Shocking photos of Eva and Hans Rausing show what drugs do

UPDATE: Hans Rausing lived with wife’s dead body for up to a week!

£15million mansion “drug den, living in squalor’

“Eva Rausing, the wife of an heir to the Tetra Pak fortune, may have lay dead for up to a week in a bedroom at the couple’s £50m central London home, it emerged yesterday.” The Independent

“It was total squalor. Really messy. You wouldn’t believe they were billionaires. It shows the effects of drugs. They couldn’t look after themselves or their house. They only used two rooms despite having dozens. It’s very sad indeed.” Mail Online

The photos…

Seven years ago…

(Hans & Eva Rausing photo used with permission: Copyright –

A few weeks ago…

click for large photo

Photos courtesy of Mail Online: The shocking decline of the TetraPak billionaire and his wife.

BFP: Eva Rausing found dead. Husband Hans Kristian Rausing arrested.


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5 responses to “Shocking photos of Eva and Hans Rausing show what drugs do

  1. Jrjrjrjr

    What a shocking waste of a life

  2. 99

    So called recreation drugs,what a terrible description for the damage it causes

  3. countryview

    eh ehhh, ogly does doe mine money den…

  4. gee

    Thats what class A drugs do. I dont see you taking photos of the many ordinary crack cocaine addicts walking around barbados. I feel for any addict but society and goverments make a song a dance out of it when its a celebrity or someone of status. Open your eyes bim your island has a big crack problem and you have sat back and done nothing much about it for years.

  5. gee

    Class A drugs are not recreational in any sense. Barbados needs to address this problem and stop ignoring it as it dosent fit into their norm. Its the same with the attitude in general to domestic violence.