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Prime Minister Stuart and the FBI report: When idiocy meets the politics of corruption

“Campaign Donation” deposited into Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s personal bank account. DLP & BLP politicians engage in corruption  without fear that the next government will investigate and lay charges.

The DLP doesn’t want to see the FBI report any more than the BLP does

Nobody wants to break the DLP – BLP agreement that no corruption charges will be laid

Ten years ago, then Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur publicly acknowledged that the US FBI had delivered to him a report on the corrupt activities of Barbados ‘public officials’ – whatever was meant by the term ‘public officials’ at the time. Were the ‘public officials’ elected? Appointed? Both? Bajans never knew because the moment the news of the report appeared, that was the end of the story as is usual ’bout hey…

Until the other night in Parliament when Owen Arthur and our accidental Prime Minister had it out in a child-like ‘Did so!’ – ‘Did not!’ exchange.

Said PM Stuart about the FBI report…

“One of the first things that my predecessor in office [late Prime Minister David Thompson] enquired about in my presence at Government Headquarters on the Friday after the general election, was that FBI report.

“It could not be found anywhere, although that honourable Member [Arthur) had said that it was received, and he was aware it was on his desk.”

…Prime Minister Freundel Stuart talks about David Thompson trying to find the FBI corruption report.

Big news for the DLP and the Prime Minister: The FBI has a copy of their own report! (Gasp!)

Here we are heading for five years of DLP government and only now our PM (and former Attorney General) raises the issue of the ‘missing’ FBI corruption report? When the report couldn’t be found back in 2008, did PM Thompson or his Attorney General Stuart ask the FBI for another copy? Nope, they didn’t.

I guarantee that if the FBI delivered a report to the Government of Barbados, that agency would have a copy of it filed away. There is NO WAY that the FBI would deliver a report to a foreign government and not keep an exact copy of what was delivered. The current little stage play in Parliament is nothing more than politics at its worst.

If the DLP government really wanted a copy of the FBI report, they could have arranged to have it… but they didn’t really want it.

The DLP deceived Bajans about Integrity Legislation, FOI, conflict of interest rules…

The DLP was elected largely because of the public disgust with the open corruption of the Arthur/Mottley government and the DLP’s promise to implement Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information as a priority in their first 100 days in office. The DLP also promised to put conflict of interest rules and a Ministerial Code in place “immediately” on the first day in office.

The integrity and corruption issue was what pushed the DLP over the top to victory in the January 2008 election – that much was stated clearly at the time in both the Bajan and UK news media.

But almost five years later the DLP government hasn’t laid a single corruption charge against anyone – although the government has had ample time and opportunity. The promised Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation will never become law prior to the next election. It will die with this last session of Parliament. The conflict of interest rules and Ministerial Code were never declared.

You see folks, the DLP and the BLP have had this agreement for 20 years and more: lots of shouting and talk and accusations, but no real action, no charges against each other. Neither party wants to start what would be a destructive war that might consume all, and therefore neither party will ever lay corruption charges against other politicians.

It just wouldn’t be wise for either party to start that kind of a fight.

And the public interest be damned to hell… the politicians don’t want to stop their ability to make something on the side.

Further Reading

Readers are encouraged to visit The Nation to read the below article online, but we have to reprint it here in its entirety as The Nation sometimes removes news stories for political reasons…

Bring it!

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