Intra-Caribbean flights taxed to death. Here’s a current LIAT itinerary…

Subject: Travel Itinerary

Dear Customer,

Thank you for booking with LIAT The Caribbean Airline…”

“Thank you for booking with LIAT…”

Like we had much choice between BGI and Grenada? LOL! US$240 to fly to Grenada and return is one thing… US$412.48 is another. Intra-Caribbean tourism cannot happen at prices like these.

The sad truth…

LIAT (1974) LTD
P.O. Box 819, St. John’s/Antigua


Confirmation Number:  (XXXXXXXX)      Agent Number: XXXXXXX
Booking Date: XXJun12    Booked By: XXXXXXX


Date                  Flt     Depart                              Arrive      Stops
———–          —–   ————————-   ———    —————- —–
Thu XXJul12  771     BGI – BARBADOS,        8:10am     GND – GRENADA, G  9:05AM
Sun XXJul12  726     GND – GRENADA, G    3:10pm     BGI – BARBADOS,     4:05PM

Fare and Charges Detail:   Total For 01 guest(s)         Fare: US240.00
Insurance: US9.66
Sales Tax:  US42.00
Passenger Facility Charge: US31.20
Airport Development Tax: US16.00
Airport Authority Taxes: US8.90
Airport Passenger Taxes: US29.72
Fuel Surcharge: US35.00
Total: US$412.48

Payment(s): Visa: US$412.48—-
Balance Due:         US$0.00

Thanks to an avid BFP contributor!


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18 responses to “Intra-Caribbean flights taxed to death. Here’s a current LIAT itinerary…

  1. kevin

    The base fare of this flight is more that Westjet from Canada to Barbados, taxes included


    Air , Land or Sea over charging the People is the Plan , Travel is not aimed at CC members .Red Jet was the best hope for everyone to get on a plane to see the Islands around Barbados .

  3. NYC/BGI

    It is a sad day for the Caricom islands. The whole area is suffering because the double taxation via the wide range of so called taxes because they are used to bolster income lacking due to tourism. BGI and its fellow islands need to wake up and readdress a survival economic playbook

  4. Newbee

    The fees listed here to fly from and or to BGI is no surprise to me. I’ve made a comment related to the high fees being charged by Barbados government in the “American Airlines Dallas to Barbados flights end August 19, 2012” article.

    As noted, “…airfares to BGI is one of the most expensive, it is because of the very high added taxes, misc fees that BGI plugs on.”

    Barbadians need to find someway or somehow to show the government/airlines that they will not accept the unnecessary HIGH fees imposed on them which is an ultimate penalty, in my opinion, as add-on luxury fees.

    Barbadian echelons love to know and feel smart that they can and are pulling the wool over the average citizen eyes knowing full well they will not be challenged. Chupse

  5. 64

    Travel within the Caribbean is ridiculous, The politicians are so smart as well. Places like Barbados, St.Kitts St.Lucia have all placed the taxes in the tickets now so as people are not aware of the departure tax (that has been raised two fold within the last few years) they are charging. Only a matter of time before we out price ourselves from the European Market. Unfortunately what happens is that all our islands subsidize Carriers seats to come down here. Who do you think pays for that??? Well the tax payers. Its a disgrace. You won’t find myself traveling within the Caribbean. Not paying those kind of prices and then to deal with un-mannered, unfriendly civil servants welcoming you.

  6. Lobster Boy

    When St. Vincent’s new airport opens up you watch what will happen: BGI will lose the through traffic but it’s much worse than that. When people can fly direct to St. Vincent from Europe that’s it for a substantial piece of arrivals to Barbados. St. Vincent is like virgin territory compared to worn out Barbados. The hills are green and the people are friendly. That might change in ten years when more tourists have their impact, but for the first ten years the new airport will be a negative game-changer for Barbados tourism.

  7. I want to travel

    My wife and I used to take a holiday on a different Caribbean island every year. We have not done this for several years now. I am sure there are a lot of people like us. Caribbean people can partially compensate for the fall-off in tourism in the Caribbean, if only they could get to other islands paying reasonable rates. Frankly, I am not interested in staycations, for me a holiday means a change of scenery, a new place to discover. Why can’t politicians understand simple math? 2x$40=$80 – 10x$20=$200 (figures are random).

  8. Tony Webster

    The loss/ decline of intra-Caribbean traffic, is no figment of imagination, or exaggeration. Several ham radio operators were due to come to Bim next month, and created quite a buzz of excitement as hams from several islands were headed this way. So far, several have dropped out, including two from grenada, who say that there was “no way” they would be throwing away over $1,000 to travel a few miles (one of the shortest LIAT routes !!)tio Bim…and I had offered to put them up for free!!!!

  9. chuckacity

    Lobster Boy is correct about SVG airport. That is going to be a tremendous blow to Barbados and especially to our UK market. St Vincent is unspoilt compared with Barbados.

  10. Greg

    I went to the BA site for a flight advertised at US$1,196 one way. The (return) taxes were $1,252. I got off that site quick!

  11. Anonymous

    lobster boy I hate to tell you but I very much doubt you will see Virgin or BA having scheduled flights into SVG. They don’t have the traffic. If you were to see them however I would look at how much taxes you are paying as those flights will be getting paid for from your tax dollars.

  12. Barbados no more

    Given the number of posters than openly state they dont want tourists and especially white ones like me Yeah my foreafthers did bad things in the Caribbean, but I aint no time traveller so can’t but the wrongs right.

    Back to the post ….with the open resentment of tourists, the heavy burden of taxes and a whole load of other destinations that actually make me feel welcome (not to mention they aint sold their entire coastline to developers to build condos that nobody actually can afford or even want to buy..but thats another story)…it will be anywhere other than the caribbean for me going forward oh btw I used to visit two sometimes three times a year and soend loads of $$$ in restaurants and hotels in Bim,…but when you are thought of trash it’s time to look elswhere and you know what, there is a whole load of destinataions that equal and may even beat Barbaos and the caribbean

    Shame as i did like Barbados and though how it all seemed to work well

    Sure you wont miss me

  13. Joy Davilar

    Yes finally someone got to the bottom of this. I was in B’dos last year and wanted to go with my husband to either Grenada or St. Lucia, well the flight was ending up costing me the same as it cost to fly from NYC to B’dos. I thought why the hell am I paying the same amount of money to go 1/2 hour away as I did to fly for 4.5 hrs!!! Beyond crazy!!! I really really want to tip off to these other islands but geez this is almost criminal……

  14. hoss

    Saint Vincent’s airport is going to change the dynamics of Barbados entirely. So many people are going to give SVG a try. If the people of SVG are ready and welcoming, they will make big inroads into tourism and much of their success will be at the expense of Barbados. This doesn’t look good for Barbados.

  15. the plumber

    Couple of observations and questions after reading this and doing some research.
    1, While the taxes are an issue, the bigger problem is the base fares used by LIAT. After all, doesn’t the flight to North America with which a lot of camparisons are made, subject to the same tax structure?
    2. Why does LIAT put THEIR fuel surcharge under taxes? This is a LIAT charge and is not imposed by any Government.
    3. LIAT’s tax breakdown is very confusing. When I compared similar flights on CAL and LIAT for a Barbados-Port of Spain return flight, CAL gave a simple breakdown of taxes which showed where the taxes were originating. Therefore I know that the ticket tax (17.5% VAT), Airport Facilitation Fee ($1.50), Passenger Service Charge ($27.50), Security Fee ($2.50) are paid to Barbados and the Concourse Fee ($10.00), Passenger Service Charge ($31.00) is paid to Trinidad. LIAT uses a confusing list of terms which makes it impossible to separate these published “departure taxes” from their list and I sometimes wonder if this is done deliberately to confuse or overcharge the customer.
    4. On St. Vincent’s new airport…you cannot build an airport of that size when your country does not yet have the room capacity to effectively manage the potential airlift which can be created. While SVG continues to upgrade it’s tourism infrastructure, the Grenadines will remain the major attraction therefore it is likely that they will still be routed through Barbados to connect to major carriers. In the short term, SVG will learn, like all other Eastern Caribbean states including Barbados, that the subsidies/seat guarantees/marketing support which is demanded by these major carriers to open new Caribbean routes is an unsustainable policy.

  16. 29

    @ Lobster Boy, chuckacity and any others that think the Argyle airport will immediately see a shift from BGI…have a read of this article here:

  17. true

    Anonymous’’ that is why you don’t have a name, Pleased anyone who listing to the Green Party in SVG, shouldn’t take seriously, especially the people who are quoting after them, the party never done a feasibility study about anything that has to do with the airport. The green party, been in politic for over 30 years, and never could attract five people to join the bogus party, so pleased that article you are reading to get your information from are baseless, green party are Scientology beliefs, people who believe where false ideas would be “implanted” on their mind. Anonymous my advice to you, know where you are going before you can fallow any group or crowds.

  18. Anomynuss

    And the regfional politicians have the gonads to complain about the UK’s APD…