No bodyguards required, unless you happen to be walking home to your hotel and lose your Rolex…. But can you be poor and wander into Sandy Lane for a beer? No way. The only reason this ridiculous article was published is that everyone in the media wants to know what really happened with the death and no information is available because of the police investigation, so they print a story, dragging in the Kidds and anyone else famous for a splash photo story. No different from local papers anyway, journalism at its finest.

    Most visitors to Barbados will not be deterred by this story but they might be surprised to find an island where people are just going around doing their business as best they can with a cheerful demeanour being nice to the visitors. Eventually we will be told how the poor creature met her death after years of drug addiction and why her body lay undiscovered for over a week in Chelsea and whether her husband had anything to do with her demise but at the end of the day it is just about a couple who, although advantaged, just couldn’t cope with life without indulging in hard drugs.

    This story will not harm the Barbados tourist industry; if anything it will make the destination more alluring because of the glamour and rich people thing like Monaco.

  16. Casey

    The photo was a poor photoshop, it’s true, but no poorer than the ones from China government or the 1000 that Reuters pawned off on an unsuspecting public over the years in the Middle East and had to recall.

    The standard for journalism is not whether an ordinary person should have been able to tell the photo is a fake, but whether a photo is clearly labelled for what it is. In other words: the truth is the standard for journalism.

    The London Evening Standard just proved once again that they are no better than a teenaged blog writer putting photos together at their kitchen table.

    Way to go, Standard! We knew you were like that. This is only more proof.

  17. Jonathan Wrigley

    Dont worry about that silly article, claiming Barbados is all hedonistic and drug filled, cant you read the oozing jealousy?

    What Barbados IS filled with is a host of beautiful girls. For evidence, go to the centre pages of the Barbados Today online newspaper, which is focusing on the Crop Over Festival costumes.

    My Gosh, a ton of beautiful girls, absolutely stunning, gorgeous and amazing girls!!!!!!

  18. countryview

    Ef oi hadda wife looking like Eva face oi wudda put some show laces pun it en wear she bowt as uh ole boot…or oi wudda ded qik so rather dan wake up en lookuh dat.

  19. victor

    Couldn’t agree more Countryview but money marries money otherwise why? Yet they say they were “soul mates” so who are we to argue?

  20. gee

    The uk media are notorious for this. Its hypocritical as we have a major drug epedemic that affects all walks of society.sadly this would have happened wherever as its about addiction not what country you are in .

  21. St George's Dragon

    Just back from a party on the West Coast. Left early because of a lack of drugs and sex. What is Barbados coming to these days?

  22. 32535834/24346-C66

    We’re probably fairly safe with this article
    since most human beings (even the Brits) can ‘smell a rat’.

    The article is so full of un-real crapola and clear flights of fantasy
    that 98% of readers(globally) will roll their eyes to heaven
    and say Whateverrr…!

    If the writer did experience a Barbados like this
    we all owe her our deepest sympathy
    because her one visit was a most unfortunate, atypical, abnormal visit
    and she should try hard to stay away from that crowd
    and that scene for the good of her soul
    -not to mention her health..both physiological and psychological!

  23. Bimshire Billy

    I can’t find any record online of this ‘journalist’ Jane Mulkerrins ever being to Barbados in person. She is a prolific writer so I thought there would be a travel article or celebrity article indicating that she had interviewed someone in Barbados or seen the country first hand.


    I don’t think that Jane Mulkerrins has ever been to Barbados in person.

    You can tell she’s been to New York, Colorado, LA and a host of other places by reading the content of the articles, but the London Evening Standard article is written in sort of a 3rd person all knowing view without first person confirmation.

    What is the truth here? Has Jane Mulkerrins ever been to Barbados? Did she ever attend any drug sex parties while she was there. Quite common according to her, surely she attended an orgy or two herself!

  24. countryview