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Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley responsible for the Al Barrack mega-mess

UPDATED: November 18, 2012

More lies from PM Stuart

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart yesterday told The Nation that contractor Al Barrack will get the $77 million owed to him by the Government of Barbados. This, of course, is a lie. The DLP government has been at the helm since January 2008 and have not started to pay Barrack. The BLP now awaiting to form the next government will not pay him either.

Al Barrack is screwed. He’s one man who had a large contract with the Government of Barbados. The courts have said that Barrack must be paid, but the government does what it wants and does not obey the courts. Always been that way, ’nuff said.

The Government, whether DLP or BLP, is waiting for Al Barrack to die.

That is the way that things work ’bout hey with big court cases involving small people. It worked that way with Violet Beckles and it will work that way with Al Barrack. The Barbados Mafia is waiting for him to die.

Story as originally published June 28, 2012…

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The Al Barrack monster mess we know originated during the days of  Owen Arthur. Like it or not Bajans, the BLP government under leadership of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley awarded Al Barrack Construction Company a thirty-six million dollor contract WITHOUT TENDER. The court in 2006 ruled in favor of Barrack for 34.4 million. Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the David Thompson administration but nothing from Arthur.

He, Arthur, instead of surrendering payment of some kind to Al Barrack, invested 2.4 million dollars into a Nigerian Water Heater project.  No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million was lost and or unaccounted for.

That was some magic trick: “now you see 2.4 million, now you don’t” 2.4 million. The $75,000 ‘campaign donation’ cheque perhaps was one of Arthur’s magician tricks. Something went wrong. The cheque didn’t disappear. It was discovered walking into Owen’s personal bank account. Continue reading


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