Victoria Rowell to replace pot-smoking Rihanna for Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson? Victoria WHO?

“Rihanna knows she’s the BTA spokesperson, so what’s with the drugs in public?”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Today we are treated in the news to dueling stories about the outgoing and incoming spokesgirls for the Barbados Tourism Authority.

Barbados Ambassador Rihanna is at it again, having been photographed in Barbados smoking an apparent ‘blunt’. Looks like a blunt to me. (For the unfamiliar, a ‘blunt’ is a hollowed-out cigarello filled with some choice weed of which we have plenty in B’town.) I know the girl was here for her grandmother’s funeral and I respect that, and I don’t think that smoking some herb will do any harm to a person.


The girl is supposed to be the BTA spokesperson and we’re paying her who knows how much to represent the very best face for this island. She knows she’s being photographed. She knows she’s the BTA spokesperson, so what’s with the drugs in public? This latest photo follows similar photos elsewhere (Hawaii ?) and Rihanna’s Tweets about smoking grass. The ‘best by’ expiry date is long past for the girl as the BTA spokesperson, know what I mean? Time to find a replacement.

Meet Rihanna’s BTA replacement… WHO?

Truth be told I never lived under no rock for the past twenty years. I have a job. I have friends, I watch CBC and download torrents of first run Hollywood movies from Pirate’s Bay. I read the newspapers and kill a paperback a month while sitting on the toilet, know what I mean?

I never heard of no Victoria Rowell. I heard of the soap opera The Young and The Restless, but I never watched it. I never heard of the character ‘Drucilla Winters’ or Victoria Rowell, the actress who plays her. I know Rowell plays ‘Drucilla Winters’ because I read it in the Barbados Advocate. In the Nation they have a photo of Rowell with two other women and one man and they have to identify her by saying “second right“. Man, how famous is you when the photo has to say “second right”?

It looks like the BTA traded Rihanna for Victoria Rowell (WHO?) and Victoria was in the news touring Bim and saying nice things about a place she’s obviously never been before.

How much are we paying for all this? I just can’t take it anymore. The pain is too much!

Pass that blunt, RiRi. I need to breathe deep.

Junior Tomas, Crab Hill


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25 responses to “Victoria Rowell to replace pot-smoking Rihanna for Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson? Victoria WHO?

  1. A policy holder

    Rihhana = Too much too soon, after having too little

    She “should” have been a wonderful ambassador for Barbados. Certainly being able to promote the island HOWEVER it is time to pull Rihanna’s plug unless of course we want Barbados to be thought of as a second Amsterdam where pot and ALL ITS RELATIVES are readily available

  2. Jrjrjrjr

    I like your style Junior !

  3. michelle

    Why did it take so long to drop Rihanna??? Demand a refund from Rihanna!!!!!. If the Gov’t of B’dos and the people of B’dos funded her role as ambassador get the money back. ENUF

  4. berchel

    Bad publicity based on smoking pot won’t affect Rihhana one iota. Get rid of her as a spokesperson for the BTA and if she is asked let her open the door with her reply why she was dropped

  5. kimesha

    Let’s not blame Rihanna. Maybe she is so jaded that she wants out and the only way to do so is to act the way she has been doing for a while. Maybe, the glitz and glamour life is too hard on her at this time. Maybe her sponsors treats her as a fantasy of their imagination and she may have grown tired of it. Maybe she may have to leave all the money behind if she wants out at this time. Maybe it is hard to go back to the point at which she began those few years ago. I am truly sorry for her but she may have played in a league way above her level. Keep saying your prayers Rihanna. May your God bless you and keep you. May He make his face to shine upon you and give you His peace, now and for ever. So mote it be.

  6. millertheanunnaki

    @ kimesha July 14, 2012 at 12:04 am
    “…..May He make his face to shine upon you and give you His peace, now and for ever. So mote it be.”

    I like very much your contribution- sympathetic but constructively critical. Maybe its time she gets back to her roots and forget about the hypocrisy and materialism of the entertainment world.
    But, kimesha, what do you understand by those written in the book of Numbers chapter 6? May he (God) make his face shine on you? What shines on you?

  7. victor

    Just remind me, how old was Rhianna when she was so celebrated and given the role of being a spokesperson for the youth of Barbados? Did she suddenly have to turn into a real grown up, just at the beginning of her musical career to gratify the population of Barbados? The country went mad with delight that the girl got famous, good for the country but what about her? She still had to endure all the problems like being beaten up by Chris Brown etc. and the issues dealing with the music lawyers at that young age. She never asked to be given the honours she was given and why should she be expected to live up to a standard she never agreed to set? Just because she is a good singer and popular, does not mean she should turn into some kind of Goody-Goody Miss Perfect. I wish she did not feel the need to masturbate on stage in front of thousands of fans but hey, if that rocks her boat more fool her. Maybe she’ll grow out of it.

  8. Jonathan Wrigley

    ”HOWEVER it is time to pull Rihanna’s plug ”

    Pull Rihanna’s Plug? Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    She has got more net assets than Barbados does, silly! She also has nice assets!

  9. I think she wanted out of that good image, she wants to be labelled as the bad girl image, just like all the celebrities in hollywood, The bad press gets all the news, not the good image.

  10. besides Barbados have lots of highly educated people that can fill that post, why promote a person because of their fame and beauty, promote a person who will represent Barbados in a positive way. Rhianna exposes too much of her personal life, and wants to be labelled an American girl rather than a bajan girl. I think she wants to disassociate herself from everything bajan, but bajans too stupid to get the message.

  11. that’s why Colin Jordan give up his post at the BTA, bajans wont listen, he was saying that tourism is more than getting tourists in the island, its the message Barbados sends, the image, and the long term marketing, which have to be positive, that is what tourism is all about.

  12. A policy holder

    Barbadians are the biggest imitators of things American. Most often it’s the worst of what America has. For instance growing up from school beginning at 6 we never had graduations and parties, proms, call them what you wish. Just designed to expense the poor parents even further. Halloween, Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentines day and the list goes on. Soon we’ll be celebrating Columbus Day and the July 4th. Rihanna has thrown herself in to “Americana” in the worst possible way and has apparently discarded all the basic Bajan values she was raised with. As said before too too much too soon and if she follows and imitates the life style of of the majority of successful young artists she’ll be dead or drugged out by 30 and people will be saying who was Rihanna?

  13. A policy holder

    Sorry, Barbadians…… Definitely NOT Barbarians. A Sunday typo!

  14. She'll be GLAD for the relief.

    Oh for God’s sake,
    relieve the woman of this shitty forced-upon-her “role”!

    She will be glad as RamGoat, relief to the fullest..
    to be no longer a Barbados “role-model” and other silly human fantasies
    based on celebrity, whatever Amerikin invention that is.

    And if she wants to partake of the world’s healthiest and most popular intoxicant, that is her logical common-sense choice.

    We got over slavery:
    we can and will get over Cannabis Prohibition!
    It’s coming soon, as soon as America crumbles, which won’t be long now..

    Did u know (you prob. didn’t..)
    There’s a huuuge pro-Cannabis movement going on in South America.
    We don’t get to hear about it, due to the language barrier
    but every straight-thinking person is ready to kick Uncle Sam’s ass re. Cannabis Prohibition…him and all his UN protocols and anti-drug agreements that we find ourselves foolishly roped into.

    De bodi gyne bus’ jes’ now.

  15. Spinelli

    I agree with Kemishe and Nanci. She wants out of this position tht was forced upon her because of her fame. Home we say we grow up too fast too soon. She is giving them the grounds to let her go. So loosed her. Barbados has some fine women of mother earth who would do a great job. The long term image and the marketing and message we send = Tourism.

  16. millertheanunnaki

    @ Spinelli July 16, 2012 at 4:06 pm
    “Barbados has some fine women of mother earth who would do a great job”

    Joke you making, no?
    Rihanna is a globally recognised star and icon.
    Name one of those fine women that can come within a million miles to even tie the laces on Rihanna’s trainers.

  17. Breadfruit

    Victor, well said, pity the press don’t back off & get out of her face for a while & maybe she’ll calm a little, I hope so for her sake, been through a lot for one so young & dealt with it very well. She is not the ‘little girl next door’ anymore, she’s an international superstar & living the life that goes with it & behaving a lot better than a lot of them.
    As for Bajan values? that’s a joke these days, go down Spring Garden on Kadooment Day & spot our Bajan values at work, like sex in public. See men urinating in the street IN PUBLIC day in day out, swearing & fighting in the bus stand, drinking at shops while waiting for trucks to collect them for work at 7am, or walk through a lot of villages & get stoned just doing so, friend saw a woman take a stick out of her bag & whip a 2 year old on the legs in the Fairchild St bus stand a few weeks ago. What values you trying to tell me about?

  18. victor

    Breadfruit, when I complained about the masturbating on stage thing, people immediately drew my attention to the fact that she IS a Bajan and said that is what they do at Kadooment! So in a weird way, she is behaving like a Bajan, according to them. But this kind of behaviour can be observed in Europe as well during festivals such as in Austria on Rosen Montag or is it Sontag, forget,, part of the Fasching parties in winter, where on that one day, anyone is traditionally allowed to have sex with anyone else married or not and apparently the birth rate spikes 9 months later.

  19. Fed up

    BFP you have no decency or credibility whatsoever. Having read the articles you linked in the local newpapers I see anywhere where Victoria Who is replacing Rihanna as a spokesperson for Barbados Tourism Authority. In fact unless I missed it nowhere did I read that Rihanna herself is a spokesperson for the Authority. Why use your blog to lie thru your arse. Why not engage in uplifting and factual discussion which could take the island forward. Stop the stupid childish lies you must notice the hits on your blog have dwindled in a big way.

  20. BFP

    Hello Fed up:

    Us? Decency and credibility? Sure we got lots. Anyway we have more than any Minister of Government who made money from desperate pregnant women doing sex acts on the internet for live audiences.

    If you want to call us down for printing this letter from Junior T, no problem, but ya might want to do some internet research next time so ya don’t look like such a foolish person.

    First of all, you never heard of Rihanna working as the major promoter for the BTA? What… you been on the moon or something? Here. Read this:

    Barbados Tourism Authority and Rihanna Ink Three-Year Marketing Deal

    One of the best-selling artists of all time with more than 30 million records and 100 million singles sold, Rihanna has signed a multi-year deal with The Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) to exclusively promote her hometown island of Barbados as a tourist destination.

    The three-year partnership officially kicks off in Bridgetown, Barbados on August 5, 2011 with a full-length concert of her current “Loud” tour produced by the BTA and Roc Nation.

    “Barbados is a place like no other and one of the reasons for this is the spirit and national pride of our people,” said Rihanna. “I want each and every visitor to this beautiful island to experience what makes this destination different from all others and that is the spirit and warmth of my fellow Barbadians.”

    As an ambassador for the island of Barbados, over the next three years, Rihanna will exclusively promote the destination through advertising campaigns, promotional appearances and via her social media presence. In addition to her concert in Barbados this summer, Rihanna will promote travel to the island from Brazil during her appearance on tour in September.

    “In the hearts of every Barbadian, Rihanna is known as the girl down the road, but to the world she has become a musical sensation and social phenomenon,” said Barbados’ Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Richard L. Sealy. “She is a great source of national pride to Barbados and we are thrilled to enter into this formal partnership to promote Barbados as a leading tourist destination.”

    Second of all, read the articles about Victoria Rowell, particularly the Advocate one where it says:

    Barbados could soon have a famous face promoting the island in advertisements and programmes that would be seen in the US and throughout the world.

    This is because Victoria Rowell, known for her portrayal of Drucilla Winters on the popular soap opera The Young and The Restless, is planning on working with the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) to lend her profile and her expertise to this cause. She revealed as much to members of the media yesterday at the Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth.

    “I really would like to participate with the BTA in offering my personality and my persona to a tourism commercial to advocate for tourism for the beautiful island of Barbados. Additionally, offering my directorial expertise puts the two together to formulate an idea – a 30-second spot, a one-minute spot and then perhaps even a single reel of 15 seconds.”

    Third of all, the headline is a question. You know, a question? ie: Not a statement but a question based upon all the included facts.

    Fourth of all: as far a hits on our blog goes, what? 2 million visitors a year not enough for you? Check out some of the independent rating services like Alexis and you’ll find that we have three times the audience of Barbados Underground. We are the number 1 Barbados blog by all indications. #2 is The Bajan Reporter. #3 trailing is BU because the same 15 or 20 people having a conversation every day mean diddly when it comes to worldwide audience.

    Don’t believe us, Donville. Check it out yourself using independent verification methods.

    Thank you!

  21. Vexed

    The drugs in public make Rihanna useless for tourism promotion. time to say goodbye.

  22. Sweet Home

    Time to say goodbye is right. The benefit of Rihanna to our tourism is fading fast. Her fan base is not the traveling kind. Her fans are not the kind that have money and time to vacation in Barbados.




  24. This was not forced upon her … She could have said No.
    From the time she decided and accepted this path in life she DID ask to be given honours. But once again she could have said No. Having put herself in that life and enjoying all the fame and fortune that comes with it, also comes responsibility to self respect.
    They took long to drop her ………………

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